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  1. This is the second time Trump in two days had "listening to medical and scientific experts" as an attack and Biden just went "Well, yeah."
  2. The most prominent accusations against him are from New York state, but a lot of that case was from pre-election issues. It's also why I expect him to leave the country if he loses.
  3. https://www.npr.org/2020/10/19/924214998/the-venture-bros-creators-on-the-show-s-legacy-its-fans-and-its-cancellation The show’s been around for decades as television has changed fundamentally. Here’s them looking back on its legacy.
  4. Well they have that one super jail for criminals, the Raft. But that’s another topic.
  5. I’m not screwing around with the mail. I got my ballot, but I’m dropping it off for early voting. I just feel safer if they receive it and get to count it.
  6. Fuck self defeating establishment liberals. If they don’t jail the asshole the country will never trust the Democrats again. Two years of same old shit and the GOP will run them over and at that point they won’t even bother hiding their plans don’t involve the democratic process anymore.
  7. The ramming of the one justice is probably why Biden will pack the courts if he wins and other than the GOP hypocrites, I fully expect the country to shrug their shoulders.
  8. Jman

    Lomachenko vs. Lopez

    Lopez takes an unanimous decision and is now the undisputed lightweight champion. He did enough early and won the 12th round to beat Lomachenko.
  9. When I said "fuck you" it was towards Trump. Not you. Sorry. And my fear isn't a kangaroo court decision that everyone lies down and accepts. It's him utterly losing the last synapse in his tapioca brain and threatening something truly insane, like threatening an attack on New York or Los Angeles.
  10. That's what assholes like Trump try to do. Convince you that their victory is inevitable and everyone should stay home and just deal with it. Fuck you. Yes, I may be smoking the Hopium, and I am as cynical as they come, but honestly? Enough. Fuck this guy, his victory is not inevitable. I am honestly worried what will happen when he's put into a corner. He either tries to flee the country or goes full supervillain and threatens the US population to keep power.
  11. Jman

    Lomachenko vs. Lopez

    The rare boxing title unification on regular ESPN and not PPV. Just about to start.
  12. Good talent and less “LOL TRUMP” than Space Force (I hate the fucker, but I don’t need to be constantly reminded of him). Can Tim and John C Reilly succeed where Space Force was...Eh?
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