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  1. He promised numerous incentive rewards like art books and copies of the pilot. When time came to deliver he vanished from the internet.
  2. https://metalinjection.net/tour-dates/dethklok-to-play-first-show-in-five-years-headlining-adult-swim-festival One off tease or prelude to something else?
  3. They used Land of the Lustrious as a successful example in that video, IIRC.
  4. Here’s a video explaining why Arc System Works was able to do something others have struggled with. Almost like animators should invest in animation.
  5. It’s decent but it can get a bit annoying with the author’s penchant for really dragging out points that could have been dealt with in one episode rather than four. Still pretty fun and they’re apparently gonna announce Season 3 at NYCC.
  6. It’s a retcon I don’t like admittedly, that it was a false flag operation to keep the war going and allow Zeon to attempt to topple the Federation government completely.
  7. So that was gen:Lock, or as Mochi and others have called it, gen:ERIC. And it is a wonderful example of ambition exceeding grasp of a studio, with a lot of behind the scenes drama that would never have occurred had the ambition of the series not been so grandiose. Actors with several Emmy and Oscar nominations between them, plans for a tie-in comic, and who knows what else? The problem is, barring all the behind the scenes horror stories, barring all the other drama, what we really have is a generic real robot show that when compared against the prequel to Gundam The Origin shows just how flat and boring Western attempts at the genre pale to their Eastern counterparts. In eight episodes we know Jack crap about the Union, their motivations, why war was declared, something that the Origin manga answered in its prologue. We have...Rooster Teeth’s usual QUALITY. Here’s an idea, instead of going out of your way to hire Arya Stark, look at how the Japanese have made CG animation work. There was no reason not to invest your money in that and hire the usual VA pool instead of getting Killmonger. So we don’t know anything about the world, the animation is ass, and the celebrity voice cast wasn’t even advertised save some vague statements. David Tenant is acting his ass off as per usual but everyone else doesn’t have two craps to give about this animu crap. The end result isn’t incompetent. It’s just thoroughly mediocre and was blown up into something it was never meant to be. And the writers performed the classic screw up of saving explanations for a second season that will never be made.
  8. No, she was a pedophile and dumped from the project, the show threw all the buzzwords but no one cared, and the staff apparently gave up rather than continued pushing. As for gen:Lock, I’ll save my feelings on that for the morning.
  9. The documents said that while publicly it was a resignation, privately WarnerMedia said “leave on your own or you’re going to be thrown out.”
  10. The war is kicking off, and dammit, people want to see it!
  11. That and he apparently pulled something from the old playbook of Cannon Films, misleading investors by taking money from other projects and distributing to gen:Lock to make up for the budget shortfalls. This is why, allegedly, the rank and file at Rooster Teeth don’t want to work on the show anymore.
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