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  1. I’ll just express some relief that I haven’t heard hide or hair about the Netflix adaptation.
  2. Yeah, that’s actually how they started. The militarization came later.
  3. Your reminder Harmony Gold was found guilty of money laundering in a court of law and filed trademarks overturned in Europe solely to keep FUNi from Licensing Macross Delta and Frontier.
  4. Was kinda hoping for this to coincide with some news on the movie, but even given the MASSIVE presence of Gundam stuff at San Diego Comic Con, actual news will have to wait till New York Comic Con in October at earliest. At least we avoid people inevitably thinking of this -
  5. Rising of the Shield Hero 24 Space Battleship Yamato 2202 24-25.
  6. Yeah, they’re gonna cancel it. Hope DeMarco kept the receipt.
  7. Yeah, rumors of the whole thing being shitcanned are floating around. Let’s face it folks, Toonami loses again. It’s a damn shame because I enjoyed what I saw from the simuldubs, but you CANNOT push back on a cancellation done to help people grieve. People come first.
  8. They picked a bad time to announce this.
  9. http://animeavenue.co/index.php/2019/07/19/luke-cage-screenwriter-matt-owens-confirmed-as-main-screenwriter-for-one-piece-live-action-tv-series/ We now have someone to blame for the scripts! Luke Cage screenwriter Matt Owens!
  10. Yeah, as much as I enjoy the show, too freaking soon. Hopefully it can return in a week or two once folks have had the chance to properly grieve.
  11. This was the worth of someone mentally disturbed. Never worked for the company, but had a grudge for some stupid, petty reason.
  12. Only Lupin is ratings death, and Gundam tying in the primary demo (and hopefully an announcement for the movie) hopefully means the earlier time slot gives it better ratings. It is quite good.
  13. Wow. Just when you think his legal counsel couldn’t be any dumber.
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