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  1. And in news to really rustle DeMarco’s jimmies -
  2. Ask most anime fans and “Tank!” is, if not considered the best anime opening ever, it’s at least in the top 10. Apparently the Netflix people agreed, because they literally just remade the anime OP. It’s the same damn track from the anime.
  3. That’s one way to get Mugen Train on Toonami. Unless Netflix goes “Yoink!” like with JJBA.
  4. We'll definitely get a version of the theme. The only one who didn't were those idiots at DIC. Who thought "I Ran" was a good idea? I remain convinced Omega got a remix of Pegasus Fantasy solely because of the "I Ran" cover.
  5. Lightsabers in the rain was done once. Genndy’s Clone Wars.
  6. I suppose If this is successful we can look forward to that girl from Stranger Things and Liam Neeson in an adaptation of Ronin Warriors.
  7. It’s happening, it actually has a good director and stunt crew, and for some reason, Sean Bean as Saori’s butler.
  8. https://screenrant.com/death-note-2-movie-criticism-changes-masi-oka-response/?utm_content=bufferca71f&utm_medium=Social-Distribution&utm_source=SR-TW&utm_campaign=SR-TW More Willem Dafoe, less everyone else.
  9. Watch as that happens and then we do get the Yakuza series with the entire cast Netflix got for He-Man. I’d laugh.
  10. Then what, Netflix gets a celebrity dub for their adaptation of a series based on Yakuza? They bring back Mark Hamill as Majima?
  11. https://www.newyorkcomiccon.com/en-us/explore/panels/panel-information.html?gtID=747896&panel-name=Shenmue-Continuing-the-Legacy-Virtual-Screening Here’s hoping for a non-crappy dub.
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