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  1. It’s old (the guy’s follow up series is on Netflix, Eden’s Zero, which is Fairy Tail IN SPAAAAAACE at least on the surface) and it’s got a lot of boobage and fanservice by Adult Swim standards (again, something retained in Eden’s Zero). Interesting if they do get it.
  2. Good question. DeMarco seemed rather pessimistic at their chances of airing it, and FUNi knows the property is red hot. Toonami may not be the best place for it.
  3. A non-crap dub? Is that allowed for Shenmue?
  4. Well the LA series won’t be ready for another two years, so maybe DeMarco is getting it now so he can make fun of it when it does come out.
  5. Usual Saturday lineup it seems where sports trumps everything. Still, people were excited for Made in Abyss.
  6. One more thing because I have the day free and I'm a bit bored - A lot of "quippier" properties have taken considerable influence from Bebop over the years, most notably Guardians of the Galaxy. (Yeah, I said it, MCU Guardians and by extension the Guardians from that pretty cool PS5 game are essentially the Bebop crew with more talking racoons). But Bebop is actually pretty good at knowing when people should talk and when they shouldn't, presumably because Watanabe wasn't out of the Joss Whedon school of NO ONE TALKS LIKE THAT! It's why the Bebop LA adaptation sucked so much, because they tried to be too quippy, when they should have leaned into the noir stylings way more. That doesn't mean make every episode super serial, but it does mean talk like normal people, because the team that influenced the Guardians shouldn't come off like a third-rate ripoff of them.
  7. I love how all the screen caps are essentially things the Netflix adapation couldn't get right because of the medium difference, or wouldn't show because the show needed to be Current Year and Danielle Pineda is a goddamn hack. That's why the anime will remain a classic and the Neflix show the biggest disaster since the LA Death Note.
  8. Baki: Son of Ogre. Just marathoned the episodes I hadn’t completed this week. This season was the most insane yet.
  9. Like I said in the other thread, I think that's by design. They want to intrigue you with something new and mysterious, and if you want to watch it, ONLY Toonami (Or HiDive, but who's counting?) They can't afford a big ad blitz, so they'll go the mystery route.
  10. Cartoon Network has been airing LA stuff for decades, and Toonami has aired live action movies before. Yeah, I was joking, especially now that they have stuff, but sometimes you need to be creative with getting peoples attention on the block. Besides, the show has a better opening than Ass Class did.
  11. So we have two of the new shows revealed and two weeks left. Any guesses on what else they will get?
  12. Year is just starting, and new shows are being introduced. There are opportunities for improvement in ratings.
  13. DeMarco is all about being vague. "You wanna know what happens? Well, I guess you gotta tune in, ONLY Toonami to find out." Maybe the execution was off, but the concept is sound.
  14. This is definitely an out there pic, and for that, it should be applauded.
  15. This is what DeMarco wanted to do when the block started. He said he wanted people to go in blind and tune in out of sheer curiosity, and to avoid folks going to streamers to watch the shows instead.
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