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  1. Elvis - 8/10. Runs too long and some beats are predictable, but Austin Butler needs to win Best Actor. His performance as the King is transcendent. The “If I can dream” scene is worth it alone.
  2. By Rogers' own admission, he had to make it a comedy at first although he didn't want to, because pitching a dramatic original cartoon when you're not Japanese will still have most executives look at you like you have smoking turds in your mouth.
  3. It's essentially the tax equivalent of an "at least you tried" award. Since a production requires hours, investment, and the employment of individuals, declaring it a failure allows the company to recoup some of the investment on the logic that the production did keep people employed and put money into the economy. Therefore, the company and its investors will not be so hesitant to do it again fearing a flop because there is some incentive to at least try.
  4. On the one hand, it is definitely an example of the “I’m making this as a form of self therapy” genre that seems to have defined Western animation the last 6-8 years or so. On the other hand, Zaslav’s merciless almost suggests a personal beef with Western animation. Obviously that isn’t the case but still.
  5. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2022-09-24/hidive-to-stream-new-urusei-yatsura-anime/.190131 The show will be simulcast…on HiDIVE.
  6. I think the LA movies were enough, since they’re genuinely good samurai films and probably the best LA adaptations of a manga around (I’m hesitant to count Edge of Tomorrow because they changed so much, even if it is a great film).
  7. The cold hit and I broke out the jacket. One day you're by a pool, the next, you're sipping pumpkin spice coffee.
  8. Plantasm will be debuting at New York Comic Con on Thursday, October 6.
  9. The ad says Prime Video, but that’s probably for just Japan. Here it’s probably HIDIVE bound.
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