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  1. For all our quirks and stereotypes, I do like to think we’re all a lot more mature than the kids that first used the ASMB. We grew up, graduated, got jobs, experienced triumphs and tragedies, realized how dumb the internet tough guy act was, and we mellowed out. There should be some separation, no separation at all doomed the old ASMB, but Anime and Toonami should be fine together.
  2. Jman


    Remember when ASA started and the only advertiser they had was chewing gum?
  3. There’s still another part of the Ashita No Joe manga to update.
  4. Lazzo is both the best and worst President AS has ever made by virtue of being the only president it’s ever had. We have no idea what any successor will want to do, or how their policies will be affected by the mergers. Taking a wait and see approach.
  5. I figured after Son Chatwin lost tons of money at the box office and ruined the career of its lead, no one would be dumb enough to try this again. But I don’t think this will get released either. Promising an all Asian cast feels like the equivalent of going “it’ll get done...eventually.” More importantly, with DB being a fairly brutal satire of Journey to the West, you know who probably won’t be down with it? China. Also this website is notoriously unreliable for rumors.
  6. Embedded trailer with guaranteed less children’s nightmares!
  7. Netflix tends to get comedy toons from people who have paid their dues in the industry. Bill Burr, John Mulaney, etc, all guys who paid their dues and made connections in the stand up world. Their stuff also tends to be a lot cheaper by virtue of being ugly as hell. If, hypothetically she was to bring this to Netflix, they would want one of two things - A reduced budget from the pilot and a comedian who’s done stand up for Netflix to be a major voice. I don’t know how willing she will be to agree to those terms given everything I’ve heard about her.
  8. Because she thinks she’s sitting on something that is worth it. I have been Pooh-poohing her work a lot, but I actually saw potential in this. Now you’re this creator, and you see all this shit on Netflix and on TV. You see Big Mouth get a damn 3 season renewal with a spin-off. And you know in your heart of hearts you can make something better. And it got 7 million views on YouTube! NWA Power barely gets 100,000! You’re damn right that you would seek any avenue to make it a full series even if it’s a fools errand. To be this close, why turn back now?
  9. Update video says she wants to make a full series out of her pilot. That would involve crowdfunding (LOLNO) or the dreaded trying to get the show greenlit (and she apparently has a very bad reputation in professional circles so that’s out) so she’s fucked. To add to the cluster, she apparently wants to launch a spinoff called Helluva Boss for double the non-greenlighting.
  10. Seriously, if you’re into boxing, go watch Naoya Inoue vs Nonito Donaire. Here are the highlights - Naturally what do they follow it up with? Two 0-0 Youtubers, including the guy who took a video with a corpse. Thanks DAZN.
  11. This is a joke topic...but they could get it for free through Crunchyroll. It’s super popular! Literally nothing would stop them from airing it and introducing a new audience to the show ala gen:Lock, except this was successful before the airing. (Let’s face it, gen:Lock got pushed over the hill by Toonami, which shows the old girl still has value).
  12. https://www.cbr.com/avatar-last-airbender-aaron-ehasz-accused-misogynistic-behavior/ Someone’s not getting a Season 4.
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