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  1. Ignoring the kids show stuff, that seems to be the biggest issue with the show. No one is particularly likable.
  2. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2023-06-04/new-macross-animation-project-to-be-produced-by-sunrise/.198798 Hopefully with all the legal rigamarole settled it comes over here.
  3. DeMarco wants a lot of things, chief among them streaming to be made illegal and Crunchyroll to go bankrupt. Neither is happening any time soon.
  4. A buddy of mine back in the day joked about naming his “Drowned Sorrows.” Personally I’d go with “The Downstream,” or “The Open Keg.” I do however, know the sign I would put above the bar.
  5. Zero. But that’s mostly because even back then I was very adamant about keeping my online and offline presences different and separate. Might be because I knew what a douchebag I was back then.
  6. You knew they were ass mad about that one when Aqua Teen had a whole bit about the show going to “Carl Central.”
  7. I'm not going to play armchair psychatrist for DeMarco, but it does feel like there is a lot more lashing out after he felt his power base and ability to gatekeep action animation from most Americans fade away. The guy essentially controlled what everyone but pirates and the really hardcore weebs watched back in the day (the day of $20-$30 DVD's of a series with 4 episodes a pop) and he didn't mind lording that fact over people (as pointed out by the tone of the Adult Swim bumpers and a lot of his earlier tweets and interviews where he was much more smug and arrogant). Now it's more him just being pissed off at everyone, while occasionally ranting how much better it was back in the day when Toonami (and by extension him) controlled what you watched and when you watched it, because you now have too much choice.
  8. Shin Kamen Rider - 7.5/10. A very trippy as hell feeling movie that is not as good as Shin Godzilla or Shin Ultraman, mostly because it feels like a big budget TV pilot rather than a set film experience. The action was great but Anno’s reverence to the original is almost to a fault here, with the effects and sounds clearly done to homage rather than retell. It feels like if Wes Anderson made a superhero movie (it was a Hideaki Anno joint so make of that what you will).
  9. You know the show still is influential (and its fans remembered) when they all came out to reminisce when Bastard!! came out.
  10. “Gentlemen…BEHOLD!” still gets modern play these days. And yes you heard that in Dr. Weird’s voice.
  11. It’s apparently rolling out in the great state of Missouri this week, so if we have any beer drinkers in that state, please keep a look out. The brewery itself apparently sold out locally so it’s a big hit on a small scale. Hoping for a national release.
  12. Last night was salmon and mushroom risotto with white wine. Tonight is a meal replacement protein shake because of what I had last night.
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