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  1. Oda has confirmed a 10 episode season for Netflix. No word on a cast yet. Be very afraid.
  2. The guy who plays Rock Lock in the MHA dub got Powerhouse Animation (Castlevania, Seis Manos) to do his proof of concept for a super robot series called Star Child.
  3. At least they confirmed why Bleach got pulled. Kubo himself pulled the plug because they were going to change too much. To be fair, that Japanese movie wasn’t too bad. Naruto IIRC got optioned and nothing came of it.
  4. These series (And movies) get optioned and never made. Remember back in the 90’s Alicia Silverstone was attached to a live action Sailor Moon and an executive actually optioned a live action Ranma 1/2.
  5. Fire Force 24 (Final for now). Orphen 1.
  6. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2020-01-26/steins-gate-game-gets-hollywood-live-action-show/.155796 Considering they also claimed to be working on a live action Sword Art Online that got as far as its rights being sold to Netflix before going silent...
  7. This was such a divided thing back then. It was TV-14 (that’s good!) but live action (that’s bad). Still, the Faithful got to see Jack Nicholson at the museum so it’s worth it.
  8. Fire Force 23 Obsolete 1-2 Saint Seiya 10 Netflix Saint Seiya 7-8 (Unusual I know).
  9. So...nothing new. You know, Crunchyroll’s co-productions are right there. There is nothing stopping you from going to them and asking for the rights to a show like you did for gen:Lock.
  10. Here I thought the PPV was going to hurt it more. The huge demand is pretty obvious, but I guess the lack of college football helped.
  11. Here’s a preview. The rest of Adult Swim meanwhile...exists.
  12. Well it’s competing with a Conor McGregor fight, so the ratings oughta be interesting.
  13. Ah. Well, you can see why it threw me off when you’re showing genuine LBGTQ+ characters. Where were we? Oh yeah, SAO’s Toonami’s Fire Emblem. It shows up and BOOOOOOOO. At least it appears the LA one isn’t happening.
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