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  1. My loathing, my complete and utter loathing of assholes who hate remote work is once again validated. But Texas is a Right to Work state, which is why CR is there in the first place. If you don’t like it, you get to sit and spin.
  2. Yeah, that would be nice. Of course with every streamer asking for stuff because of the reliable returns, and all these light novel companies asking for returns, it’s a lot. Too much.
  3. Raiding the DC chest! It’s a move I’m surprised Toonami didn’t do more before, and stunned they can do it with Zaslav selling the rights to animation off to Amazon. That said, Fatal Five is really good (and might as well be a DCAU movie) but Injustice is crap. Then again, if they were going to animate an Injustice comic, I was hoping it would be Injustice vs Masters of the Universe.
  4. Netflix and the studios are claiming that this will help alleviate a labor shortage (since the anime industry is notoriously overworked as demand for anime skyrockets) by allowing AI to make backgrounds and a single animator to clean up what is made rather than have six people do the backgrounds. Somewhere Miyazaki is ready to burn things.
  5. A lot of this I would gather depends on when LA One Piece is set to debut, and if they have any hope of it not being a one season wonder. Does the anime’s presence promote or inhibit the show? As much as we all hate the idea of it existing, I gather their attempt to make OP Game of Thrones will be their top priority.
  6. Bizarrely, Gunn has said that future DC animation will be in continuity with his new movie slate. And he’s starting with the NEVER AIRING ON TOONAMI EVER Creature Commandos, which sounds like a toyline.
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