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  1. I was just discussing with some of the guys after my morning workout. The MCU is 15 years old at this point. It’s running into the same problem that the comics did, that the lore is getting to the point where it’s too obtuse and too deep, not to mention digging for C listers. And this is from someone who liked the last Doctor Strange. This is probably why, God help us all, Hollywood is so adamant about getting manga IP. Not to mention old fashioned films like Top Gun and Elvis are making bank.
  2. Mistakes happen. What's important is they get fixed.
  3. Even the opening is full of blood, ass, and side boob. But it also has DS going completely shirtless as well. So it evens out somewhat.
  4. Well I certainly won’t object to people getting to see it.
  5. To really emphasize how slim the pickings are, Crunchyroll just debuted Paranoia Agent. Well, debuted may be the wrong word, but there it is.
  6. Move on. It’s the one thing that Disney can’t do. If it were up to me, I’d put a decade moratorium on new Star Wars content, then just release their version of this - But we all know Disney is going to milk the interquel periods dry as a bone.
  7. Any more delays and they’ll have to call it Uzumaki Forever.
  8. I maintain that Johnson works well with archetypes, not the franchises themselves. It’s why Knives Out worked.
  9. Crunchyroll, to show they have the license, released the first three episodes subbed for free on YouTube. No set date on the dub, but enjoy RWBY actually looking good.
  10. All this stuff costs money. Making new shows costs money. Licensing DC shows costs money. Taking some crappy web animation and hiring SHAFT to give it a glow up from QUALITY to genuine Sakuga costs money. And by their own admission, they don’t have any. So what do you do?
  11. Permission to fail at ratings - [granted]
  12. We need to find a new equivalent of Moribito that someone hasn't licensed, have an ad where Toonami admits the show will bomb, and then it will be a cemented dark age.
  13. Crunchyroll/HiDive/Netflix have everything, and they don't want to share. Really, what else can people expect at this point? Toonami still has no budget, and with the CR partnership up in smoke due to the merger and sale to Sony, Sentai's purchase by AMC for reasons that still escape most of the business world, and precious few studios that still want to play ball, there's only so much you can do to stretch the dollar. You know it's bad when Warner still owns Rooster Teeth (for however little value that studio has) and Crunchyroll got the RWBY anime. Speaking of, this is what it feels like Toonami can put out - This is what Crunchyroll can put out -
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