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  1. I think most of us realized COVID fucked the schedule six ways from Sunday and they’re trying to deal as best they can, for example, Batman.
  2. I trust A24 will be deploying a public relations team to prevent that. I’m just glad that someone is able to do something in Western animation that isn’t the same six face slurry or desperately trying to be Japanese. It’s its own thing.
  3. Well I was wrong. Looks like Hazbin scored a deal with A24 (responsible for numerous film and television items including Uncut Gems) and is currently shopping for a distributor.
  4. First trailer. Viz is handling this, so expect it to be Toonami bound.
  5. I’ll admit, I’m hoping for Ironside. And after watching the unfunny piece of crap that was Star Trek Lower Decks, I kind of get why Netflix goes the anime route. If they had Star Trek we would probably see an anime based on Star Trek Elite Force. Just hoping the writing is good on Splinter Cell.
  6. What DC show? They’re all live action. Unless you think the Toonami audience will go for Doom Patrol.
  7. That’s pretty much DeMarco. It doesn’t help that Viz is the last company to really hold off on streaming their dubs ASAP because of Toonami airings.
  8. No idea about Ninja, which is amazing, but the TMNT/Batman movie was a joint DC/Nickelodeon production. Nick probably draws the line at airing a movie they made on their direct competitor (as opposed to an On Demand service).
  9. I wanted these movies to air...when they were new. Especially The Dark Knight Returns, which would have made both the perfect piggyback and perfect thematic counterpoint to The Dark Knight Rises. The boat has assuredly been missed. But hey, these are widely considered the best of the DC Animated film lot (them and Under The Red Hood, which is getting sort of remade so I get why they’re not showing it) and DKR has Peter Weller as Bruce Wayne. Robocop. That’s pretty cool. So bring on the Batman!
  10. Western comics are no different admittedly.
  11. Sports are back with a vengeance, and Toonami’s anemic programming and rerun centric schedule stand no chance without fresh content.
  12. I’m not sure about the feasibility of airing older material. There’s a lot of issues there, be it easier to show the material in bulk via a channel dedicated to them, (RetroCrush) or as padding to deals for streamers. I’m not sure if older material can be bought in to air to sweeten the pot when said companies would rather hold off in the name of bigger fees. Most of these companies don’t need Toonami these days anyway, so Toonami, and its lack of money, need to make themselves attractive. A lot of what DeMarco says points to this wistfulness for the old days of media. It’s echoed as well by certain podcasts. “Streaming is bad! KIds need to be reminded of the hunt in video stores so they can appreciate media! Having too many options makes you ungrateful!” Yeah, that’s a steaming pile of horseshit. The democratization of media to people who otherwised lacked the time and inclination to invest in it, let alone the cash and patience to hunt through a Blockbuster for a thimbleful of curated anime releases (Blockbuster’s death in the face of streaming is a good thing, make no mistake) has fucked over DeMarco and Toonami, but has added immeasurable value to the medium. Granted, there are new challenges to deal with (The second wave of internet Puritanism) but having this material available to more people past cliched titles is ultimately a positive. DeMarco is no longer the tastemaker, or the curator for what is or isn’t anime for all but the most hardcore weebs. And Toonami cannot run on being that anymore. If there’s a way to make the older material more valuable for the block, he should look into it. I’m just not sure there is.
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