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  1. The inauguration was today. The hope is that without the nutcase in the White House people will calm down some.
  2. Evangelion took a ton of its cues from Ultraman, which this show is a look at. Anno is actually directing a movie adaptation of it called Shin Ultraman, similar to Shin Godzilla, because he’s a fan. Granted the lawsuit has kept Ultra stuff mostly off these shores until a few years back with the manga, Netflix series, and Youtube channel episodes, but Ultraman was on US television in the 60’s and Turner aired Ultraman and Ultraseven on TNT. It’s not an Evangelion ripoff like the US tends to think...everything is.
  3. Its American remake was actually fairly popular in its day. They just stopped because they ran out of toku footage. Also the main villain is deliberately channeling Tim Curry from that dub.
  4. There’s quite a difference between “this offends me REEEEEE” and “this somehow slipped past quality control and will likely lead Sony to killing the Crunchyroll Originals line. For one, the latter is a lot more fun for everyone as long as you didn’t work on the show.
  5. Gee, when terrorists try to take over the capital to install an unelected despot, that takes priority over cartoons! AOT got screwed over badly.
  6. First episode is out today. It may single handedly kill the CR originals line.
  7. I will be forever baffled by how OP did middling on Toonami for years and then got a huge boost from airing the first 120 episodes on Netflix to the point they publicly complimented it. Guess the LA OP is a decent investment. And so is the LA Yu Yu Hakusho.
  8. They’re apparently going to try marching again the 19th or 20th. The “Million Militia March”. At this point I’m hoping they just mobilize the National Guard and treat them as an invading army.
  9. Netflix would be bragging about it all the live long day as soon as it was official, as they’re want to do. They announce shows as soon as contracts get signed from what I see.
  10. This is unforgivable and these clowns need to be charged with treason.
  11. https://fansubbing.com/2020/12/30/an-interview-with-miles/ Namely that Toonami is no longer the tastemaker for anime in this country, nor are its fans at the mercy of DeMarco and Adult Swim.
  12. To be fair, the Columbia was destroyed after the episode was made. It turns into a bit of a sadder moment than it was meant to be.
  13. Jman

    Toonami in 2021

    Well there’s going to be more original content this year. Whether it’s any good is another matter.
  14. Name value. That and getting a sitcom/SOL premise launched is way easier.
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