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  1. So on the good news front my state is getting rid of our "Covid Dial" and leaving all restrictions and rules up to each individual County. Were in a bit of a mini-wave but generally speaking things are going well out here. We also are kicking ass on vaccinating people. My county is dropping its mask mandate in some situations, and is moving to open things up. A few neighboring counties are dropping the mandates all together and letting people and businesses make their own choices. We are pretty clearly on the tail end of this thing. If vaccinations keep at a good pace we will have a perfectly normal summer.
  2. Something worth keeping an eye on. The Avs just had 3 games postponed due to positive Covid tests. This wouldnt normally be that newsworthy except almost the entire team was vaccinated earlier this week. So theres a chance that the media latches on to this as more scareporn about vaccinations not working. Its total crap because it appears they were exposed pre-vaccination. But that wont stop the scareporn media from hyping this story.
  3. That study should be the final nail in the coffin for trying to keep things shut down. The science is overwhelming at this point, once you are vaccinated you are good to go. No more trying to say that even if you are vaccinated you have to keep shut down. There simply isn't scientific support of that position anymore. And as more and more people get vaccinated that will become even more clear than it already is. Get vaccinated, get your life back.
  4. I thought I read early on in the testing that they had a lot of problem with figuring out the dosage for women. The vaccine started off being developed using a standard male body and it wasnt until women started to get the vaccine as a test did they realize they had a problem. I could see it being a problem that effects women that they either didnt study or didnt have enough data on to catch. The other thing to remember is that we are talking about 6 women, out of more than 7M doses. So whatever caused this is extremely rare.
  5. Its completely irresponsible what they are doing right now. 6 people, out of over 7 million, had horrible reactions. I get it, its tragic, but that doesnt mean we should be running around scaring people about the vaccine. If you took a group of 7 million people with covid far more died from covid than the 6 in 7 million that had a reaction to the vaccine. The pure numbers involved still say that the vaccine is safe and effective. It may just be that the J&J vaccine cant be given to women on BC or who had some other health complication that we just dont know about.
  6. I remember hearing about how during testing women seemed to have more side effects than men as well. Which is funny in that all the guys I know who got the shot have bitched and moaned about the side effects while all the women have taken it in stride. Either way, it seems that, at least in this case, women are having worse side effects than men. If thats part of a bigger trend then it absolutely needs to be studied to see why women are having worse reactions to this vaccine than men. Maybe its as simple as warning women on BC to avoid these shots, or maybe its a bigger problem that is specific to women. Its worth studying and caution, but not worth the massive scaremongering we are seeing in the media today.
  7. All the people who had a clotting problem were women between 18-48. So the clotting issue could be linked to birth control. Maybe the mix of the vaccine and BC causes clotting problems. Both have a small risk of clotting but when put together that risk becomes just high enough to see it happen more frequently. It just seems to me that if this was a widespread problem you wouldnt see the cases limited to only women. Either way, we are still talking about a handful of people out of millions of applied doses.
  8. Pretty uneventful trade deadline when you look at it. Not really surprising though. With everything going on in the world, a flat cap, and the expansion draft this summer everything was basically set for a whole lot of nothing to happen.
  9. Its beyond idiotic. The anti-vaxx shit is just unreal surrounding the Covid vaccine. Out here we had the 11 bad reactions to the J&J shot and now everyones freaking out about the shot. 11 people had a reaction. Out of more than 1k that day, and more than 2k the day before that, and 2k the day before that, and so on. The scareporn the media is putting out there is just idiotic. The messaging needs to be clear, get the shot, get your life back. The more headlines there are about bad things happening the more hesitant people will be to get the shot. We are hearing from some experts that we are approaching a "vaccine wall" where we will start to have to deal with vaccine-hesitant people. If the messaging constantly is "baddddd!!!!" then those hesitant people wont get the shot, and the pandemic will continue to linger.
  10. This rant/post isn't directed at you but at that article and the reporting around that study. That article is dangerous and wildly inaccurate with regard to vaccinations and new strains. Of course strains of the virus "break through". There is no such thing as a 100% effective vaccine. They are running with giant scary headlines for a study of 400 people out of millions who have been vaccinated. This kind of reporting does no good other than to drive clicks because its scarrrrryyyyy news about a vaccine being only 90% effective instead of 91% effective. It also completely ignores the fact that, so far, there is zero evidence that there is a strain out there that the vaccines dont guard against. All evidence out there shows that the current vaccines guard against all known strains of Covid to some degree. We are also seeing a bunch of articles pop up about how vaccinated people are getting covid still. No shit. Thats why they say they are only some percentage effective. They are not 100% effective. But guess what, even if you get a shot and get Covid the odds that you die are practically 0, and the odds that you get hospitalized arent much worse than that. Its the same exact thing that happens with a flu shot. You can get a shot and still get the flu, the difference is that you are much more likely to recover faster and not need to be hospitalized. But thats not what drives clicks. What drives clicks are a bunch of stories about how scary shit is and how we need to be terrified at all times that Covid is going to kill everyone. The bottom line still remains true. Vaccines are our way out of this pandemic. They are safe, they are highly effective, and the more shots we get into arms the faster this entire shit show ends. Once the US gets vaccinated our massive production capability can be used to ship hundreds of millions of vaccines around the world to help get all outbreaks worldwide under control. Stop listening to the scareporn that the media keeps pushing. Get the shot, get your normal life back.
  11. I......i dont know. I hate him and love the "what time is it? oh, its 7 past dubnyk" memes. But now.....now hes on my team........ Im sooooooo torn. Just going to go back to the default In Sakic We Trust.
  12. Thats whats so crazy about this story. There were over 1k doses given at that same site with zero reactions. Millions of doses across the country. But those 11 bad reactions are all the news will talk about now.
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