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  1. ITN: Mueller report released

    I think he has to as part of his final report. CNBC is also saying there are none. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/03/22/special-counsel-mueller-has-no-sealed-indictments-as-russia-probe-ends-nbc-news.html It sounds like Barr wants to brief Congress tonight. So we should have a very good idea of what the report says soon enough. Just watch for the leaks.
  2. ITN: Mueller report released

    Sounds like there are no sealed indictments either. So it sounds like everyone who was going to be indicted by Muller has been indicted already.
  3. ITN: Mueller report released

    Now that its been delivered there are two pretty clear paths forward here. Either, The report states that Trump actively colluded with Russia and impeachment proceedings starts within the next few weeks, Or, the report does not state that and the entire "Trump is a Russian Agent" talking point completely collapses. Option A is pretty straight-forward. If he colluded he gets impeached. Option B is wayyyyy more of a cluster fuck thanks to all the fun political implications. Whats going to be fun to watch is that if the report basically exonerates Trump you will see this lightning-speed flip in talking points. Suddenly the people who have spent the past few years saying that Muller is the end-all-authority on this will say he is some sort of Russian plant and cant be trusted. And at the same time you will see Trump, who has spent two years bashing Muller basically every day, suddenly use him as a weapon to attach Democrats. The fact that it is being announced that there are no new indictments, and there are no sealed indictments, points to option B being most likely. Ill wait to see what comes out from the report, but so far all signs point to Trump not being some Russian agent. I'll make one early call. If its Option B, Democrats will shift goalposts in a huge way and try to keep attacking Trump and Trump will see a decent boost in approval that probably pops him above the 50% mark.
  4. Giving Racism a Platform has no Consequences

    If there ever was a good case to bringing back gibbiting it would be for this terrorist.

    more like a really strong drink.
  6. Whats stupid is they didnt really need to do this. They could have gotten their kids into these elite schools the old-fashioned way. Buying a new building for the school and naming it after yourself. People getting lazy.

    Fucking Joe Flacco......... Ug,
  8. They were never serious

    Theres no sports right now! Ok, maybe there is, but my teams are.......well..........joe flacco.........
  9. They were never serious

    Oh and Pelosi ruled out Impeachment because she realizes that Trump hasnt actually done anything to warrant Impeachment and rather than have her caucus find out first-hand what the GOP learned in the 90s she ended the threat before it really got going. Kinda, Im not convinced she actually controls the inmates anymore.
  10. They were never serious

    Everyone is my Alt You are all figments of my imagination.

    Joe fucking Flacco Just end me now please.
  12. I really hate that your probably right. Because thats just disgusting on so many levels.
  13. What gets me is this guy has his own private jet, and you can legally buy sex in Nevada Just fly your rich ass to Vegas for the weekend and spend it getting dominated by some Asian girl.
  14. coast guard lieutenant, planned mass attack.

    Good thing they got the guy. Now to send him off to rot in jail for a lonnnnngggggg time.