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  1. Hooooo boy has today been wild. One of the crazier free agent days I can remember. The flat cap era is wild.
  2. The lack of full FDA approval is a really good point. Until the FDA gives the all-clear it may be tough to really push a mandate.
  3. I mean, if the NFL was serious about this they would simply mandate vaccinations for all players and staff. They have full legal authority to do that. But thats not what they are doing. Instead they are playing this game where they keep trying to get more and more people vaccinated and pretending like theyll treat the teams fairly if they do catch covid.
  4. Theyll only change this rule if its for a team they like or are trying to showcase. So the Chiefs and Bucks are all set. No way do they forfeit games. The rest of the league? As we saw last year when they forced us to use a freaking college QB/WR in a game: "lol, get fucked." - NFL
  5. This really is starting to look like its going to be amazing.
  6. It was funny how the entire roster leaked by lunch yesterday.
  7. Protected lists are out for the expansion draft. Lotttttssss of interesting names out there.
  8. Rodgers still coming to the Broncos Right? .....right.......?
  9. That buyout was crazy. Im not sure anyone saw that coming. Min is a total mess, and I love it.
  10. Makar is going to win the Norris eventually, just not this year. Also, fuck the Avs. Choking so damn hard right now........
  11. Avs played like total garbage last night and still got the win. Gru absolutely stole that game and is the only reason we are up 2-0 in the series now.
  12. Ryan Reaves is a goon who should be suspended for the rest of this year and a good chunk of next year.
  13. This is the best time of year because of the memes
  14. Still feels good this morning Now its time to get some other Silver though. Avs expectations this year really are Cup or Bust. Anything short of that and I think the players, and a lot of fans, will feel that the season was a failure. Our expectations are sky-high right now.
  15. PRESIDENTS TROPHY!!!!!! Yea baby! Avs clinch home ice through the entire playoffs!
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