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  1. That's really the crazy, if not infuriating, part of this whole thing. Odds are that people like us would catch this and be just fine. But people over 50? Different ballgame. Every single piece of information that comes out shows that the older you are the greater chances this kills you. And if it doesnt kill you, it can leave you with some potentially serious lingering conditions that are downright debilitating. Just look up Covid Brain Fog if you really want to be scared shitless. That stuff sounds miserable and absolutely life changing, and not for the better. Like, I want you to live and life to return to normal. I want to go back to going to Broncos and Avs games. To going to bars with friends. To doing something other than figuring out the 500 different ways to organize and clean my house. To go to the god damn mountains again and get the fuck out of the city. To go back to the office and see my coworkers. To get back to a life thats more than just shifting between the bed, couch, and my office. So wear your fucking mask for a few weeks, social distance, and just catch up on Netflix or whatever the fuck you want to watch so that we can get back to our fucking lives. Suck it the fuck up. For a group of people that love to talk about how the younger generation cant handle shit your all handing the idea of wearing a fucking mask like champs. Oh, did I say champs? I meant chumps. 😐 /rant (not directed at you, just went on a good ol rant there directed at the ether)
  2. I hadnt considered the wealth aspect of it. Thats an interesting take as well. I havent noticed that out here so much as a clear age gap between people who wear them, and basically everyone over 50. I had heard though that the super-rich part of town has seen a massive increase in home delivery for pretty much everything. So thats a thing.
  3. Same out here. Its all the older people who seem to go for the nose dick. Theres a very clear generation gap with masks out here. Its actually kinda crazy how clear of a line there seems to be.
  4. I cant take credit for it. Its from this comic. Never been able to look at things the same after seeing this.
  5. A lot of studies out there havent been peer reviewed. Thats just the nature of a virus this new, and the drastic shift in behavior we have seen. The numbers will likely change, but I think the overall point of "something is better than nothing" is going to hold true through the studies. Bottom line is simple, wear a mask. And do it properly, no more nose dicks.
  6. Neck Gaiters protection" https://www.webmd.com/lung/news/20201011/neck-gaiters-may-protect-against-covid-19-spread "Overall, single-layer gaiters provided a 77% average reduction in respiratory droplets compared with wearing no face covering. Two-layer masks provided an 81% reduction, and multi-layer gaiters made with polyester and spandex provided a 96% reduction."
  7. Depends on if you mean wearing, or wearing properly. We're near 100% compliance with people wearing them when out and in stores. Of those, about 60-70% actually wear them correctly and dont have that nose penis thing going on.
  8. The dream is dead. Broncos release the BOAT.
  9. Shockingly the propaganda arm of the democratic party doesnt want to talk about this.
  10. They could have said that you only play your conference or division this year as well. 8 games within the division, another 4 in your conference. Theres so many things they could have done better.
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