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  1. Nikki Haley is the favorite in Establishment circles. The Dakota gov has really seen her recognition skyrocket though. Lots of people in the GOP have given her praise for how she has handled Covid. But all this is worthless speculation because we know whos going to win in 2024.
  2. The best comparison Ive seen is its basically the same as a parade for a championship team. Whole lot of crap thats only interesting for a few die-hard fans. For the vast majority of people its just a blip on their radar as they get about their life. Each city(president in this case) tries to wave their dick around and say "LOOK HOW FUCKING AWESOME I AM!" for their fanbase.
  3. https://www.cnbc.com/2021/01/20/covid-pfizer-biontech-vaccine-likely-to-be-effective-against-uk-variant.html Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine found to be effective against Covid variant discovered in UK Well thats really good news.
  4. Took way to damn long. And its absolutely true that its a Genocide. They have fully industrialized genocide to not only wipe out an entire people, but to force them into slave labor to sell shit to us. Which is why companies like Nike have lobbied so hard against this designation and bans on products from that part of China. Its slave labor, they know its slave labor, but they dont give 2 fucks because it makes them money.
  5. QAnon is not handling this well. Theres some awesome stuff on Twitter showing their meltdown.
  6. I dont actually think they are happening at the same time. It sounds like Trumps thing is happening hours before Biden shows up. It sounds like, logistically, there isnt much of a problem for Pence to attend both.
  7. President VP Pence will not be attending Trumps sendoff tomorrow. Instead he will be attending Bidens inauguration.
  8. I suspect we will start to see this in a lot of places actually. Once we get over the NYE bump the only other real big event is the Super Bowl. If we can clear that with no major outbreaks then I think we will be on-track to open up in Spring. I fully expect March to be the month that things really start to turn and we open back up in a much more meaningful way.
  9. My state passed a pretty big marker today. We have had 2 consecutive weeks of decreasing positivity, decreasing cases, and decreasing hospitalizations. This is all really good news. It looks like, so far at least, we are through the worst of it here and are on our way down the back of the curve. Outside of a few hotspots the entire state is doing really well.
  10. It does seem to be highly dependent on the area. Were in the same boat as you. Our numbers didnt spike, and actually have been stabilizing and decreasing since the holidays. So we already are moving to open things back up when other places seem to be dealing with bad spikes right now.
  11. I dont think thats going to lead to a spike actually. I think its going to lead to an increased baseline for a while. These people will take the virus home and spread it in their communities. So the case count will go up and create a new baseline for a while. Its a little different than New Years where you see a clear spike a few weeks after an event then cases return to a lower number.
  12. Were just now really into the New Years Peak that everyone saw coming. It wont be until probably early February that we see numbers level out. They will still be big, but we should be past the big peaks caused by the holidays. Right up until we get our Super Bowl peak.
  13. Initial Israeli data: First Pfizer shot curbs infections by 50% after 14 days https://www.timesofisrael.com/israeli-data-shows-50-reduction-in-infections-14-days-after-first-vaccine-shot/ Initial data from Israel’s vaccination campaign shows that Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine curbs infections by some 50 percent 14 days after the first of two shots is administered, a top Health Ministry official said Tuesday, as the country’s serious COVID-19 cases, daily infections and total active cases all reach all-time peaks. Sharon Alroy-Preis, head of the Health Ministry’s public health department, told Channel 12 News that the data was preliminary, and based on the results of coronavirus tests among both those who’ve received the vaccine and those who haven’t. Other, somewhat contrary data was released by Israeli health maintenance organizations Tuesday evening. Channel 13 News said that according to figures released by Clalit, Israel’s largest health provider, the chance of a person being infected with the coronavirus dropped by 33% 14 days after they were vaccinated. Separate figures recorded by the Maccabi health provider and aired by Channel 12 showed the vaccine caused a 60% drop in the chances for infection 14 days after taking the first shot. Well this is really good news. It also shows that we need to get as many vaccinations into arms as quickly as possible.
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