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  1. Ive been leaning that way as well. It is "scary" and can be really played up, but so far it isnt really at a pandemic level. Its not as fatal and it doesnt even spread as easily as the seasonal flu. Until either of those things change there really isnt a risk of getting it unless you head right into the hot zone. We are beyond due for one though, so who knows.
  2. So yea, Coronavirus is shaping up to either be a global pandemic like the Spanish Flu or SARS 2.0. Nearly 60 Million people in China are currently under a mandatory quarantine as China locks down all access to the epicenter of the outbreak. Nations are starting to either close their borders with China (Mongolia) or they are starting to advise against traveling to China (US). The death-toll in China currently stands at 80 people, with thousands infected. The CDC has issued a statement warning of all travel to China and is recommending all Americans simply avoid China. There are 5 known cases of the virus in the US and over 100 people being monitored for symptoms. All of them in people who recently traveled to China. Worldwide the cases of the virus continues to increase rapidly, either due to better knowledge of the virus or from people becoming infected. In the US the Stock Market tanked today on fears that the virus is spreading and shaping up to be so problematic that it actually impacts the global economy. You can look at some more info on the virus on the CDCs website here: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/index.html Part of what makes this virus so tricky to identify and contain is it can take up to 14 days to actually show symptoms. During those days though you are actually contagious. So you could be walking around spreading the virus with no knowledge that you even have it. Right now this is looking more like another SARS than a full blown pandemic. That hasnt stopped the player base of Plague Inc. from growing to some of the highest levels ever recorded though. I dont know what everyone else is thinking, but Im keeping an eye on this while continuing life as normal.
  3. The game is total crap The skills comp is fun, but even that seems to be losing its draw
  4. He also beat Brady twice in the super bowl Not sure any other QB can say they did that.
  5. Vanilla coke is by far the best coke Dr. Pepper is still the best of them all though
  6. Did the civil war start yet? Democrats promised me a civil war would start today.
  7. Pineapple on pizza is really good Throw some sausage and bacon on there and you got a great pizza
  8. Well theres a lot floating around today to saying that the Astros wore wires that buzzed them if a specific pitch was coming. I really have to wonder just how many teams are doing this, or something similar.
  9. We shouldnt really be surprised by this. Putin has lost popularity, but has strengthened his grip on power. hes an old KGB guy who isnt about to give that power up.
  10. Fleury got another coach fired That guy is on a roll right now!
  11. I thought I read somewhere that MLB knows of at least 7 different organizations doing the same thing as the Astros, to varying degrees of success. It was part of what has come out so far.
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