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  1. That raises a bigger problem. If herd immunity doesnt work, or if immunity in general doesnt work, then we are fucked. If we dont get to some form of herd immunity then we will just have to accept a few hundred thousand deaths a year until we figure something out. Thats the sad reality of things. Either we reach herd immunity(through natural or vaccine causes) or we treat this like the flu where a ton of people die every year and we get back to life as normal. Because what we are doing is not sustainable for more than a year or two at absolute most. Were already cracking, and its been 6 months. The fact that the infection rate is apparently slowing in this hard-hit places shows that immunity works in some form. We dont know to what extent yet because this is so new. Same with any potential long-term effects. The vast majority of people who catch this have no problem with it, and dont have any long term effects that we can see. There is a small, but sizable, number of people who get this get really sick and have long term effects.
  2. https://www.technologyreview.com/2020/08/11/1006366/immunity-slowing-down-coronavirus-parts-us/?itm_source=parsely-api The outbreak was so widespread and uncontrolled that some places may already be seeing early signs of herd immunity. We are still a long way to go from full herd immunity, but this is at least some positive news to come out of the cluster fuck that has been our covid response.
  3. Avs looked flat today. We lost in OT and get the Yotes in the 1st round
  4. Nah, Pens already guaranteed that. NHL needs Crosby successor to fall right in line.
  5. Thats exactly why Im rooting for them. Every other day of the year, Fuck Chicago. But when they have a chance to knock off a team who constantly has the media riding their dick? GO HAWKS
  6. Loving the results of the games today. Pens and Preds going down early? Love it. Now for the Oilers, Mild, and Leafs to lose and today will be the best day in a looonggggg time.
  7. Really hope that the Leafs, Oilers, and Pens all go down today. It would be just glorious to watch them all lose series where they were heavily favored to win.
  8. I mean, people donate to political parties all the time and theres not really a difference between them and what the NRA is accused of doing.
  9. Alternative headline from the future "NRA and other gun groups have record fundraising day"
  10. For most people it doesnt matter. Its just that there are a significant number of people with access to sensitive information or locations that are the targets. Thats where the weaknesses are, and thats what the CCP tries to exploit.
  11. Its not just the one app, but a combination of all the data they collect. Think about everything that the US companies like Google and Facebook collect, then take all that data and think "How can we abuse this for our gain?" In the US thats for selling your shit to make money. In China its about finding people to blackmail, or expats, or people who they can take advantage of in other ways. The Equifax breach was by the CCP and the theory was they are using that info to find people and either buy up their debts to exploit them, or to outright bribe them to get information that the CCP wants. I wish I could find the white paper again that went into all this. It was pretty detailed on how that information can be used to exploit weaknesses in the US.
  12. Its the data collection that makes it a threat. Anything owned by a Chinese company is routing that data back to the CCP. They then can turn and use that info to blackmail people in the US. This was all actually laid out in a White Paper that the Obama admin put out years ago after a few of the major data breaches. There is concern that China is using the data they are gathering to identify people in the US who they can take advantage of.
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