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  1. That may be the single best schedule release video ever. There are so many memes and references buried in that video. Its just amazingly well done.
  2. Schedule is released today. Some leaks already happening. I guess the Broncos are getting a ton of prime-time games this year. Already confirmed to open the season on MNF in Vegas, we play in London, and we have a Christmas Day game against the Rams.
  3. Love it. Love every second of it.
  4. One of the single most recognizable voices ever. Dude was seriously funny as well. RIP.
  5. Crazy to think that Getzlaf is going to retire. Hes been in the league forever, and all of it as a Duck. Going to be interest to see what happens with him and the HoF. I wouldnt be shocked if he makes it in, maybe even on his 1st try.
  6. Fire is out, no one hurt, 2 sections burned down. No word yet on the cause.
  7. Mile High is on fire. And no, thats not a euphemism for whats happening with the Broncos. The stadium is actually on fire.
  8. Thats hilarious. Vegas is so screwed, and I love it. Really feel bad for Dadonov in all this. He did nothing wrong and is getting screwed.
  9. I dont blame you. Skill wise, hes easily a top 3 WR in the league. Human wise, dude is a total PoS and pure human scum.
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