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  1. Any weird house rules growing up?

    don't talk about how you really feel. ever.
  2. So what's the next holiday?

    i have a hard time shitting on the orthodox. i mean, at least they're sensible enough to let their priests be married.
  3. Clegane Bowl

    They're running out of time.
  4. So what's the next holiday?

    Is there alcohol involved?
  5. So what's the next holiday?

    That's kind of a personal question.
  6. So what's the next holiday?

    Damn. I'm a cold sob and all, but not that cold.
  7. So what's the next holiday?

    I want to start prepping to shit all over it.
  8. Fuck zombie Jesus

    Necrophilia is wrong.
  9. some of y'all are creepy

    i don't understand what you mean i just like rusty spoons...
  10. Planning a wedding is stressful

    we did it in my sister in laws back yard. catering by chick-fil-a only family and a few close friends invited. my dad was the minister. my wife's uncle provided the music. basically we just rented some chairs. total cost was about $1000. my advice would be to keep it simple.
  11. idk. maybe it's because i'm not in recovery, but exactly one person in my life knows i'm an alcoholic. when i did manage to get sober for a bit, i didn't tell anyone because i didn't want them to know i was an alcoholic to begin with.
  12. have happy hoilday week

    make me.
  13. Attention Whorin’

    nobody understands me either. we should stand on opposite sides of the room from each other and occasionally make uncomfortable eye contact.