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  1. this was the one I was thinking of. don't remember how high it went in the charts, but I remember it being in fairly high rotation at one point.
  2. someone actually put a fair amount of time into the theme song.
  3. they kind of sounded like every band from the 90's. they weren't super popular, but they got played a lot. idk, they kind of sounded a bit like toad the wet sprocket. or at least one of their songs did. this isn't very helpful is it?
  4. have you read any of the apocryphal stories of the childhood of Jesus? some of them are pretty out there. there's one in the infancy gospel of Matthew where he curses some poor kid and he shrivels up and dies. childhood dickhead Jesus is best Jesus.
  5. slow news day. saints are getting new black helmets. kinda cool looking.
  6. sometimes cats travel to the catspace.
  7. wow. haven't heard this in years. not going to try and interpret what my brain is trying to tell me with this one.
  8. nameraka

    No egrets.

    You know nothing, Jon snow.
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