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  1. nameraka


    Man, *cooks* that. I don’t wanna live in the real world.
  2. nameraka


    nope. just not as fun without the filters.
  3. rewatching the magicians. kind of crushing on Alice Quinn. (actress Olivia Dudley) I guess that makes me boring.
  4. Wacky basically covered it. What you're describing is just a cake made in a bundt pan. Angel food uses a lighter batter. You could make devil's food (heavier batter) in a bundt pan just as easily or you could make angel food in a different kind of pan and it wouldn't have the hole.
  5. So, the funky music is intended to provide some kind of gesture of racial reconciliation with the white boy serving as proxy for his entire ethnic group?
  6. Is this meant to indicate that the funky music is toxic and should be avoided, or is it intended to imply that proper deference to said funky music requires a lifelong commitment? Asking for a friend. Thanks.
  7. so typical. maybe I'd like to get fukt. ever think about that?
  8. clearly whoever came up with this has never visited Morehead city, NC.
  9. it's for science. no idea where this one came from:
  10. nameraka

    I leave

    fuck all this shit
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