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  1. Sir Digby Chicken Caesar: A British Comedy
  2. NC resident chiming in. Morehead City anyone?
  3. On a road trip many years ago, a friend of mine slept through intercourse. She never heard the end of it.
  4. Any matter in solid form. am I doing it right?
  5. I miss godfathers. 😟 we don’t have them here.
  6. Cool. What streaming service is that on?
  7. Oh shit. I remember that. It was that post you made about president franklin pierce.
  8. In which people only post about previous posts. You remember that post I made in 2009? that was some shit, right?
  9. mine too. no one seems to care. stupid assholes. the less you adhere, the longer it's gonna last morons.
  10. coat pork chop with cereal, fry, cut up, and eat with chopsticks.
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