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  1. Best Soup In The World

  2. It really is a small world

    and now this is stuck in my head. i fucking hate you.
  3. I think cumming everyday is bad for energy

    this is possibly the dumbest thing i've heard all day. though it is only 7am.
  4. *summons knights of the round*

    *waits* *waits* *waits*
  5. mine wants me to look at death and obituary records. i might...
  6. that's so 80's

    i don't think i posted this one yet.
  7. The Biggest Duck Ever!

    I eat duck. Just so you know.
  8. Who tf wants to get blocked today

  9. best bond

  10. Signs you're getting old?

    you remember that you're doesn't = your.
  11. Cats and Dogs