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  1. But what I really want to know is Are you gonna go my way?
  2. Salt and Vinegar pork chops (chicken breast would probably work too) -- I take no credit or blame for this. It's Alton Brown's recipe. Ingredients Salt and vinegar potato chips. (1 small bag) 2 pork chops 1 egg flour (enough to coat pork chops) oil (salt and pepper if you're into that kind of thing) ______________________________ Heat oven to 375 Season flour to taste. Beat egg into bowl Crush chips in bag. Dredge chops in flour/ dip into egg mix/ put in chip bag, close bag, shake or whatever until coated heat skillet with oil. brown chops. (a minute or two) put in oven for about 20 minutes or done.
  3. Wouldn't it be nice if we were older? Then we wouldn't have to wait so long. And wouldn't it be nice to live together in the kind of world where we belong?
  4. I accidentally left it in the past.
  5. Hi everyone. This is a courtesy reminder that time will be shifting one hour into the future at 2am Sunday. I thought it might be helpful to compile a little list of things to remember during a time travel event. I'll be adding to it as I think of things. 1. If you have any evil mogwai in your household, be sure to check all clocks for tampering before feeding them close to midnight. 2. Time travel sucks 3. Bears can climb trees
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    sure i can't interest you in a wafer thin mint?
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