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  1. It's wine o' clock bitches

    you're trying to use drunk logic on me. it will work.
  2. It's wine o' clock bitches

    my face is distorted. wait...

  4. Pissin the night away

  5. It's wine o' clock bitches

    nothing. i can see my reflection in it, and that's one ugly bastard.
  6. It's wine o' clock bitches

    well carry on then. imma sit here and scowl at my scotch.
  7. It's wine o' clock bitches

    just don't mix whine with your wine. nobody likes a whiny wino.
  8. Games you love that most people hate

    i played this over and over and never beat it...
  9. Fucking really?

    welcome to texas
  10. Cartoon characters you look and/or looked like

    about age 8 about 20 years from now
  11. Fucking really?

    have you tried murder? i hear that works.
  12. Umbrella Academy (Netflix)

    watched ep one last night. seems like kind of a watchmen rip off. to be fair, i didn't read the graphic novel and i'm judging based on one episode. still. it wasn't horrible. i'll watch ep 2 at least.
  13. to be fair, it isn't that i don't know how to do it...
  14. Let's play would you rather...

    type one or two?