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  1. inorite? I was like, that dude is still playing? why?
  2. just going to point out that you can't really commit to the whole hermit thing if you have people in your house. kick those bitches to the curb.
  3. Did everyone just miss that I inadvertently invited the entire board to sleep with me? Y'all are kinda slow lately. Old age is hell I guess...
  4. Check out my hook while the DJ revolves it?
  5. NFL.com is reporting that Gruden is resigning effective immediately stemming from racist language used in email from 2010. WOW. Didn’t see that one coming.
  6. aw... I really like one of the songs from this album. I mean, not this one. I've never liked this one. but still...
  7. So, I was a VH fan as a kid, but damn their lyrics just suck and I didn’t realize it until I was older.. “Why can’t this be love?” came on the radio the other day and it hit that line, “only time will tell if we stand the test of time.” I guess I’d never really listened before, but damn if that isn’t a stupid fucking lyric.
  8. and yes, I know this should be in the music folder. it's hard to get any traction there. Anyway. Thinking of this lyric in particular: I won't be coming home tonight My generation will put it right We're not just making promises That we know we'll never keep. Yeah. Whatever, boomer...
  9. is this... like a euphemism or something?
  10. And what the hell is Greek yoga, and why is it supposed to keep me regular?
  11. I thought about it, but it's just so played out. I mean it's just not cool anymore, ya know?
  12. I’ve been sober for 500 days.
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