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  1. Hi everyone. I'm nameraka and I'm an alcoholic. Did I do that right?
  2. i think average to below average looking, middle aged men with dead end jobs are entitled to marry younger women who are completely out of their league and live in a house with at least one zero tacked on to the end of a mortgage they could actually afford.
  3. no, but i skipped one once because if i'd shown up drunk enough I would've objected. though, now that i think about it, i did get really drunk the day of. who's to say i didn't... 😮
  4. you're the only one. the rest of us were three sheets to the wind all day every day back then. good times...
  5. lesson number one, soliciting for prostitutes should really be done in dumpster fires.
  6. apparently these still exist but i haven't seen one in years.
  7. you do. and that makes them sad.
  8. isn't that just the whole internet?
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