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  1. You could be a weirdo like me and make toast using the broiler.
  2. Funny. Ever since I got my dna test back showing that I’m like 3-5% black, I just can’t tell white people apart anymore...
  3. Sorry, gonna pass on this one. Too far-fetched.
  4. this sounds like me. used to be booze, but i had to give that up. now it's asmr videos that no longer seem to be working.
  5. Only one what? fuck me, did Betty white kill someone too?
  6. Not sure how to feel about this one.
  7. I don’t want to sleep that bad. Thanks.
  8. Also, chicks love vampires.
  9. Just be yourself. unless you suck. then be Burt Reynolds.
  10. yes. 40's. first published in early 20's. mostly poems and short essays.
  11. also, i feel this is somehow obligatory.
  12. how does an organization that is tax except, doesn't produce anything and therefore has no concrete overhead, and in theory shouldn't have any creditors to seek protection from (since it has no need to borrow money as it doesn't produce anything) end up needing to file for goddamn bankruptcy?
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