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  1. According to ancestry I’m like 5%. So, something higher than 5%.
  2. I thought the calendar was off by a few years because the census described in the Bible that sent Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem actually happened somewhere between 6-3BC. Not 100% sure on the number of years, but I'm pretty sure King Herrod was dead by 1BC. Also, yes. We should be expecting something.
  3. Well, that pails in comparison to what I'll likely accomplish.
  4. So which one are you not going to do?
  5. this is how I found out that I'm apparently related to my ancestors. mind=blown
  6. no. no, this aggression will not stand. where is this bucket located? I will totally heist this bitch for your list.
  7. that you probably won't ever get to? I've always wanted to go to Buenos Aires. (and Argentina in general) two of my all time favorite authors were Argentinian and wrote about it extensively. but I don't have a lot of $ to travel and frankly, I don't really know anyone who would likely want to go with. maybe when I'm like 80 I'll pull an Ambrose Bierce and just disappear into the Argentine wilderness never to be heard from again...
  8. mr. Phil. (I will not refer to that man as dr.) jared leto. (just seems like a self-absorbed douche) honestly, most celebrities. there are really only a handful I'd give a shit about meeting.
  9. the same thing that happens to everyone else who disappears...
  10. seriously though, what the fuck are the snakes eating?
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