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  1. Bats- black kitty I adopted when I got my first apartment Peaces (I didn't choose this name) my girlfriend's cat. they came as a package deal. grey tabby Aura (same) girlfriend's sister's roommate's cat. the roommate moved out and left the cat. FREE KITTY! black kitty. Lucy-grey tabby found while I was taking out the trash one night. smallest cat I've ever seen. less than 4 lbs. Samson- grey tabby. wife's (same person as above girlfriend) sister's cat had kittens. biggest cat I've ever owned. (over 12 lbs.)
  2. yeah, but if you don't go to Minnesota, you'll miss out on all that... *googles Minnesota* winter?
  3. nameraka


    Solved. Thanks guys.
  4. I changed the oil once. You're supposed to do that, right?
  5. So... Anyone else think this looks like a shitty CW show? On mobile. Will post trailer later unless someone beats me to it.
  6. Also irony. Totally a dark side thing.
  7. so basically, same with the rest of the draft so far. also, a tight end in the third round? seriously? why not take a fucking punter? /s
  8. 1st round 6th overall: Jaylen Waddle My opinion: Jesus fucking christ you asshats... 😶
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