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  1. your hitting a police cruiser story is better than mine.
  2. anything spicy (these days i can't taste anything unless it's at least 10,000 scovilles) olives sweet potato (i only like it in certain applications though)
  3. I once rear ended a police cruiser. I'm a distant cousin of Kevin Costner.
  4. this makes me feel fucking ashamed to be an american. thanks cheeto.
  5. how many of you used to shop there? c'mon now. be honest.
  6. i wanted to like freakshow if only because part of it took place near where i grew up. i just... couldn't.
  7. not a huge fan, but i do love this one. so 80's...
  8. shit. should have thought of them immediately. oh well, here's another great one from them.
  9. did you know that for just $5.99 a month you can upgrade to nameraka plus and i'll comment on all your posts whether i find them interesting or not? sign up today and you get a free 😐.
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