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  1. That’s he thing, it’s not even like I know I need it to survive (I do), it’s like I need it like a drug, that I hate.
  2. But I feel lost/directionless when I’m not working. Is this adult?
  3. Happy birthday alzheimer hacks
  4. First of all let me clarify that my penis isn’t that big. Just 9 inches. But, when I wear pants and clothes to minimize the appearance of my penis so I can pass as more androgynous. Anyway, over the past couple of years I’ve noticed that when I run down to the local convenience store and I’m too lazy to wear pants the women working there will give me things: free drink refills, free slice of pizza, free whatever and I catch them staring at my small, nine inch penis. Keep in mind that my penis is floppy and saggy so what the fuck girls? Any theories would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I have used body wash for the last 25 years. Bars of soap are almost a foreign concept to me at this point.
  6. Why did anyone give a FUCK what Grey Worm thought? None of the PTA meeting made any sense.
  7. So other than Skiles, we can’t see shit. I figured as much.
  8. Like Brad Pitt’s, post-9/11
  9. My wife got lasik and she loves it. My prescription isn’t bad, but apparently I’m lucky my right eye wasn’t lazy, the left was doing all the work.
  10. I used to wear the blue light blockers, I got. Them built into my current lenses. Do you have blue eyes? I have light sensitivity too.
  11. My wife finally got me to admit my eyesight was lacking, so now I wear glasses. Now I’m curious how many in our community have shitty vision too. Do you wear glasses/contacts?
  12. congratulationsshinji.gif
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