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  1. I’ve recently started watching it as well. It’s fun. I can’t believe how popular it is, though. Venture Brothers kicks it’s ass.
  2. Yeah, I expected my literal 1 like my tweets get every fortnite or so, but the dude must be frequently searching his mentions and decided to retweet it. I’m expecting death by MAGAsphyxiation soon
  3. I’m by no means a skilled jimmy rustler, but I made fun of the pizzagate guy, then he retweeted me, and now Qanons are slightly rustled. It’s been a weird Mother’s Day.
  4. Y’all have a spare bunker I could hang in? With running water plz
  5. SwimOdin

    Steam Deck

    A month in, and I still can't believe this thing is real. I play Elden Ring under a canopy of trees in my yard, and then when I need to shit? Still playing.
  6. Is the destiny of mankind ruled by some transcendental entity or law? Is it like the hand of god hovering above? At least it is true that man has no control, even over his own will.
  7. Why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food?
  8. I tried playing Bloodbourne after playing this for 30 or so hours, that was difficult. As much as we like to say all the games are the same, there are subtle differences that make it feel reeeeeal weird when switching between them.
  9. Feels harder than older FromSoftware games to me because the amount of souls you get seems lower than in other games. Could just be me, but I feel like I'm progressing slower. Love it, though.
  10. Elden Ring on Steam Deck. I'm terrified by all the productive things that won't happen in my life, now.
  11. I detest the word mancave...but I have one. I call it my office, or sometimes my nerd room, but it's a mancave. Batman stuff, video game stuff...yeah. My wife still lets me sprinkle in some nerd crap, like an R2D2 on the mantle, but it's mostly in here.
  12. SwimOdin

    Steam Deck

    I got it!
  13. Pulled into a riptide at 18, exhausted and about to give up, lifeguards saved me.
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