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  1. You’re way more than that, buddy. I can’t quite articulate it since I just got home brunch brunch mimosas AND I ate an edible, but…you’re more.
  2. There are both people on good sides
  3. Does it taste like fake marshmallows? Because that’s one of my favorite flavors…I’m a child
  4. No apologies required! That’s the fun of cooking, you put in what you want to eat.
  5. I wasn’t until I got married, now I really enjoy doing it. I prefer improvisation to following a recipe, but this is a simple one I came up with that is quick and easy.
  6. Give us your recipes, simple or complex Chicken tortilla soup: 1lb thin sliced chicken 2 chicken broth 2 cans rotell tomatoes 2 cans fire roasted corn 2 cans black beans 2 spicy taco seasoning Sour cream Cilantro Mexican cheese Tortilla chips Avocado Prep chicken by rubbing in taco seasoning with a spoon, then return to refrigerator in ziplock bag. Grill chicken, then cut into small pieces and put in ziplock bag. Later, prep soup by adding chicken broth, then canned good, then seasoning, sour cream and cheese. Add chicken at the end, garnish with sliced avocado, enjoy!
  7. SwimOdin

    Steam Deck

    I’ve had mine for a year now, it’s just the best! Get one!
  8. Been really enjoying how (relatively) close Jupiter has been for the last six months
  9. I masticated two 65mg gummies because I’m having fiery hot, chest pain anxiety so here’s hoping it helps.
  10. Like it would give a rundown of your posting history, style, maybe “controversial moments” or “major forum drama moments”, these kind of things. i…want most things in life to have this, but this includes y’all.
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