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  1. You either die a hero or something wrong or something else wrong with you and your heart and mind that you don’t have to get it done
  2. Also, she’s being modest, but it’s @UnDeRwOrlDpRiNcEsS birthday as well.
  3. If you’re starting to have a nagging ache or pain, get it checked out. Things don’t get better, they just get worse. Your life is more important than your job. Clean a little bit every day or do bite-sized cleaning, or it’ll eventually get overwhelming. Drink water. Value yourself. You’re worthy of love.
  4. Also, should the Bills just play in the Superb Owl now?
  5. Time to get really bummed out! —2022 Atlanta Falcons
  6. Happy birthday. Not enough arch support.
  7. It was the boy’s second birthday yesterday and there’s a kid’s Dino event in town. It was such a good day. edit: for context, the third pic is a giant lasagna from bucca di beppo
  8. I love the NFL. Calvin Ridley suspended for a year, but sexually assault over 20 women? Good to go. Can’t wait for all the players to wear pink in support of women!
  9. We might live close to one another, there’s a Burger Fi up the road with a park. Or maybe they do that everywhere.
  10. For 19/20ths of my life, I was an indoor kid. Video games, computer, tv? Yes. Sunlight, fresh air, activity? No. The pandemic changed that for me and got me outside and loving it. Now I feel like a transcendentalist if I sit under a tree. So, have you always been an outdoor person, a nerd, or something in between? pic related, I’m sitting under this right now
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