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  1. Same. I really don't want to wake up everyday for the next four years to hear what kind of horseshittery Trump is up too and I'm tired with arguing with dumb fucks who thinkTrump is their messiah.
  2. You can't spell harassment without ass. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  3. Ice cream machines have a self cleaning mode that cannot be interrupted. It's easier to tell people that they're broken.
  4. That's between me, and the orphanage.
  5. You mean THESE GUNS? *flexes biceps*
  6. We get them at work once every 3 weeks or so. They sell out quickly even with a 1 per person limit.
  7. They were dumb but that was the point.
  8. My last remaining grandparent is 9 hours away.
  9. Pretty sure I joined in '05. That would have put me at 17 or 18. Felt like I was younger than that but I guess not.
  10. I 'members you. Ninja_Jesus is a hard name to forget. Mind expanding on that scheme? I'd like to hear the story.
  11. I got a crock pot that I've just been using as a rice cooker. I've been throwing mixed vegetables, green onion, chicken and pineapple in it with zechwan sauce. I picked up some chicken broth but don't know what I'm going to use it for yet.
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