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  1. Reporting on first day of work. I saw a frog.
  2. You could tell them that you're ok with how your life is and not to worry about it.
  3. I'm ok with ranting about retail but more than one thread is unnecessary. I mean, they were almost the exact same thread. They were also super generic gripes but that's whatever. I could really go into detail with my experiences but I don't think people care enough for me to put in that kind of effort.
  4. 13 years was spent at one company. Towards the end of that venture, my manager had moved to a different city. My two ASMs decided to quit and I decided to quit with them. This left nobody to run the store and it closed for literal months. That's what they get for treating us poorly and giving us ass pay. I've been told by our customers that the store has opened back up but looks like shit now. I went to Walmart as a stop gap. I knew I could get in easily and my experience made me a natural. This paid five dollars more and I had fewer responsibilities. Cool beans. Was going to stay there at least a year but this new job opening was on a timer and I needed to act. This one is going to pay 2 dollars more. That's a 7 dollar increase in less than a year. I'll also get the afternoons off so I won't have to wait for the weekend to do anything.
  5. Seems that I will be repairing and cleaning wind turbines. Before anybody asks, no, I won't be going out and climbing huge wind turbines. Everything is done in one building.
  6. I start my new job on Monday. No more shitty customers. No more holiday garbage. No more having to go behind incompetent workers. After 14 years, it's over. I did like my immediate coworkers and will be saddened that I won't get to shoot the shit with them all the time. I will keep in contact, though and we'll make plans to all hang out.
  7. If I had to pick one, I would pick the handbook for the recently deceased. Second choice would be the Gravity Falls book.
  8. Never was a fan of changing my oil. I'm just cheap.
  9. I've used them several times before. I did find a ruptured windshield fluid container on top of the ramps yesterday but I can't imagine it reacting with the plastic like that. In any case, I'll be ordering some metal ramps before my next oil change.
  10. I didn't dislike it but Sweetarts also crossed my mind.
  11. Sieg67


    The world needs to be reminded of the evil of Bert. Bert is an immortal monster who has been present during some of darkest times in history. He works behind the scenes sowing chaos. His goal is to disrupt the natural timeline to ensure we reach the worst one possible. This motherfucker needs to be stopped. This was once a hot topic but the powers that be are trying to cover it up. I will not stand for this. I will not be silent.
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