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  1. I'll eventually watch it. The first two seasons were good.
  2. Well, Monday after work, I succumbed to the injury. Stayed home on Tuesday and today. Taking tomorrow and Friday off too. Right side seems to be okay but still a bit of pain. Left foot is a mess, swollen around the ankle and where the two joints meet at the foot. Have a compression on my ankle right now and taking Aleve and all these other crap I have laying around (ice/hot packs, topical cream, salonpas pads). Here's hoping to be back at work next week.
  3. cold leftover turnip greens and pork soup over hot rice.
  4. my job has me doing repetitive motions everyday, operating the JR Cutter and using the foot pedal 40/hrs a week. i didn't expect it to affect me during this past 4 day weekend. now i'm hobbling and trying to put off pressure on both feet as i return back to work in pain.
  5. Manga. Lot's of manga. Maybe a new PS4 controller cuz my other two have stick drift problems.
  6. for you snobs that are meh on BIG10 West, the biggest stage of them all is this coming Saturday. Big Ten West title on the line, Paul Bunyan's Axe is also on the line, hometown sellout crowd at the TCF Bank and College Gameday for the first time will grace Minneapolis in what will be a exciting game.
  7. Can't wait to see this stateside, once Fathom Events gets the rights to show it in theatres.
  8. the last day of hearing was something. a lot of smear campaign against the last two witnesses. not once did the Republicans dispute the accounts that Trump wanted an investigation in return for releasing the military aid package. just a lot of dancing around the topic and bringing up a lot of debunked conspiracies, a lot of mansplaining, contradictions, false narratives and sucking up to Trump.
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