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  1. The struggle is real for me. My RB situation gets worse every week after McCaffrey got hurt, then Hunt pulled a calf injury. Calvin Ridley calling quits for now, Dak might not play another week. My WRs/TEs corp is a hit or miss every week with the exception for CeeDee Lamb and Travis Kelce. At least I have a dependable kicker in Justin Tucker.
  2. Since I'm quite the opposite, barely have time to watch anime anymore, I buy and read manga instead. Bought this series on a whim when the reviews were glowing on the first volume and it was recommended to me by an a.i. algorithm from B&N. I can definitely say I enjoyed it.
  3. Halloween memes and I got a notification from a post I made a year ago?
  4. Looking for a solid RB2. I don't have faith for Kareem Hunt or Baltimore's current RB problems. FA waivers is iffy on who's going to get a breakout start
  5. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2021-09-11/fairy-tail-100-years-quest-sequel-gets-tv-anime/.177275 Great news since I'm on a Fairy Tail anime binge and re-reading the manga.
  6. And he was the model and voice of Irish in Battlefield 4 and 2042.
  7. Well, totally forgotten about the draft was happening this morning.
  8. After binge watching this show in chunks, all the interesting characters were killed off by the start of season 2 and the finale of season 2.
  9. I just want the blu ray. Amazon prime video isn't worth it for me since I'm not a big Amazon shopper.
  10. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2021-06-13/hololive-idols-aqua-subaru-nene-sing-the-great-jahy-will-not-be-defeated-anime-ending/ can't wait to hear the outcome of this, these girls are pretty decent at their singing abilities when they have their singing streams.
  11. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2021-05-25/lupin-iii-franchise-gets-6th-anime-series-for-50th-anniversary/.173157 Always up for more Lupin, can't go wrong with it.
  12. Alan Tudyk's performance in it was perfection.
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