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  1. One Piece 1070 Can’t wait for next week’s episode! 🤩
  2. Ugh that sounds super frustrating. Hope they make it right soon.
  3. I can’t tell because I use my iPhone to post here. But if I did, it’s probably something lame.
  4. That’s good! Hopefully you got a deal. I didn’t buy anything until after the sales were over. I should plan better next time 😅
  5. Send them back! At least, Amazon’s return process isn’t so bad. I always get Amazon credit tho, furthering Bezos’ mega yacht / vanity purchases.
  6. eklipse

    Pokémon Go

    I need to walk today, so I can pick up new eggs for the Riolu hatch event. 😆 Although, I feel like it’s kinda a cash grab because they’re selling boxes with more incubators…
  7. Tacos! As I was eating, I noticed this — doesn’t it look like a cat or something? 😂. Sorry if this is gross.
  8. JJK Hidden Inventory 3 I’m anxiously awaiting One Piece 1070
  9. I definitely came to the right place to ask about gundam. It’s nice to know there are some shorter series too and that I can pick/choose (not all super connected). Thanks all!
  10. I was experimenting to see if I could quote from another thread on my mobile - success! It was a pain pasting it over but feel like I learned a new trick, lol.
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