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  1. CleanEatz: Review

    A little late to start feeding your kid, but whatever.
  2. Games you love that most people hate

    X-2 is great. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Then again, I really liked Lightning Returns. Maybe I just like dressing up girls....
  3. I want a board feud

    You're a gosh dang stupidhead.
  4. Someone who's smart please help me...

    I'll see if I can find someone.
  5. Games you love that most people hate

    Lightning Returns.
  6. Hey FFA

    As long as they keep their weird sandpaper tongues to themselves.
  7. Hey FFA

    Nice. I like it when people watch.
  8. but I forgot about the restraining order.
  9. Take your onions off me.

    But cheese is a part of who I am. Don't try to change me.
  10. Vic Mignogna is in Trouble

    Do what I do and stay on the fence until all the information and/or proof is out there.
  11. Vic Mignogna is in Trouble

    I just watched the first 5 episodes. It's not the case. Like at all.
  12. what anime characters you wanna bang?

    None. Paper cuts on the dick doesn't sound like fun.
  13. how much would pay for this truck ?

    Depends on what's wrong with it.
  14. So that's where my penis went.