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  1. Pick a user

    Zeni. Self-explanatory.
  2. I think cumming everyday is bad for energy

    I'm cumming right now.
  3. I'm gonna pass on that one.
  4. Erin got fat.

    His wife hopefully.
  5. I believe we're all doomed

    We've probably got like 12 minutes left.
  6. I didn't get the promotion I applied for

    If I had 'em, I'd post 'em.
  7. We don't need anymore white people.
  8. Erin got fat.

    E.R.I.N. Sound it out.
  9. Erin got fat.

    It wasn't talking about the weight.
  10. Erin got fat.

    Ok, I'll wait.
  11. Erin got fat.

    So....should I do you?
  12. I just got disconnected.
  13. Erin got fat.

    Didn't say she wasn't.