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  1. You're projecting. Honestly, I think if you don't care you don't deserve the right to vote. This is INCREDIBLY important to the country and all of its citizens. If the Senate fails to do the right thing (which they will because they don't care about the law), then they need to be removed. What's the point of the Constitution if no one follows it?
  2. I killed it one night with "All Star" by Smash Mouth because 90% of the people in the place were drunk 20-somethings. I'd love to do "Sex Bomb" by Tom Jones sometime.
  3. See, no one would know that you were the slowpoke if you didn't post that you were.
  4. Just DO NOT read the plot synopsis of the book, because Disney took hella liberties with the source material and the book is tragic.
  5. I have sent my scores in today. And let me tell you, there WILL be a reckoning.
  6. Because Fabio and I weren't born yet. See, I'm making the joke about why magical hair was given to Samson instead of someone else, while also expressing the vanity I have in my hair.
  7. But I was making a PBJ sammich and I noticed the peanut butter jar said "vegan" on it. Makes me wonder, what kind of peanut butter ISN'T vegan? It's all peanuts and corn syrup, isn't it?
  8. Ladies and Gentlemen. Lou Vega. That is all.
  9. "If we let them testify then people will see how corrupt WE are!"
  10. It's actually well worth a read. The author makes fun of the concept as well, but it's a good article on modern english.
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