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  1. I sure hope he's not cremated, because the oven operator may just set it and forget it.
  2. Just chit-chat, mostly. I stay in the scan room pretty much exclusively, she comes in every now and then whenever she has checks to scan. We chat back and forth and get along pretty well. And 90s punk isn't dorky, it's punk. Whatcha gotta do is go hit up some alt bars and find a chick with a mohawk. She'll go.
  3. Been about a week. Girl I work with who looks mid-20s but is actually 41. Hippie-chic style, good musical taste. Considering inviting her to go see Alice Cooper in October.
  4. That you had a boyfriend that looked like a girlfriend that I had in February of last year.
  5. And that's admirable. I've resigned all my celebrity crushes that way so I can be like "hey, this lady is hot and I adore her. Gonna enjoy her movies/photos/music/whatever." It's so hard with people I can talk to, though. Anyone I crush on that I can talk to, I find myself just going into romantic fantasies and I need to stop.
  6. Thank you for your answer, and yes. This isn't so much like one of those threads where you're obligated to ask a stupid question when responding, but if you have one ask away. Because some of these are gonna be questions I've thought myself and never bothered to look into. It's more like a general knowledge pool for everyone to share their questions and answers. That being said, I ain't got no idea about the cotton.
  7. I'm making this a thread because I have a stupid question I hope someone can answer but also I don't want the thread to be just that one stupid question, so here we go. Are all cakes with the hole in the middle like a donut angel food cakes, or is there something else that makes a cake an angel food cake?
  8. Well, all I remember is that they only really showed Cannonball and Husk's home and their parents/family. I won't say good, but I'll say "accurate" because they're a broke-ass family with like 12 kids living in a coal mining town.
  9. I saw the clip with the Dragon Quest fanfare. And of all Chrono Trigger tracks, they chose Robo's theme? It's not bad, but did the crowd think they were getting Rickroll'd?
  10. Cannonball and Husk are from Kentucky, so at least the state exists.
  11. It all hinged on Warner Brothers owning rights to The Thing, since Hanna-Barbera made those The Thing cartoons in the 60s. WB owns the rights to those episodes, but Disney owns everything else about the character. That means no Space Ghost/Superman/Captain America movie. Sadface.
  12. "Ay, I don't have the endurance to keep up with you because I am a literal lump on a frog's ass, but if you wanna keep bangin' I'm down even though I'm gonna finish first every single time."
  13. If every zombie movie made from this point out doesn't feature government officials loudly yelling that there are no zombies while in front of a crowd full of zombies, then they aren't realistic enough.
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