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  1. If I was stupid rich enough to have a sunroom, you're damn right I'd want a tv in there. Just put on one of those music channels and be set with it.
  2. Found out the Enzyte commercial song had a real name.
  3. Watched a video yesterday by Jesse Cox where he said NFTs were Beanie Babies and I never heard a more apt comparison in my life.
  4. Each post is valued at $4,500. I am now taking offers on each post I make. Lol topical post.
  5. GuyBeardmane

    bah gawd

    Fruity, delicious, delicious, fruity, fruity, fruity
  6. She has a smoker's meow and it's the best.
  7. On the flip side of most people here, I'd say Weird Al Yankovic. Like, dude is a fucking treasure and I adore him. I'd love to see his show live, but given the chance to have a meet and greet with the man I'd have to turn it down because I would lose my shit. I'd be the incredibly awkward guy and Weird Al would look at me and say "okay, that's enough of this joker, let's go." I'd hate to leave a bad impression on Weird Al.
  8. GuyBeardmane

    bah gawd

    Not a Jim Ross reference. I am disappoint.
  9. I really want to try ecstasy. That's it. That's the big thing that's been consuming my thoughts lately. Just goin through the motions of the day and thinking "but what if I did this on E."
  10. The Pyramids have been around forever BECAUSE their schemes are so successful!
  11. I'm accusing Poof of having a hidden agenda, and that hidden agenda is to make out with me. Okay that's not so much a hidden agenda as it is me projecting my desire to make out with Poof on her, but still.
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