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  1. I mean it's an asshole move to dance on graves and playing up the racist stereotype. Respect the deceased. But otherwise the sentiment is the same. I need to get a ouija board so I can pee on it and invite all the evil spirits inside of it to fuck me up.
  2. Update: I woke up this morning a bit earlier than I would have liked to. Not feeling haunted nor have any unexplained phenomena occurred while I slept. Fucking cowardly ghosts/demons/shadow people.
  3. While we're on the subject of doppelgangers
  4. So are you trying to say people can only be angry about one thing at a time? Boy, do I have some news for you.
  5. Wasn't thinking too hard, but I just kept casting Luminaire and Antipode Bomb 3. Lavos wound up taking down Crono in first form, but eventually went down. So I just decided to follow through with killing Inner Lavos and the Lavos Core. I really like this game. It's been too long since I've picked it up.
  6. Don't we have to wait for Neko for this?
  7. That's what I'm saying. I know correlation does not mean causation, but after the poop I was just like "I'm freezing."
  8. I have no idea how the two events relate, but that's what happened.
  9. Spsh, what a shitty day. It's a total sausagefest.
  10. So I'm inviting all demons and ghosts and skinwalkers and rakes and slendermen and Jeffs the Killer and any other supernatural being to stalk me and prove me wrong. I am also flipping them all off to taunt them, because that's what the nonexistent cowards. I will post updates as absolutely jack shit happens.
  11. The only good thing the worthless fuck ever did for the state.
  12. Are Sirfetch'd and Ponyta in the same game?
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