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  1. I coughed at the same time I farted and I made a sharbus in my undies. Took a shower right away.
  2. Like, I know this is a thing already on reddit but FUCK reddit. I wrote one and want to share it, so here it comes. When decapitated, the brain can make the eyes blink and mouth move for a few seconds. The body shouldn't be moving around though, right? There's my two sentence horror story. Share one of yours!
  3. 7Up branded platformer. Actually a really fun game. I rented it a lot when I was young.
  4. 12/10, deserves aggressive cheering
  5. Nudes won't fix it, but I wanna see some tiddies anyway.
  6. I saw Puddles Pity Party solo. It was a fun show.
  7. Baby platypi are called puggles. That is all.
  8. Annoying guy at work keeps pacing around and walking toward me in the car like he wants to talk to me, and then going back. I don't even know this kid. Just sees me in the break room from time to time and decides to chat at me and vent about work, meanwhile I'm just thinking "I just wanna eat my lunch." I've been keeping my eyes down on my phone pretending not to notice him every time he got next to the car.
  9. I have the box that has both Death and Rebirth AND End of Eva, in addition to the series box set. The glory hole will be around the corner, just drop to your knees on the X in front of the sheet.
  10. You have no idea how difficult it was to find where she lives, wait until she decided to take a bath, and then dip the little jars in the tub without being noticed.
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