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  1. Remember the 21st night of September?
  2. Never accidental. I was invited to come in through the back door.
  3. Much like most of my life. High five! I am envious that you had a completely sexually and emotionally satisfied high school girlfriend.
  4. I wondered if I had missed "Fee," "Fi," and if "Fum" was on the way.
  5. Same. I've been listening to all these "true story" cps and they're all written like bad horror movies with cinematic narratives that don't come across as real at all.
  6. I've been watching/listening to a lot of creepypasta on youtube lately. Hearing a lot of skinwalker stories. Did they take the place of Slenderman as far as internet horror goes?
  7. "These days." I haven't seen a chocolate orange since high school, but I remember the thing tasting pretty dang good.
  8. ngl that went through my head a lot today.
  9. As soon as I pulled into the parking lot at work my hands started getting pink and splotchy. By my first break I was broken out up to my elbows and the splotches are straight up red and itchy af now. I'm allergic to my job.
  10. Wouldn't a fuck convention where you do you just be a masturbation convention?
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