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  1. This is why everyone hates you. Anyone who can watch that and side with the fascists deserves to die.
  2. He never got a Super Bowl ring.
  3. We didn't start the fire
  4. A great idea I think would be to IP ban all the fascists from this site.
  5. Fuck off out of my thread you nazi shitball.
  6. I get it, it definitely looks like an arm shredder. But it also looks moldy so I focused on that instead of saying it looks like an arm shredder.
  7. Yup, looks like something I have no knowledge of. Except that looks like mold so I'd say it's probably bad and time to replace it.
  8. https://www.npr.org/2020/06/05/869553801/biden-formally-secures-democratic-nomination-while-gaining-steam-against-trump And I just got my absentee ballot today to vote Bernie in Kentucky's primary. LOOKS LIKE IT DOESN'T MATTER. Blue no matter who, though, right? Blegh.
  9. Anyway, go fuck off forever you pigshit eating mackeral.
  10. GuyBeardmane

    Titty pics

    ...you win this time.
  11. GuyBeardmane

    Titty pics

    I'm suing for false advertising.
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