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  1. Clue. Perfect cast, perfect writing, perfect performances.
  2. https://www.menshealth.com/health/a23024345/never-flush-with-toilet-lid-up/
  3. If consequences exist, I'd stick to something really mild. Like just a really basic kind of spell of protection. Ward off any kind of evil juju at the expense of people thinking I'm a weirdo.
  4. First one is for Xennials who watched the show as a kid and is made by Kevin Smith. The second one is for children of millenials who don't want to watch the original but like the idea of He-Man.
  5. Those classics are important. I was just hyped that these minis existed and they were the full on '83 style. They are now sitting atop my monitor.
  6. At one point Nielsen gave me a whole damn cellphone. Like, for a while I was a Nielsen family and the cellphone was supposed to track the data somehow? And after a year I got to keep it. $6 can't buy a cellphone. Can't even pay a cellphone bill. It's jerks.
  7. I'd probably just make everyone more empathetic. Like, set up some kind of supernatural empathy switch in everyone's brain so when they thought of doing shit that would hurt someone else, the switch would trigger and they'd get a Hollywood-style montage of the problems they're about to inflict on the other person/people, and then when the montage is over they could stop mid-sentence and change their mind. Also I'd just fuckin get rid of money and give everyone a ST:TNG replicator and holodeck in their homes and thus resolve the whole "scarcity of resources" thing people pretend is still an issue when in reality it's rich people hogging all the goddamn resources like dragons.
  8. Odin! Give me your wisdom! What's it like to be old now? I must know, so I can prepare for my own oldening. Also huzzah to Fox, for achieving age but not oldness!
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