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  1. So, it's also like "Zootopia", but for adults and is 100 times more gritty?
  2. Such a weird, complex scene that I could endlessly think about in the context of social commentary. Without the satire, it makes no sense. I looked this up in the manga, and it's weird there too.
  3. Thanks! I give the TV show A+. The best show I've watched in awhile. And I bought the first two volumes of the manga this week.
  4. I also found myself repeating out loud to no one whenever season 2 would do heavy social commentary. "'Segregation is good'? Is THAT what she just said?" "Did that guy just say, 'meat addict'? And you're going to catch them and rehabilitate them?" I would do this with delight.
  5. Me at the start: Hey look, it's the anime version of that manga I saw everyday while working at a comic shop. I always loved having the books and art around. Me during the first season: I'm loving the fun and kitsch of it all. Sure, some may be weirded out by the sex and violence, but I still think it's fun. It's even relatable and real. Me halfway through the second season: uhhhh, okay. This is now Goodfellas with animals. What the hell, is our protagonist Daredevil now just out of the blue? This is my simplified reaction. Overall, I am loving it.
  6. That was surprisingly poignant. What was the deal with that anyway. I don't want to feel while watching a Seth MacFarlane thing.
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