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what the fuck are you thankful for?


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I'm thankful for coffee

natural vitamin rich concealer and organic bb cream

My year's fashion choices: cute sunglasses, skinny pants, cool jacket

Understanding teachers


my fiance

my ipod


and new friends at school.


Seconded on the coffee. I was never a coffee drinker, I always preferred soda for my caffeine. But over the summer my doctor ordered me to cut it out (I settled on cutting way back instead), and coffee is my new best friend.  ;D

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I am thankful for whatever caused the big bang, I am thankful that this universe unfolded the way it did, my planet formed in the midst of this chaos allowing to me to eventually exist for this brief time with all the other things I like, and/or love.


I am thankful for my fiance, for my family, for my friends, for the internet and the endless amount knowledge and entertainment at the tips of our fingers.


Oh and the tweed. I'm thankful for that too.


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