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  1. That was officer Miku on duty. Thankfully no one was killed by her driving abilities.
  2. I want live shows at bargain basement prices.
  3. nothing is sexier then black futa cock!
  4. We all have our issues son. I was born in a basement. I feel your pain.
  5. I'm either going to take this to mean I have a small penis or infer that 2 alien androids touching each other is no longer fap material among the kids these days.
  6. now note the large boner in my pants, errmmm I mean way the purple and blue coloring blends with the dark coloring of the night scene.
  7. And now I have to go watch Blade Runner as a tribute to Rutger Hauer. Why is everybody being killed or dying?? WERE SURROUNDED! **goes insane, jumps for cover under mountain of beer cans**
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