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  1. I guess Bran worged back in time to go and give the Unsullied back their genitalia they're going to need to accept Davos' request that they sail to Naath and repopulate, makes sense now.
  2. I never feel any and I'm half white half sociopath. I could clip an old lady on the side of the road and just shrug and keep it moving, you should try it, it's pretty great.
  3. The NBA Thread

    Now that Lebron is finally showing his age a bit I have to agree, Leonard is the best player in the NBA. We all know the arbitrary MVP vote is gonna go to Hardon but he sure as shit isn't the best player in the game.
  4. you guys remember the user, liver_devourer010?

    I think he was a Cavs fan so he's probably killed himself by now.
  5. I don't think they did, I think they were woefully unprepared to tie together a show with so many elements and believed they could and then lost confidence in themselves likely after season seven's reception. The writing was awful gun-shy and unsure of itself which resulted in things like Jon's character arc and growth doing a complete 360 and placing the most underdeveloped and unexplained character on the throne by the ending, trying to gain favor in what they could like Jon petting the fucking dog because they realized the backlash that got and it was something really easy to fix. That's really the biggest problem to me and why I think season 8 is the only season that's been genuinely awful, it rendered so many plot threads and character arcs moot. When I think of my favorite works of fiction I think of what they mean, or what they mean to me and unfortunately in the end Game of Thrones is pretty meaningless.
  6. It feels like the entire thing has been in epilogue mode since the death of the Night King anyway.
  7. Bran's legs are completely fine and functional compared to his character development.
  8. And now for something completely different, a man with two noses.
  9. The news needs a remake, too.
  10. Claymore

    I liked it until the ending. It was a little overshadowed in what might have been the best year of anime ever. Just look at the anime that aired in 2007 Gurren Lagann Baccano! Sword of the Stranger Nodame Cantabile Darker Than Black Moribito Mononoke Lovely Complex Denno Coil Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei 5 Centimeters Per Second Toward the Terra Moyashimon Bokurano Such a stacked year.
  11. Well that's just good advertisement cus I'm gonna need some to make it through the rest.
  12. Next battle I predict the front line will just walk straight off the edge of the nearest cliff.
  13. This show has become a parody of itself.
  14. Yo Eagles fans! Dafuqs wrong with you?!

    Of course Philly does, Pittsburgh is soft in comparison. This was actually pretty tame for a Philly tail gating event, I can only assume these kids were from the nice part because they clearly can't fight.