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  1. scope

    The NBA Thread

    Yeah RJ Barrett looks promising and Julius Randle is a pretty good player, I predict in 2030 Knicks fans will force James Dolan to live on the moon and then will win the chip.
  2. Ghost Hound is my favorite by far, horror isn't a genre that does a lot for me in anime.
  3. scope

    The NBA Thread

    I think Lebron is gettin old but he's still gonna be effective because he's such a smart player, it could be he needs to knock off some rust from missing a large portion of the season last year, too.
  4. His first two albums were outstanding, everything else I could care less for.
  5. Well let's not forget how CGI heavy Stand Alone Complex was in the first place, but then again it had one of the best directors and music composers in the game and Production IG was on top of their game back then, they haven't been the same since WIT branched off.
  6. I try to stick with my color but some of them other colors look pretty enticing sometimes.
  7. Yes, because I'm influenced by aesthetics.
  8. Nats are looking good, Yanks or Stros definitely won't be easy but their starting pitching gives them a chance at least.
  9. So far my favorites are Blade of the Immortal and Hoshiai no Sora
  10. I think the dream means you're of Roman ancestry.
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