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  1. scope

    The NBA Thread

    I think it's good because they were looking to ship Chris Paul anyway and probably got more than they expected to. Let me be clear, I love Chris Paul, he's an old school point guard that spreads the ball around and it's a pleasure to watch, but he's getting long in the tooth and the main reason it was a good move is because the guy is perpetually injured, he has a big contract to eat for how many games he misses. As far as Westbrook and Harden being successful together I think it's a toss up but it's definitely not going to win come playoff time, these two players put up huge numbers but really are the most overrated players in the game. We've seen enough to know Harden's iso style of play doesn't hold up in the playoffs as well and Westbrook is just a bad point guard imo, phenominal athletecism and defense but really bad at running point. Westbrook does a few things with the ball; midrange jumper, drive and score and drive and dish. This is going to benefit Capella just as it did Steven Adams in OKC but pretty much no one else. Harden will get his touches in for sure but no one is going to get the ball on this team except these three players and the only reason Paul George had success with Westbrook is because his defense gets him automatically involved in the offense so on a Westbrook team to have success you can either be another guard that holds the ball a lot, a center that gets inside, or be such a good two way player that it doesn't matter....the rest of the team are wallflowers.
  2. I'm sure I missed a few, Yuasa is one of my favs for sure.
  3. The confusion surrounding Evangelion would be more accurately the question "what does it mean?" When someone asks "what is this show about?" it's more about a general synopsis which in the case of Evangelion would be "boy pilots robot to save the world from invaders" which isn't far off what it's mecha predecessors had done and were still doing at that time but it becomes something completely different by the end and that's what makes Evangelion a classic in the sense it subverted one of anime's most iconic genres especially at the time. Regardless of how anyone feels about the ending or the subliminal handling of it's themes Evangelion made it's mark on the industry and it's one of the most influential works of fiction ever, anime is still trying to replicate what it did with recent shows like Darling in the Franxx and SSS Gridman.
  4. The whole "no one knows what evangelion is about" is a meme at this point anyway.
  5. I love lots of them Miyazaki, Watanabe, Kenji Kamiyama, Mamoru Hosoda, Makoto Shinkai, Isao Takahata. But for me I think the answer is always going to be Satoshi Kon. The way he was able to bleed one scene into another just heightened the mystery and tension of his films, he was a genius director imo.
  6. Yanks and Sox in England, pretty cool but I bet the players wish it was another team selected.
  7. It's just about bein a person
  8. It's pretty heavy but not until the second half, if you like it make sure to watch the film End of Evangelion as it completes the story. Yeah I know what you mean sometimes when people are too heavy handed with recommendations it makes me not want to take them.
  9. After Breath of the Wild I've been really disappointed by other open world games.
  10. I'm not even a MHA fan but I'm surprised to see it in the graveyard slot.
  11. scope

    The NBA Thread

    Most underrated post season move so far is Mike Conley to the Jazz
  12. S1: Great S2: Mediocre Movie: Fantastic
  13. scope


    You need a therapist.
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