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  1. Thank you guys!! I love you all so much!!! Yesh I'm a 30 yr old nao. lol But after my project I'll spend the day watching scifi and smoking weed. 😁
  2. Oh my god yes you need a new laptop. XD
  3. Sending them positive waves your way
  4. Sometimes I just don't think I have anything useful to provide, or it's hard to just to roll to one side of the bed. I just want to sit and smoke all day. But I know it's not viable.
  5. I don't think people think the same as everyone else. Morally, the way they absorb data, really it becomes unfair at a certain point to say people handle things differently. I think it's like comparing 1 person getting rich versus another person not. There are several environmental factors that change things in a similar system. Doesn't mean they should be compared as exactly the same. idk
  6. But what if you aren't those people? No matter how hard you contemplate or try, you are just a different type of person. Like your thoughts just consume your head in a ptsd like manner?
  7. Like mind gets flooded with a thousand of thoughts of worthlessness. And I know that this is not my present reality, it's all in my mind. But I can't shut up my mind. I've been smoking for the past few days, but my tolerance only gets higher. I can't afford to be numb all the time. I want to be drunk all day but then it's too embarrassing talking to others once I'm sloshed. Too embarrassing to even walk in the kitchen. *this is what led to the infamous midnight uber eats donut run* I really can't handle being normal. I'm talking to myself more openly lately, saying things like "It's all cool" or "it doesn't matter". But that's me trying to fight my own thoughts. I also feel myself wanting to seek revenge, even though I know it will only cause more harm then good for everyone. Idk, I hate being trapped in my head.
  8. I'm so stupid guys, I'm just so fucking stupid. I really am so fucking stupid.
  9. I feel overcommitted to things as is already.
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