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  1. The cow could die disease, or falling to prey in the wild. As a farmer, killing the cow wouldn't be as bad because I know the meat and skin would go to good use that would be better for the environment, I just don't know anything about cutting meat and would need a butcher. lol
  2. I'mma alive!! The gods would not stop me, now I am humanity's problem! XD
  3. lol tried too, had a layover in Saudi Arabia. Missed my connecting flight, then faced trouble from Saudi's saying I didn't have the right paperwork to go to Thailand, so I went to Istanbul, Turkey afterwards. Then spent some time in Mexico, and now back in Oakland. XD
  4. I mean how is that different than people talking shit about me to my face in english. At least I don't have to hear it. lol
  5. They gave $4000 because they felt bad that I had no where to live, so I ran away on this trip. But it may not have been the best move mentally. Cause they still love the people who did the actions that got me kicked out. Feels like they paid me to leave
  6. The truth multiple people keep telling that I don't want to accept
  7. This seems highly accurate from what I have seen from Egypt.
  8. lol had another mental breakdown and heading towards Bangkok, Thailand. XD luuuuulzz
  9. Yeah one of the first things I read was doing backpacking trips in Egypt was a big no-no because of the activity going on with the Libyan border. I actually did run into some not so fun activity here in Luxor and I hate this town cause it feels like it really tries to trap tourists here. Actually having another mental breakdown now and gonna head toward Thailand instead of Greece.
  10. I fell fo it. ha ha
  11. Bitch my breakdowns got me banned from fucking housing and lost so many fucking friends. They talked shit about me for weeks to 100s of people!! I don't even have a place to live in the U.S. anymore I fucking hate my fucking breakdowns. *laugh cries*
  12. Honestly, I'm kinda sad I booked my ticket already to Greece, because I wouldn't mind staying in this country longer. I think it's wonderful! Granted, I have privileges that the local women don't have here. Simply because I am American. But I find that people have been nothing but friendly to me here. Locals mention all the time how I look Arabian/Egyptian, and I do think people harass me less because that. Like they don't think I have as much money as the white/blonde tourist. Which is actually true. XD I'm also not afraid to cross the streets, walk 10 miles a day, and try to order the food when I don't know the language. Most people understand the phrase "How much?" and when they realize I mostly speak English then they get curious if I'm American. I did talk to 2 of Arab friends back home about Arabian culture, and they said that people here actually love Americans, and it's true. I think they the U.S. has a lot of power and that for years Arabs were getting a bad reputation in the U.S. but people really seem eager to disprove those stereotypes. I actually felt like the people here are really warm and kind and help whenever I need it. The food is uh-mazing!! I mean it, I've been to 5 continents now and Egyptian food slaps hard!! In fact, I've visited 4 cities in Italy, and I'm not afraid to say, Egyptian food > Italian food!! So many delicious shawarma roasting everywhere! Tons of cheeses and fresh veggies *drools all over laptop* And the food is so cheap! You can get a feast for $4!!! That is to say not everything is perfect. It still the desert with crazy dust storms and weather over 90 degrees and you still have to dress conservatively! Honestly a headscarf and long dress just seem practical in these conditions. In all my pics my hair is flying everywhere because of the winds. XD Egypt is still one of the places in the world where you can smoke anywhere indoors, and everyone does. And the Egyptian cigarettes go harder than back home. Chocked fulled with tar and nicotine. >__> hard to find some fresh air but when you do, everything is lovely. It also isn't the most accessible place in the world. Not many elevators in tall buildings, roads turning to sand, so much san that I always end up bringing back in my bed every night. XD But I do enjoy it here, and had I known I would thrive here, I would have spent more time in Alexandria and maybe Aswan too. But these are lessons for someone else, or maybe if I am lucky, I can come back here again. XD
  13. So when I was living in student housing, I did find someone to play yu-gi-oh with on my birthday but I lost and got sent to the shadow realm. But now that I have the Pharaoh's blessing and the power of one egyptian god, I feel like I can go back for a rematch. XD
  14. I was having bad episodes in the house. They knew my depression was getting bad, but it wasn't until they decided to kick me out that they thought then it was a good idea to place me in a facility. They knew I had no home to go to, and they knew that losing housing is something that can destroy a person's mind, so they were going to ignore 72 hour eviction laws, and force into a facility that night. Luckily, I was smart enough to figure out their lies. But still lost housing, still lost friends, and now I just really don't want to ever be put in a position where people for months tell me that I deserve this.
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