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  1. //> getting IV work done ./

    For what? Is you gonna be ok?
  2. I got a silver mine for lease

    Que paso?
  3. I got a silver mine for lease

  4. i like my coffee like i like my bourbon

    I personally, try not to get drunk in the morning, maybe stoned...but there is nothing wrong if that's what someone else wants to do.
  5. Finally found hummus that doesn't taste like vomit

    Siracha!!!!! ah cha cha!!!
  6. I'm retiring when my post count hits 2112.

    Then just switch to an alt?
  7. A drug sniffer dog is coming tomorrow

    You better be safe poofy! Don't ask too rudely for the warrant. I did that once and it just made the officer angrier. I know it's now right, but I rather have you safe, I think we all would. <3
  8. Why do women part their hair down the middle?

    I part mine on the side cause I think it looks better. It kinda creates a small shadow hiding my face and that’s what makes me look best lol
  9. i like my coffee like i like my bourbon

    I like my coffee light roast for extra caffeine. 1 to 2 packets of stevia with a lil cream
  10. Wish you the best! I like using mine to whiten and my teeth don’t feel weaker from it.
  11. What does this remind you of?

    Cola with ice in a Red Robin looonnnggg ago. Gotta be over 15 years.
  12. I’m not sure. I have a pretty messed up enamel so I do use whitening pronamel at night. The pronamel isn’t that strong, the charcoal does more for pictures. I always regret not taking the charcoal with me when I travel.
  13. I actually do use it since I drink like 2 cups of coffee and tea during the day. I like how it helps a little to whiten my teeth but I’m still screwed lol
  14. I hardly ever really think about horses.

    resist...the urge...to post berserk pics