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  1. HAPPY BOARDAVERSY BITCH!!! TELL ME WHAT YOU DO FOR A LIVING!!!! jk you aren't a bitch. Thanks for being a cool poster. ❤️
  2. If the yt's get too uncomfortable I just remind people that I am an half breed who is also white so I can make fun of my own people.
  3. jackiemarie90

    Pokémon Go

    Aww it ok, I'll keep sending 'em. XD I missed another friends invite while I was in the shower! I opened it up too but still missed the countdown window. 😂
  4. Dude, I do this at school all the time, the joke is to stare them dead in the eye and say "idk all white people look alike to me" and then just laugh and be like, lol just kidding. >__>
  5. jackiemarie90

    Holy shit

    Watch Dorohedoro on Netflix. XD Actually it really is pretty dam good anime, but people do get turned into mushrooms alot in the short show. XD
  6. I dyed my hair again. Tired of student housing but love the rooftop access we have, gives a good moment to stop and smoke and think about things. Also just love how the sun can give some good angles. XD
  7. Oh it 100 percent is. Like I only know, cause this person warn a lot of people nearby what they what they were planning. But I'm not really close to this person, and in fact they aren't even in the city more, I think they left because they feel guilty about the coming fallout. It just sucks that these people have to put out their histories and risk relationships with friends and family just to stop one man.
  8. Wait, who should be sorry? I didn't say names >__> I didn't out people <__< This whole post is basically just me trying to give context into Lindsay Graham's actions the next couple of weeks. Should I delete further info? >__>
  9. The person I talked is in a much better position than they were back then, and I assume they do not that work anymore. But from what I understand, the most fucked thing for these people is having their parents urge them not to come out with this information. And honestly that's fucking heart breaking. Like he feels the need to do something since it's directly hurting his community, but people are still going to get burned badly by this fallout. I just wish Lindsay Graham can see that at this point, the info is going to get out, it's already out. He has a small window to get on top of it, and not be remembered for being a traitor to his country. Then maybe that would stop the heartbreak for hurtings more.
  10. There may be more, but I do know for sure this one is legit and there are gonna be more people coming out about this person. I wonder what is going to happen to his whole career once the news gets out.
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