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  1. I mean, I would hope they would do some self reflecting about what they say and their actions from now on. A lot of those people were vaccinated, so it really doesn't make you invincible. But man, do I love me some irony. XD
  2. I mean, that's your right. I think people were just trying to look out for my mental health, but they also did other mean things to me before, so I'm kinda reveling in this moment.
  3. There is not much I can do about student housing, but they do comment how I hide in my own room all the time. Looks like my choices saved me in the end. XD
  4. I do need to get back on that, and I keep forgetting to sign up with a new psychiatrist this month. I was seeing a therapist regularly, until she left for a new job. Then when I left cal, I lost my student insurance, and it's been a journey to get my insurance to switch from my old hometown to here. I literally just got it approved this October, but forgot to sign up for it this week.
  5. I mean, I have an AA in History, finishing my bachelors would finish my purpose here in Berkeley. And I reject taking classes online, that's what made things worst. lol But I really do just want to get out of the city, I really am tired of this hippie dippie shit and how the people here really do think they are better than anyone else without actually doing any activist work. Plus being surrounded by nature is suppose to be extremely healing for people with depression, and it's a unique opportunity to explore in our short lives. To be outdoors for 6 months all by myself sounds quite lovely to me.
  6. The computer science portion was hard, but I'm going for the history degree which is normally not that bad, but it's hard to stay focused on even easy work. I'll be back in the fall, I actually plan on leaving my stuff here.
  7. Yeah, it's hard when you see people cheating on their girlfriends, and I'm just constantly reminding myself, "It's none of your business, It's none of your business" To avoid getting reported by people here. XD
  8. I also haven't been in school for a year. XD I'm complaining about the things that bother me, not necessarily talking about things I love. I also haven't watched an anime in a long time cause I just don't have to the same drive to watch it either. A lot of the people in the house make me feel worthless in different ways. I'm also very crazy admittedly, and have been acting out to certain people. >__> And with people reporting me in the house, it makes it really hard to focus on school.
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