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  1. Yup awhile ago. I lovee the long conversations and jamming out to music. 😁
  2. I love long car rides lol! I’m jelly. Lol But sleeping sounds good. Hope it’s a good journey.
  3. I think so! Lol also not to sounds ignorant but is there a big game going on? >.> I don’t have tix but def could stop by.
  4. I think I was in the same room as Scoob once in anime expo for the toonami panel but we both didn’t talk about it until afterwards. Lol
  5. Cause I’m at school doin me a learnin
  6. My heater has two settings, low and high. I usually use low setting plus the dorms have a huge central heating unit.
  7. You're that good kind of drunk. I'm jelly. lol
  8. I have enough alcohol to get buzzed. lol But still doing the studying lol
  9. That does make it harder to get weed. Well I still hope you do well on your sobriety for a small while. ❤️
  10. Well I’m gonna be back in it afterwards.
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