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  1. jackiemarie90


    Me too its 9pm and I wanna sleep
  2. *over analyzes this post whilist lurking*
  3. I’m gonna do more than that. This is gonna be a performance. There is gonna be foreplay that not even the most lewd of fan fictions can fathom. Then afterwards we are smoke more weed and get breakfast. 😉😘
  4. Just finish chap 326 of Seven Deadly Sins and it was everything I wanted, and I hope there is more to come. I also wanna throw in a prediction for the next chapter I had a while ago about Escanor.
  5. Something stronger but in similar taste. They offer it every year at the SF Oktoberfest, which is needed after sausages, pretzels and schinzel. lol
  6. Some kind of German digestive shot that was like really hella alcohol shot. lol
  7. Isn't he on a honeymoon, or like living the newlywed life. lol
  8. Could be, my eczema always acts up when I’m way more stressed than normal.
  9. I did and I got some extra eggs and veggies. Now I'm making more coffee back in my room. lol
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