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  1. I always laugh at the part where Matt Damon breaks down because of the family parody. đŸ˜…
  2. Yipee!! Turkey sandwiches for lunch
  3. Let’s take over these capitalist overlords
  4. Feeling like isolating myself again. lol
  5. I'm trying to go by the 80/20 rule lol
  6. Like your chin and other parts? Normally I get my eyebrows and upper lip done, but I'm trying to save money right nao. lol
  7. I mean they're might be more stories about him, but like, I'm not gonna pursue and actually am gonna start distancing myself like I always do everyone in my life. lol Idk, I need to focus on me.
  8. I think January 11 or something 2009 lol
  9. Oh I know your alignment. lol I have my own way of viewing things, I'm an analytical historian in the social sciences. lol I think people think I romantize things when really I just try to find the humanity in everyone. It may lead me to give people chances that others don't deem worthy, but also I am no fool. I don't fall for people's bs, I simply let them spout it, and hope they reflect later on. Also the irony thing was slightly unrelated. XD
  10. There is so much irony going on here, and I not even gonna explain it. đŸ¤£
  11. Thanks, I couldn't help but think it took a lot of work and therapy to get me to this head space that I am now. I'm completely a different person, mentally, than I was a dork in high school. After thinking, "He doesn't like you" I automatically thought, "No one likes you, who would" and caught myself. I immediately told myself, "That's not true, love yourself, respect yourself, do it for you". I know a lot of people suffer from depression, and it's hard to get out of our own negativity. But it isn't impossible either. With work, I think we can do a lot for ourselves mentally. But idk. I'mma do me.
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