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  1. Living in student housing with a bunch of horny 20 something’s made me realized I actually don’t care for sex the same way others do. I’m on the asexual spectrum, but not sex repulsed. I’d say I’m more sexual neutral. I have it, just don’t get much pleasure from the thought or action, so I dont engage in it often.
  2. My asexual ass would actually prefer this outcome. But these 20 something’s have a lot of feeeEEELLLINGS. And I just want everyone to be happy.
  3. LOL so that house I got kicked out of....I'm still involved in their drama. One of the things that drove me crazy in the house, was the unhealthy polyamorous relationships going on. I wanted to be most people's friend, no matter what. But my naiveté didn't consider that me being friends with a lot of people didn't sit well with others I was friends with. So when I was talking about relationships in the house, I let it slip that I knew that one of my friends, let's call her pajama pants girl, who was super attached to a guy who I once called red pants guy. To the point she was highly possessive of him, and would get mad at any girl who was friendly with him. She thought I was a threat once, but I became friends with her. But what she didn't know, that her best friend and him were actually sleeping together. They knew to keep it secret from her. But since my old student room was close by, I did know. On top of this, I consider red pants guy to be a really good friend of mine too, in fact he became my friend first, but when I learned he was polyamorous, I figured I let him do his thing and we would just be happy weeb friends. I figured it was ok for polyamorous people to sleep around, pajama pants girl did the same behind his back. But another friend, lets call him fashion pants, didn't like their friend group. And when they found this info, they decided to spread the information, to cause trouble to her best friend. What is upsetting, is that this information, of course, really hurts pajama pants girl, and she doesn't even want to consider that the info could be true. She loves her best friend and this guy so much. She has an unhealthy attachment to this guy, and I wish she didn't. But she also has borderline personality disorder, which makes her susceptible to doing that anyway. Now people are talking about that drama, and of course, my friend pajama pants girl feels humiliated by it. Honestly, I'm crying about it right now. Because all these secrets and her not wanting to hear the truth is just heartbreaking. I love pajama pants girl, and this guy, and I wouldn't want them to be sad. I hate this, I hate that my loud mouth released this information, and now fashion pants guy feels bad. But it's just an awlful situation. And now they are going to show up at my birthday tomorrow knowing this. I just hope nothing bad happens. College drama sucks. 😔
  4. The cow could die disease, or falling to prey in the wild. As a farmer, killing the cow wouldn't be as bad because I know the meat and skin would go to good use that would be better for the environment, I just don't know anything about cutting meat and would need a butcher. lol
  5. I'mma alive!! The gods would not stop me, now I am humanity's problem! XD
  6. lol tried too, had a layover in Saudi Arabia. Missed my connecting flight, then faced trouble from Saudi's saying I didn't have the right paperwork to go to Thailand, so I went to Istanbul, Turkey afterwards. Then spent some time in Mexico, and now back in Oakland. XD
  7. I mean how is that different than people talking shit about me to my face in english. At least I don't have to hear it. lol
  8. They gave $4000 because they felt bad that I had no where to live, so I ran away on this trip. But it may not have been the best move mentally. Cause they still love the people who did the actions that got me kicked out. Feels like they paid me to leave
  9. The truth multiple people keep telling that I don't want to accept
  10. This seems highly accurate from what I have seen from Egypt.
  11. lol had another mental breakdown and heading towards Bangkok, Thailand. XD luuuuulzz
  12. Yeah one of the first things I read was doing backpacking trips in Egypt was a big no-no because of the activity going on with the Libyan border. I actually did run into some not so fun activity here in Luxor and I hate this town cause it feels like it really tries to trap tourists here. Actually having another mental breakdown now and gonna head toward Thailand instead of Greece.
  13. I fell fo it. ha ha
  14. Bitch my breakdowns got me banned from fucking housing and lost so many fucking friends. They talked shit about me for weeks to 100s of people!! I don't even have a place to live in the U.S. anymore I fucking hate my fucking breakdowns. *laugh cries*
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