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  1. meo


    I decided to try to level one...reached my pug tolerance threshold in a hour. You all deal with a lot of stupid. Props to you guys.
  2. meo

    For the record

    It's booty you took away my custom that luuv restored from lithium and now you want my monies for it.
  3. meo


    must like having high blood pressure. Or maybe... they have no emotions. Plot twist.
  4. So I'm here to start the time outs. By time out I mean citations... Please pay me 100 dollar. Or I take hedgehogs.
  5. Das right, imma do what an otter gotta do.
  6. Anatomy with cadavers. Thanks all!
  7. Or like...get drunk in my honor or something. Cuz I can't...so yeah. Cool. Good looking out. Alsolongtimenoseebyenowplaynicedonttouchquestionablethingskthxx.
  8. meo

    Monster Hunter World

    I'm poor. I'll play with you in spirit.
  9. meo

    I got 99 problems

    Fair enough. Sounds like you know your preferences and what you enjoy. Nothing wrong with that. I don't really know much about learning an instrument. I had a really awful instructor when I was younger and his attitude turned me away from wanting to learn. Maybe I'll try one day. Though I guess I kind of rather put more focus into drawing again atm and painting...and spinning clay. <3
  10. Watch Dark. It was interesting.
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