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  1. Wonder Egg Priority, Non Non Biyori 3, Otherside Picnic, Dr. Ramune (Yatogame-chan 2, Beastars 2 for sequels)... am i the only one enjoying winter quite a bit? havent enjoyed this season in years.
  2. I Haven't Told the Teacher Yet
  3. Vlad Love 1 - i forgot winter season was a thing. school vampire anime but its so refreshing..i think its a combination of the two female leads, art style, good comedy, and hearing Romi Park's voice acting again.
  4. Black & White 6 - well. these ladies will be using only one of those bedrooms. Mitarai-ke, Enjou suru 14 Harmful Designated Classmate 10-11 - i call this chapter, Ode to Nina:
  5. Nettaigyou 31 - aw its sad to know that this could be the authors last work..and apparently i misunderstood about the story not coming out as she intended it to comment..this was how she wanted it, but she didnt want to have to rewrite things if it got an anime adaptation. still makes me curious about what she couldve done with other projects if she had planned to write more. but as long as shes happy..hope she gets to be happy back home if she ends up moving like she thinks she will. judging by how she wrote the countryside setting into the manga, she loves it <3.
  6. ^i was hoping the same thing with the grave scene haha. im just gonna assume its her fathers grave. i love seeing how versatile moroha is whenever shes fighting. that is all.
  7. this and this. very much so, yes.
  8. yea its good. i dont remember this feeling like a conventional harem, maybe because of the lack of ecchi, but its been years. still need to read the rest of it.
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