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  1. this. including all the other ones on my list -_-.
  2. Nagoya, a Business Trip, and a Lovers' Talk
  3. The Wandering of Girls' Group No. 7
  4. just in time: +1: Soul Eater Miami Guns DRR!! Phantom Ghost Stories -1: Pumpkin Scissors Kaze no Stigma Battle Athletes Rideback Shana (only because i apparently hated S3 when i watched it all those years ago--but i guess this is assuming you'll make it that far..S1-2 i enjoyed)
  5. My Favorite Pop Idol 4-9 - dude this anime is priceless. Eri's family subtly/jokingly shitting on her for being a degenerate otaku was a highlight.
  6. Shadows House 46 - it is CRIMINAL that this guys work hasnt been animated yet. criminal. this author and Abe Youichi are some of the two most creative authors in the game. Aishitemasu, Kyouko-san 4 Koshigawa-san is a Carnivore 3 Picture of Tears 4 The Year We Turned 29 24
  7. Spy x Family 24 - how do you cut potatoes like this lol.
  8. Smile Down the Runway 11 - chiyuki walking that runway like a queen.
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