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  1. sad. hope they can recover smoothly.
  2. if theres one thing i didnt expect going into this anime season, it was to learn something i could apply to my every day life. i totally do dynamic stretches instead of regular ones before going to the gym now thanks to Dumbbell. i fully endorse this show.
  3. Futari Monologue 9-24 High School Girls 30 - i wish this would never end. this is that project that you can read/watch when youre in any mood and makes you forget about everything else. Yuki and the Authoress 10 - *grabs pen* Sounan desu ka? 14-16
  4. Futari Monologue 1-7 Maya-san no Yofukashi 5
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    The NBA Thread

    ahh no wonder then. a few analysts are saying the same thing about d'antoni..some think the duo will be fine, but that d'antonis coaching style wont suit them. looking forward to the outcome.
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    The NBA Thread

    im just now finding out about all this drama. and here i was thinking they were cool all this time but yea thats where my head is at...how do they share the ball..how do the others get the ball...but then the west/harden duo wasnt terrible in okc if i recall correctly. idk. guess we'll see. if im looking forward to anything this season, its to the increased amount of teams i get to watch this time around. TNT shenanigans should be great too.
  7. Araburu 2 - do not sleep on this anime. thats all im gonna say. Fire Force 2 - the narrow eyes, the pointy teeth, his obsession with crosses...ookubo atsushis art style is sick. Dumbbell 2
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    The NBA Thread

    ok--glad kawaii said fuck lebron. russell westbrook traded to the rockets for chris paul. i know they were talking about this..but youve gotta be kidding me. no way. really? im not even sure what to think...can someone inform me..is this good for rockets? bad? was CP3 really a liability? will harden and westbrook mesh well--again (i forget how they played on okc, honestly)? i await yalls posts. i wish there was an @everyone tag so i could alert people who frequent this thread.
  9. well my small collection of shows all turned out pretty well going by first eps actually. pretty proud. i caved and gave the firefighter show a try since its from the soul eater author and all. wasnt dissapointed. came out in love with a girl named Maki. for those of you who may be on the fence about Araburu...i say try it. i enjoyed it the most out of all of these. good comedy, and the characters seem nice at a glance. seems like it could be promising down the road. anyone else have a favorite first episode from their list of shows?
  10. i actually just read that there will be 64ish episodes? havent confirmed that comment though. also. peak fruits basket. oh and lets not forget this one since i just caught up:
  11. i havent paid too much attention to directors but i probably should. lots of good work out there. satoshi is definitely up there for me since i loved perfect blue so so much..youve got me thinking about when i saw it in theaters last year..loved seeing it again. my favorite director is probably ikuhara, or shinobu akiyuki + itamura tomoyuki who worked on the monogatari series..all three of these guys have such a god tier eye for style and cinematography. perhaps ikuhara has a slight edge for me since i love his ideas so much.
  12. cidz is a national treasure honestly.
  13. @scope my plan was to read the manga first before jumping into the anime? you know im a manga whore. but if you end up watching it and its a pretty good adaptation, let me know and ill check it out. nice avatar btw.
  14. yea. its turning out pretty well.
  15. damn. i cant tell you how many times i read "transported to another world.." Will probably watch: Joshikousei depending on how funny it is, and definitely Sounan..the manga gives me some laughs, so im curious to see it animated. Maybe: Dumbbell (lol) Dr. Stone Araburu (could be funny) Kanata no Astra well. could be another quiet season for me.
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