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  1. wow thats my girlfriend at the bottom.
  2. Hidden

    The NBA Thread

    Paul "Brittle" George. holy fuck.
  3. A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow 26 - thank god. theyre good now...but whats next? im genuinely curious about the route these two pick... Spy x Family 21
  4. Smile Down the Runway 5 - chiyuki is such a bad bitch. Case Closed 574 Yatogame-chan 4-6
  5. Monkey Peak 16 Shadows House 35 Maya-san 13
  6. Hidden

    The NBA Thread

    9 seconds im fucking dooooone.
  7. Hidden

    The NBA Thread

    ok dame. knicks trade marcus morris?....he was pretty key. can we even trust management to do something good with this future draft pick? find out next time.
  8. almost looks like she belongs in Species. that snake just needs to be a tentacle.
  9. Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! i love this shot so hard.
  10. Eizouken 4-5 - that movie was sick. Natsunagu 4-5 Case Closed 572
  11. Smile Down the Runway 3 - yes yes keep it coming.
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