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  1. I love you, so i kill you: Last 22[End]
  2. Liar Satsuki 4 Umiiro March 24 - sango just cant keep her hands off her. *sips*
  3. Maiko-san 40-62 Machikado Mazoku 7-8
  4. poor momoe is a goddamn lady killer.
  5. Maiko-san Chi no Makanai-san 27-? one of the best running SoL right now. cozy stuff. if you want cozy + are interested in stories that cover life as a geisha (the manga is about a caterer at a geisha house as well---who is the MC) then this is worth checking out. anime starts next month too.
  6. Hidden

    The NBA Thread

    idk what it is but im just not in the mood for ball maybe its the covid schedule. i am keeping up with inside the nba tho. im enjoying the games in highlight form for now.
  7. this show is fucking tight also, ikuhara created this in a different universe.
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