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    The NBA Thread

    lmao. embarrassing. i saw the box score at the start of the 4th and told myself they deserved to lose. they disrespected the nuggets more than a couple times in a few of those games, like leaving them open at the 3...they threw. and the roleplayers couldnt score enough for the second game in a row---and in a game where kawhi and PG were off...gg. id hope the nuggets could surprise us again by beating the lakers, but they have to be gassed now, and the lakers are too rested.
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    The NBA Thread

    this lol. ive said that to myself about kawhi so many times. hes just not the type of player to have some 60 point game that will carry the whole squad--not that he cant carry of course, but yea. the roleplayers need to deliver SOMETHING. i mean 2 fucking points? thats crazy. they need to win tonight..they need to. we cant have denver be entertainment theives. im hoping the nuggets have one of their shittier games as they seem to be an inconsistent team..but if they dont, clippers better bring it.
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    The NBA Thread

    im done with the clippers man lol. look at tonights stat sheet..say it all. i mean--the starting and substitute centers had 2 and 5 points respectively lol. bout to make this a boring cakewalk for LA if they lose on tuesday.
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    The NBA Thread

    harden with 21 points or w/e he had is just not good enough. giannis going to another east team is just hilarious lol. what are honestly the options at this point? nets maybe? im kinda surprised raptors took this to 7, but im glad they did. they had to make this interesting--'cause they were getting their backs blown out.
  5. miss u too homie. hope all is well.
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    The NBA Thread

    why cant the bucks beat miami lol.
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    The NBA Thread

    dude the refs are on some shit. its official.
  8. //>the best part of this thread is that wagz still exists and is posting through ps4/
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    The NBA Thread

    thank christ. i think harden has now absolved himself from all comments about his lack of defense after that play
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    The NBA Thread

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