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  1. This Love That Won't Reach 27 - ....fucking snake BITCH. The Year We Turned 29 12
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    legosi aged 50 fucking years after that comment.
  3. this mangas cover pages have been amazing lately.
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    its a small animal fetish, or its food.
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    The NBA Thread

    "Victoria's a secret down there. They only got those big ol bloomers down in San Antonio." - Charles Barkley
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    The NBA Thread

    ^yup. 3 months? jesus. draymond....lol. so many people putting him on the spot now.
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    The NBA Thread

    man. watching houston fall apart near the end of their game vs brooklyn by just REFUSING to close the gap by going for easy 2's = missed 3. miss another 3. harden throws up a lazy 3. chuck a 3. theres another 3--brick. heres another--backboard.
  8. Franken Fran Frantic 2 Wandering of Girls' Group No. 7 39-42
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    The NBA Thread

    ^yea forgot about those missed games. there was some comment about lakers not being where they need to be conditioning wise that got me saying what? i feel like being NBA ready at the start of the season for those group of guys should be second nature by now. knicks kinda got slapped around by the spurs yesterday but this Barret guy is looking good.
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    The NBA Thread

    yea i personally thought the clippers (espec. kawhi) was the reason why lebron couldve looked..not as effective? kenny said the same. i just know some people were talking about lebrons age which i was skeptical about because..he hasnt really shown signs of wear and tear to me.
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