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  1. In a mood these last couple of days....
  2. Happy birthday! Why did I think your birthday was Halloween?
  3. Kpop song stuck in my head all weekend. "Black Suit" - Super Junior 😧
  4. I have to think really hard when talking about Bill Paxton or Bill Pullman. Jeff Daniels and Jeff Bridges too. *shrug*
  5. Some cartoon message board that started in 2003. Probably doesn't exist anymore.
  6. This should be perfect to fall asleep to on a Saturday night! Delighted to see it coming back to adult swim.
  7. 10. Finding Nemo 28. Up! 34. Groundhog's Day? 49. Gorillas in the Mist
  8. Looks to be super cute. Won't be getting it on release, but still excited for new Animal Crossing stuff.
  9. I think about this song a lot. (And this song)
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