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  1. Did unicorns poop that out
  2. Shippuden Discussion Episode Title: Rift Kiretsu 亀裂
  3. Yes very bad timing for this pick even if the deal was struck before the announcement but I like it, honestly this one interested me more then Dr. Stone. But a solid pick if it wasn't for the Kyoto anime tragedy, this whole thread would be a a whole lot different
  4. I never post there and even if I did I wouldn't.
  5. StarPanda

    PokΓ©mon Go

    Awesome blue thanks
  6. StarPanda

    PokΓ©mon Go

    Thats cool no worries
  7. StarPanda

    PokΓ©mon Go

    Dope send you all a friend request I'm under SatoshiCruz so dont freak out and be like who's this random person
  8. RIP to all those people and condolences to their families. Love Kyoto animation man. Its gonna be hard and while for them to recover
  9. Cali has been having that weather for like 3 weeks now, send cold
  10. Snitches get stitches Seriously tho should have just told him to his face not to do that in front of you and be done with it. Or just walk away when he tells you, different ways of avoiding it. He will see you are not Interested in girls body parts and leave you alone
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