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  1. GOT final ep poll

    Westworld Season 1 is worth a watch man, if you ever get to it
  2. GOT final ep poll

    HBO releasing all their trailers so that people dont cancel their subscriptions
  3. NHL 18-19. Yes, Hockey is a sport.

    Bruins swept, yeah i know a couple of days ago but Hot dam Stanley cup champs, blues and sharks are beating then crap of each other while Boston rest
  4. The NBA Thread

    Without a doubt he is they guy can turn it up on offense very quietly not as flashy. He can also lock you down on defense the dude is a complete player once he gets it going
  5. The NBA Thread

    The warriors hot dam they are pretty good right. It's like they never needed KD or Cousins The Raptors pulled of a gutsy win but will still loose. They struggle so bad when Kawahi doesn't have the ball plus he might be hurt or not 100% next game.
  6. Game of Thrones Season 8 Discussion (spoilers)

    However this season cinematography and shooting were great. We got some good shots and overall great scenes.
  7. Game of Thrones Season 8 Discussion (spoilers)

    You know what we can ramble about this and that and the bad writing rushed ending but I guess this is the best they could give and I'm ok with it sort of. I mean I had no high hope's of how it was going to end just the way the season went i just accepted what was coming. John should have died or been king. Lol bran the broken. Sansa became queen of something. Arya well shes gonna Christopher Columbus her way to new land. Most importan my boy Ghost got a good boy pet by John.
  8. Hey, guys. Listen up.

    Dont tell me what to do
  9. Can't find my college diploma anywhere

    Time to go back to high school
  10. Somebody shoot me.

  11. Might be gone tomorrow

    Finally got caught sipping on the juice