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Square Pizza VS Round Pizza


Square VS Round Pizza  

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  1. 1. Which tastes better?

    • Round Pizza
    • Square Pizza
    • Scalene Triangle Pizza

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Meh, I've had some pretty nasty tasting round pizzas. I forget which one it was that I swear I could taste cinnamon in the crust and that was not acceptable. 

And I've only had Tortino's which are now square. It's Tortino's so I have the merest interest in it being food and so far it's delivered. 

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59 minutes ago, stilgar said:

What are we talking here? Sicilian? Detroit? Tomato Pie? Or are you talking regular pizza dough shaped differently? Because than it don't fucking matter.

We're discussing which shape taste better.

This is serious business.

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31 minutes ago, stilgar said:

Shape makes no difference if it is cooked the same.

Blasphemy.  Next you're going to tell me that making more cuts to get more slices doesn't equal more pizza.
Because everyone knows 12 slices is more than 8.  Basic maths.

Follow up question: 

What color drink do you think tastes the best?
I personally like the taste of blue.

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4 hours ago, PhilosipherStoned said:

I like round pizza cut into triangles so Idk.. but on second thought. Homemade pizza I do like squares. That means you get pieces with no crust and those are the best. 

I've never had issue with eating crust but I'm also not a particularly picky eater.
I also like those air pockets that sometimes appear on crusts.  Don't know why.

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8 hours ago, Ric said:

Is that Beggar's Pizza? Looks like it.

I just copy pasted a pic after googling "chicago tavern style pizza".  It came from a Sun-Times "Best Pizza in Chicago" article, but I'm not a subscriber, so I don't know the venue.

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