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  1. I'm going through it just like that but it has a good bit of the sides of my torso covered and a bit on my arms. My legs were bad but have majorly cleared up. I'm on the last of the prescriptions I have from living up north, which I use on the worst spots, and the rest gets Gold Bond... which has been doing well. This flare-up is the worst manageable, fastest spread, and most painful I have ever had.
  2. Yeah, what seems to at least alleviate pain is Teatree, which I use on my scalp
  3. Yes and no. Since I moved from New England, my skin was very manageable and even cleared up a bunch up until this weekend.
  4. I have had a lot of sad go on lately
  5. I had a day of 71 and things sprouted, and it dropped down to 37, and now my skin is borderline unbearable when I am outside. I took an hour nap today because I was so worn out from pain
  6. I move around too much for blankets to work
  7. I came here to suggest this channel, as I had just discovered it. I want to try some of the stuff he makes
  8. My furnace just ran out of heating oil. I'm keeping the tank low/empty though, because I want to rip it out and pop in a propane unit. At least I have a propane fireplace :3
  9. I try to, but once I watch a video it should then remove said video and it does not, which gets annoying.
  10. As long as the roof and stuff held up. I helped put the roof on this house on Christmas weekend and... well yeah its a roof it's made for snow.
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