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  1. I dunno, I only talk to a handful of people from the old boards nowadays
  2. Both made it just fine! And even did all 426 miles on one tank of gas... (The RV used 3/4 tank actually)
  3. I'll be 20 mins from this, on a bad traffic day
  4. Golden ankles are worth their weight in copper.
  5. It's a highway queen... it just wants to glide along. But yeah it's not too hard to judge and all that. Just have to pay a little extra attention.
  6. The RV has been all over the eastern side of the US though XD
  7. 36 miles on "nothing but 4 tires and a fuel pump". I have since given it a full tune-up, 4 more tires (all 8 are brand used up to date tires now), another new fuel pump because the first one was a dud, oil change, and I've thoroughly gone over the brakes. Other than that no other mechanical work. Nope, if the vehicle is registered as a "recreational vehicle" and doesn't have air brakes, anyone can drive it. All 17,000 pound, 36 feet of it.
  8. 90,000 mile RV that sat 5 years and 212,000 mile Jeep that is pushed to every limit and then some, on occasion. 380 miles. Which shitbox will break down first? (The Jeep has done this trip... a lot of times towing and/or had been taken on complicated off-roading trails. 4 times a year minimum for 5 years.)
  9. Honestly I forgot about Boost Mobile
  10. Maybe at some point.
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