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  1. Hey. I think I should ban you again.
  2. Kind of hard to do that when you have people giving pointless replies.
  3. It's called a dad bod and it happened after narcotics ended.
  4. If I decide to put cheese on my chili, I won't turn down sour cream. Otherwise nope.
  5. Sometimes the hard times spent with people who are close really drives home how close those people may be, and how much they mean to one another. So I totally get that. In the past when me and other friends got away from being on the edge or in and out of those rough times, when things seemed to become better for both of us, we began to drift apart... not talk as much, etc. It's a bittersweet thing.
  6. Dude I have an iron liver... You want proof join that Discord and hop in chats every night
  7. Pussy. I have never had a hangover.
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