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  1. Every 2 years I tweak the negative post with a big ass channel lock... which breaks that cell, so then I can warranty it out. Perpetual free batteries
  2. Jesus fuck. For future reference, if a starter decides to ass out, you can usually lightly rap on it with a hammer and it'll "un-stick" itself. At least it would be enough to drive it to where you can have it repaired and save you that tow bill.
  3. Could be worse. It could be cum. Actually that's better, come to think of it
  4. I don't think i have ever spent even close to $1000 in one go on car repair or maintenance. Excluding tires.
  5. She came from a family of Italian foods. Her mother is Latte. Father, Cannoli. Their house siblings are Meatball (the eldest), (Mama) Mia, Gelato, Pesto. The friends who accidentally ended up with these puppies also gave one to a family member, and his name is Anchovy. She already had a Rigatoni. We have a problem
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