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  1. I'm gifting you another baby for your bday. If you don't accept it, I'm filing for child support. CONGRATULATIONS @Raptorpat
  2. satan is apart of lucifer and they can still battle to death
  3. Industrial, grindcore, ambient, dungeon synth, experimental rap, and old midwest emo lately uwu This just came on https://open.spotify.com/track/2R378Nr0K8YUbIbwHP2Rj0?si=aaa8c51499374d9e
  4. back a million years ago i use to have a gag with you about sharp characters (cacti, hedgehogs, etc) and balloons, im sure you hardly remember but thats okay...XD
  5. im not particularly a fan, my partner chose it and i just went along with it. ended up not being that bad, especially with with ice cream.
  6. ended up eating strawberry cake with cinnamon ice cream c'est magnifique
  7. brie *chef kiss* Honestly thinking about pizza even though I'm waiting on groceries to be delivered to me at this very moment.
  8. i only said it for the shitpost but hi viper lol
  9. think of the possibilities chili dogs
  10. I love the smell and feel of real books, the tangibility works well and powers my desire to read. However I do a lot of audiobooks for things I'm trying to learn, like philosophy or ancient texts. I get pdf versions of books for back up if I can't bring a book somewhere or if I'm searching to cite something quickly. It's easier to control+f than manually search for something when doing research.
  11. im here for the wet tshirt contest
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