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the rules of unevenedge fight club


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rule 1. don't talk about anime during fight club. no, not even martial arts anime.

this is fight club not otaku club, you bunch of fucking weebs.

rule 2. everyone must have health insurance. seriously, this shit is dangerous and we can't afford to pay to have someone's foot surgically reattached every goddamn week. 

I'm looking at you, steve. 😐

rule 3. see rule 4.

rule 4. there is no rule 4, dumbass. seriously, how long have you been here?

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28 minutes ago, empty said:

Big anime tiddies

Fine. We can make an exception for tiddies, but can we please try to frame the discussion within some kind of context that’s relevant to fight club?

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1 minute ago, PhilosipherStoned said:

I was told there would be refreshments. Worst pregame ever..

Yeah we have kind of a limited budget. Help yourself to the “kool aid” though.


It’s not really kool aid.


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30 minutes ago, Dark_Cloud_Overhead said:

Do throwing knives count as melee weapons? And license?


Throwing knives count unless being guided by the aforementioned psychic powers. Unless, of course you have a permit.

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