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  1. Why do they run all the food ads at 1 in the morning when they're all closed?
  2. So when did TMC become a subscription channel? Or is that unique to Comcast scraping for scratch to stay afloat?
  3. "You're like a Transformer!" I also love that the spider talking about opening a hair salon has a face on her butt: And the lyrics to the songs are just the best. "Look at dis butt. I know ya can't help it. Waitin' in line to see a butt like mine, feel helpless. This butt don't sweat, but it can knit you a sweater. You ain' never gonna see a better sweater-weather sweater than a butt-knit sweater. Happy time! I know you see this hiney! It's such a shiny hiney! Arms are loose. Knees are bending. Peacock straight up like the needle of a compass on a South Pole penguin. My body shakes. Knees start shakin'. I got gristle in the middle but the back's all stacked like fatback bacon!" "I spell 'ostrich' with a capital D. You gotta pay for the 'O' because the D ain't free! <that don' make sense>" "This puffin got some stuffin' for yo puffin muffin. <You're so good at rhyming!" "This booby cutie got a cute booty, let's take it off like we're on eraser duty. Wanna see boobies, like we're in a B movie." Fucking brilliant.
  4. Yeah, the pink Randy Rainbows seem to be popular now. Two pairs at a time double your reading prowess! Just avoid Barr's Harry Potter tortoise-shells.
  5. I hear ya. Well, just keep it in mind to ask about the next time you need to go in for something more pressing, and don't put it off forever. Especially since you have money and coverage now. That will probably change if Twittler and his Rethuglicans stay in power. I'm mostly English (see practically the entire royal family), Scots and German. Being female, I don't have to worry about the nose thing, but I recently read that 30% of women with rosacea end up suffering from hair loss too, so yay oh boy. My dad had pattern baldness and my mom's got so thin she wore a wig. When mine all falls out, I think I'll just let people assume I'm undergoing chemo...
  6. More likely rosacea, which can be triggered by sun damage as well as genetics (British isles and northern European especially). Which I recently learned is one of the things fucking up my eyes (don't know why none of my other eye doctors figured that out. Probably because they weren't listening to any of my complaints), so you might want to get that checked out. It'll just get worse as you get older, and since you're a guy you could end up with W.C. Fields nose if you leave it alone.
  7. Oh man, how did I forget to list Laura Nyro? ::lists Laura Nyro::
  8. (English lyrics at top)
  9. That's a hard question! Their music changes so much over the years. I guess Wheatfield Soul is a good place to start, since that's the album Cummings was the lead without Chad Allan. It's got "These Eyes" on it, and some kinda off-the-wall stuff, but I think might favorite song on that album is "Lightfoot." About Gordon Lightfoot. Really nice guitar work on it. The album has a bunch of super mellow pop songs, but others that sound like Cream, with their weird chord progressions, or The Doors, with the moody tone, or even The Beatles with odd little stories (like "Maple Fudge"). Lots of other influences too. But Cummings voice is worth listening to through all of them, even if you find the song weird. Canned Wheat is more like their style in "American Woman," with stuff like "Undun" and "No Time" (also on American Woman), which I'm sure you've heard. Even though Share the Land did really well for them, I think they started going downhill a little after American Woman, since Randy Bachman also moved on after that album. But again, I mostly listen to them for Cumming's vocals, so ymmv as to the music.
  10. Nobody's stopping him from saying it. He doesn't want to say it, he wants to say it without being called a racist, and that's not going to happen (until Twittler has jailed, killed and/or deported everyone who would call him out for saying it).
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