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  1. Man, you and Bucket. smh I'm sorry, but I wouldn't do either of you if you had a ten foot pole. Time to let go of these hopeless fantasies and move on.
  2. Thanks. So these were sent out before the Supremes ruled and Trump finally backed down? I would think they would have had to have been printed prior to that conclusion. I'd just not answer it and cite the Supreme court ruling and the lower court outcome. If they want to come have a talk with me after that, fine. If I were here illegally, I'd just check yep, born in the USA, and hope they don't cross check anything.
  3. I don't think it's so much time travel per se, but that all Eldians that ever lived are linked, like in the graphic showing all the rivers of being flowing back to Ymir, or like the Force, and that shared link is usually only active when asleep or when touching. When Eren first woke up the first thing he said was, "Who am I?" because he wasn't dreaming of a past history, he was experiencing it first hand on the astral. So when the Owl mentioned Mikasa and Armin, he was experiencing Eren's thoughts for a moment. This is also why Ymir wrote her letter in blood, so that when Historia touched it, they'd be connected, and why Eren touching Grisha's Titan wife had the same effect. Just my take on it. Fun fact: In Norse mythology, Ymir was the first Jötunn (who were not frost giants (that's a Marvel thing), though most of them were definitely giants). He slept all his life until Odin and his brothers came and killed him and used the pieces of his body to build the earth. Not entirely unlike the Titans in the walls... I kinda feel like the connection among all the Eldians sort of harks back to Yggdrasil, the World Tree that connects the Nine Worlds (or the Nine Titans?). Jotuns for beginners.
  4. "while there would be a mix of light-skinned and dark-skinned black contestants, the white team would be strictly blonds." So an all Fox-News-anchor team?
  5. Back atcha. I gave a quick and easy example, rather than waste my time and yours picking through the audiences of his rallies and trying to do a demographic survey of it. That one woman I saw on tv that one time doesn't inform the whole of my sense that among white Americans, racists are the majority. They don't admit to it in polls because they know it's bad, but it just kinda slips out when you put them under the least stress. The Harvard youth poll doesn't break anything down by race except how people felt about Kavenaugh. It also said that a whopping 40% of them said, "Oh yeah, for sure gonna vote in November." Come November about 20% of those were awol. So forgive me if I don't trust that the polls necessarily indicate a grand shift toward non-racist liberalism among our yutes. Even if it does, if only 31 fucking percent of them bother to vote, who cares what they think? Most of them are going to change their minds to what their parents believe anyway. The immigration poll likewise doesn't hearten me. "Immigration has also emerged as a top policy concern among Americans... "When Pew asked that same question in January 2017, immigration was cited less often than health care, the economy, unemployment, race relations and Donald J. Trump, then the president-elect. "Gallup found similar results: The share of Americans who said immigration was the top problem facing the country rose to 14 percent in June, from 10 percent the month before." This was 2018 (comparing Jan17 to Jun18 and May to Jun, I think), so if people are that concerned about immigration that the percentage changes that much in one month, and even more over a year, who knows what it is now? And why are they so concerned about it as an issue (most oppose family separation, but that's a different thing) over other things like health care and war? The article doesn't tell me anything about that, or the demographic breakdown of who's so worried about immigration, other than by party. So yeah, not seeing the reams of data that would calm my tits, or convince me that white people have had some Great Awakening and repentance toward those who are not white (unless they know them personally and can make a "one of the good ones" exception). And it's not just about Trump and the 4 Horsewomen of the Apocalypse, or immigration. It's about middle class white people calling the cops on black people who are just living while black. And racist cops. And all the racist white Republicans in Congress and the judges they're installing on the bench. They ain't all oldsters either.
  6. The mistake that led to the rise of the alt-right (whose leaders and the majority of their followers world-wide are in their 20s-40s) was to imagine that the same views would not recur in a new generation. And yet, here we are. That woman chanting in the "send her back" video isn't a boomer. I don't know why you're under the impression that once the boomers all die off, life will be rosy, but I guarantee you're going to be sorely disappointed. Even basic, garden-variety racists aren't in the minority, though possibly most can keep it under control and remain in denial as long as they can stay in their segregated bubbles where they're still the majority.
  7. Not surprising, since they update at different times and it took 5 hours to put out the fire, so police were still finding bodies (which in Japan can't be officially called "dead" until a doctor says so). Looks like 33 is the final toll (12 men, 20 women, and 1 unknown ::shudder::), unless some of the more severely injured die, which could easily happen, though I hope not. I have to say I'm dreading finding out who was lost.
  8. Especially note who said that. Guess he thinks he's the only party?
  9. I hear pipe bombs are useful against Terminators. That could be considered a commercial application, I guess.
  10. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-07-17/fire-breaks-out-in-kyoto-animation-1st-studio-building/.149097 https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2019-07-18/police-16-people-confirmed-dead-in-kyoto-animation-fire/.149102 "Kyoto Animation's 1st Studio building is located near Rokujizō Station in Uji City in Kyoto. Most of the studio's main line production takes place inside the building. The company also has a head office, a 2nd Studio building, a Tokyo Office, and the Animation DO building in other locations."
  11. They caught him at the scene. Only ID on him so far is he's 41, no motive yet. He's one of the injured. I think there's still about 30 people unaccounted for. Hopefully they were all taking an early lunch.
  12. After watching the fiasco of the House Rethuglicans clutching their pearls over Pelosi's lack of decorum in calling Trump's tweet racist, someone suggested that we should do like other nations do, like Parliament, or South Korea where fistfights break out on the regular. One comment that lifted my spirits a little was, "Can you imagine how cathartic that must be though? I keep imagining Maxine Waters lunging for Liz Cheney over a table as she screams "Reclaiming my time!" And I'm pretty sure Sherrod Brown could make short work of Ted Cruz." I myself will be fantasizing Corey Booker slamming McYertle and Linseed's heads together like a 3 Stooges short, while Gillibrand puts Paul Rand in a choke hold, and Warren covers Susan Collins with a large doily until she gets mad enough about it to think about possibly asking Warren to consider removing it, if it's not too much trouble because this sort of insult simply can not stand, unless it's not bothering anyone else, but still, it's troubling and she's deeply troubled by it. On the other side of the aisle, we'd have AOC bouncing John Kennedy right out of chambers, while Ayanna Pressley shoves Gym Jordan's face into a pillow, pins him to the mat, and just sits on his head until order is restored or he stops moving, whichever comes last.
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