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  1. It's actually like Packard said. You have to have your acct no on the sleeve. When they crack the roll and count it later in their own coinstars, if it's wrong, they credit or charge your acct accordingly. But unless you're deliberately trying to grift a penny or quarter out of them, it's kinda hard to get the wrong number of coins in those sleeves without it being obvious. You either end up with too much or too little at the ends when you fold them closed. I saw some segment on tv about a family that has made a side business out of collecting the coins out of pools in a nearby commercial cave, and then expanded until now I think maybe fountains all over the country ship them coins too (I've forgotten all the details), like once or twice a year. There's a ton of calcium and other minerals that glom onto them, so they sort out all the non-coin crap and foreign coins people toss in and wash them with CLR type chemicals in a cement mixer overnight, and then a few more times. It's a surprisingly labor (and water) intensive operation. I think they also have the kids look for valuable rare coins. They have their own coin sorter and wrap them in sleeves and take them to the bank. Then they take their cut, and return the rest to whoever manages the pools and fountains and wishing wells to give to charities or whatever. But if they didn't do it, all those coins would be a dead loss, since the banks won't take them as they are when they first come out of the water.
  2. Nov. 19th is International Men's Day! What will you do to celebrate yourself and/or the men in your life? (Bookmark this for next March 8th, when guys will be crawling out of the woodwork on International Women's Day to whine about "So when is Men's Day, huh?")
  3. If they didn't want you to roll them up they wouldn't give you the sleeves to roll them up in.
  4. Except that Shokin, the "guy investigating your family," had already dropped that investigation before Baby Biden even got hired there, which was just a small part of his general corruption that the US, the EU, the IMF, et al, were bitching about and wanting him gone. Not because he was a good prosecutor going after corruption in Burisma, but because he was up to his armpits in bribery and interference in prosecutions. In fact he had already interfered in a British investigation of Burisma's head, and got that stopped in its tracks. Everybody but Poroshenko and the Ukrainian government at that time wanted Shokin out. That kind of corruption was part of why Zelenskiy was elected. Also, Biden wasn't calling the Ukrainian President an sob, he was using "sob" as an interjection, like, "I told him to fire X or no $. Well, whadayaknow, X was fired." https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2019/10/03/what-really-happened-when-biden-forced-out-ukraines-top-prosecutor/3785620002/
  5. I see Sponges was still celebrating his b-day when he posted that. As for pennies, fuck Coinstar. Roll your own, take 'em to the bank. Or leave 'em in give/take-a-penny pots. I don't care.
  6. I see he's wearing his Yeezy Crocs Foam Runners there.
  7. Damned straight. Especially if you're nodding off because you're drunk. Get behind the wheel of a car where you belong!!
  8. I've learned to never eat Thanksgiving or Christmas at other people's houses. Every home seems to have their own weird traditions as to what tastes good, and put in exotic spices my palate rejects, and serves dishes or ways of cooking my stomach rejects and I end up starving, after politely nibbling on things. The farther you get distance- and kinship-wise from home, the worse it is. Like I can tolerate some of the food at family reunions, but I'd take cafeteria food over most of what's been put before me in other people's homes. It's only holidays though, mostly. I usually do ok with potlucks and dishes people bring to parties.
  9. I'm still waiting for the beginning of the story. Did I come in late or something?
  10. A lot of Markiplier's fans who had their gmail accounts locked out would beg to differ. They've supposedly fixed it, but the fact that it could happen in the first place is troubling, given the fact that people use gmail for work and googledrive for archiving. Tie your internet into all that too, and it sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.
  11. The first person I ever heard throw out the "black people can't swim" trope was my uncle who was the very embodiment of the "your racist uncle" meme. If you think Trump has no filter, you should've met this guy. Apparently I couldn't hide the look on my face when he popped out with that, because he followed up with, "Oh yeah, they sink like a stone." Aside from being astonished every time I'm reminded that it wasn't just one of his personal racist mouthfarts, I'm still wondering where that came from and why it would even be something to make a stereotype out of. Even if it were true, it's not funny, it doesn't indicate any character defect that proves any point. Wtf? That was my reaction, then and now. Wtf?
  12. So is it tied to your gmail account, like YouTube? So if they suspend your YT account they'll now also suspend your internet service like they wipe out your gmail, googledrive?
  13. I don't disagree with most of that (except that I wasn't bored), and Shiroyuki is absolutely a Mary Sue, but it's pretty clear that review was written by an incel who thinks all women in real life are hypergamous gold diggers. He can't imagine that being essentially abducted against your will to be some rich creeper's sex toy is a bad thing, as long as you're otherwise living in comfort. Most women with the means to do so would nope right out of there, as she did.
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