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  1. This is not the argument in favor of your position that you think it is...
  2. You know that scene in IT where the kids basically had their pre-teen orgy in the cave? I can deal with that in the novel because I get to control how I imagine it in my head. But I do not want to see that scene played out with teen actors having to play it out on screen. The point is there are differences in media, and what can pass in one, doesn't fly in another. Hell, I've written some shit myself I'd never want to see animated or in live action, but I think it worked on the page. If child murders were carried out in games as something cool that the heroes do? Yeah, you might see some kids who shouldn't be playing those games but are, imitating them because the heroes made it look admirable. And older teens might shrug off rl murders as no big deal, cause the good guys slaughter little kids all the time, who cares. That's what I mean about differences in how it's portrayed mattering. We already have dozens of cases where kids desensitized to death gleefully hound other kids to suicide for fun. It just makes no sense to me to insist that media has zero influence on people, especially teens who are still forming their world views and self views, when advertisers spend billions to influence people. If media had no influence, they wouldn't waste their money. All those Chinese restrictions? Almost all of them can be gotten around simply by not including Chinese characters. Easy breezy. And some of them don't even seem to be enforced. I've seen quite a few Chinese-made series that revolve around life after death or reincarnated characters. I've seen spirits, if not called "ghosts." The first 2 Ghostbusters movies ran there, but the reboot didn't, not because of ghosts but because the box office was so poor for the first 2 that they didn't see the point since Chinese audiences just weren't interested. I've seen some fairly graphic violence as well as BL-themed series that tiptoed around the issue, but the subtext was clear to anyone with eyes. A lot of Japanese BL titles do likewise. So yeah, most of them could pass muster if they wanted to. If they don't want to, and think they can still make a profit, then they'll choose that.
  3. Gina Szanboti


    I really enjoyed it, although it got a little Trigger-happy at the end. I'm not sure what's hard to understand about it though. Seemed like a pretty straightforward fantasy to me.
  4. When I said "it's not your job" I meant that in the sense of "I realize you aren't obligated to if you don't feel like it." Not the "it's not your place to" meaning. If I want people to understand why I see things as I do, then it is my place to give my reasons, since I'm the only one who can and people aren't mind-readers. You do not agree with those reasons. I never demanded or even implied that you must or should. But I honestly don't' know what you want from me. You told Sponges I brought up a valid point that you disagreed with, but you're now telling me I shouldn't have brought it up at all because somehow that's telling you what you have to think. At this point, I'm inclined to agree that I shouldn't have brought it up at all. Fucking off now.
  5. Since they've now shattered the wall between separation of church and state, I really hope someone sues to start taxing church property, but they'll probably remain immune for their business income, and it is business income, as that could probably still fly as a charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit.
  6. The DOJ will step in shortly and have them drop the case.
  7. First, how does saying "I don't understand" imply "You shouldn't"? When I say "I don't understand," it means I don't understand. Explanations welcome; maybe then I'll understand. If I say "I can't understand" then explanations probably won't help but knock yourself out. It still doesn't necessarily mean "you shouldn't" but that whatever I can't understand is so alien to me I don't have any reference points for understanding it or the logic is so illogical it melts my brain (like I can't understand how people could believe 5G towers cause Corona). "I just can't understand" is me helplessly throwing up my hands and giving up. Second, you've conflated two different statements in two different posts to create that implication. First I said if it wasn't SBC no one would be laughing (which you say is true, assuming the double negative was a mis-edit). Then I said I was still trying to grasp why it was funny (and later that I wasn't sure if laughing and funny were the same thing here, which acknowledged what you've confirmed, but I admit it wasn't until I was writing that post that I realized that might be the case) and explained my problem with it. That's not the same as saying "I don't understand why this is funny, therefore no one should laugh at it," which I never said or implied. What I was looking for was input from anyone who thought it was funny. I thought "still trying to grasp why" was clear, but apparently it wasn't, or got lost in explaining my pov. Should I have made it a direct request? I guess I usually prefer fishing to asking directly because nobody owes me an explanation of their pov. But I am still pondering the result of this. Dunno what that result will be - they're shamed back into their bigoted closets? They're angered to become more rwnj activist in revenge? They weaponize the prank as a recruiting tool? It's all forgotten next week? His previous forays don't seem to have affected the masses much, just a few politicians (which is at least something!), but these fools are already more virulent and public in their hatred or they wouldn't have been there, so we'll see, and hope for the first outcome. One result I don't expect at all is that any of them see the light and try to change. Anyway, it's not your job to educate me, so I appreciate you explaining your feelings. And I do see some value in the fact that that audience ended up knowing they were suckered by him, which, aside from their leadership's annoyance at losing control of their event, wasn't clear to me just from watching the video.
  8. I've had a jar of yeast, lonely in my fridge all this time. I realized yesterday when I went to the store that it might be that they have it sometimes, but not early in the morning, which is when I have to go, because it's too hot to go during the day (even coming home once the sun is up is too hot because no shade from direct sun), and they close before dark so it's still too hot. I had thought they were restocking before the store opened or after it closed the previous day, but the place was crawling with people stocking shelves, and lots of empty spaces throughout the store. At least there is bread. But I wanna make a pizza. And banana bread.
  9. No, it's the fact that it normalizes adults sexualizing children. When kids are hurt or killed in anime or live action dramas, it's not usually presented as being desirable. It's how you show the character is evil for not sparing children or deliberately targeting them. The exception is shounen action, which is power fantasy for boys who dream of being heroes and taking risks while doing some of the hurting and killing themselves. Most kids recognize real life is not like that. But lusting after children is presented as harmless and funny or hot (except in porn, where harm may be the fetish - and the subtext that we wouldn't make this just for you, so you know you're not alone). It's edgy and cool, and there's nothing wrong with it. The teacher in KnJ is a nice guy who is just powerless in the face of a child's seduction. Because it's as you suspected, kids really do want to sex up adults. That's why I have a problem with it, not because I can't tell the difference between animation and real life. As a serious novel, I wouldn't even have a problem with KnJ. On paper it explores some serious issues that deserve attention. But you can't deny that animating it and making it an erotic comedy with some dramatic elements changes the game. The latter ends up looking like cover for the eroticism so that fans can righteously claim they're there for the drama and not the kiddie porn. As for China's up and coming animation industry, that's a distraction from the point that Japanese creators still have to pander to them right now.
  10. Ok, it's been 4+ months now, could we please get some flour on the grocery shelves? Preferably in bags? I get that it takes some time to alter supply streams, but this is ridiculous.
  11. I didn't tell anyone how to react. I said how I felt, and that I didn't understand why it was funny to people who think it's funny. It's not like you're the only one who thinks it is, and I imagine people have a variety of reasons for laughing at it. Are you willing to explain yours? Would you still laugh at it if Anglin was leading the songfest instead of Cohen? To be honest, I don't even know if laughing at it and thinking it's funny are the same thing here.
  12. From the first video it's clear that Andy Kaufman was Carl Reiner's love child.
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