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  1. Vic Mignogna is in Trouble

    https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2019-02-20/police-report-dub-voice-actress-door-damaged-classified-criminal-mischief/.143617 I still have some questions, but this is the latest. Not that it will matter. He's also openly lawyered up now, but having his fans pay for it? That's just crass. I take back what I said earlier about him not ending up panhandling. And people think he doesn't have boundary issues?? Of course, he's kept that thin layer of deniability in place (Hey, somebody asked, and I just said ok, but it's nothing to do with me, no siree!). Especially weird since lawyers usually work on contingency for stuff like this, unless all he's asking for is "how do I stay out of jail?" advice. He basically admitted all the allegations were true, except for, "Yeah, sure I was trying to cheat on my fiancée, but golly gee, it was absolutely consensual. I'm sure of it, even though it's impossible for me to discern other people's boundaries."
  2. Vic Mignogna is in Trouble

    I think the job she supposedly stole was at Rooster Teeth, on the production side. I dunno.
  3. Vic Mignogna is in Trouble

    Well, apparently the person in a FB (?) chat who was supposedly trying to get people to photoshop fake evidence against him turned out to be a false flag by someone who'd either hijacked the person's account or spoofed it, it's not clear which. The photo evidence of the alleged swatting was apparently recycled from a previous swatting (??!) from 2016 where she said the police broke down her door. I suppose that could be faked too, but I'm not knowledgeable enough to know how to tell. Even if it were proven to be faked and her story was proved true, it wouldn't matter, now that they've gotten the fake version circulating. So maybe score one fake for each side? I dunno. I do know what I see in those con pictures and believe they felt how they said they felt, having been on the receiving end of shit like that myself. I just wish the dudebros who couldn't care less about Vic but saw an opportunity to go back into full gamergate bitches-be-lyin' mode hadn't gotten involved.
  4. Scoob's Nugget of Wisdom of the Day

    That's not what mansplaining is. That's the opposite of mansplaining, if he is in fact more qualified to speak on a subject. Here's a hilarious example of peak mansplaining in which a man tries to tell a female gynecologist who literally wrote the book on the subject that "vulva" is the wrong word to use for external female genitalia, and then procedes to dispute dictionary.com as well, along with refuting the definition of mansplaining. He's clearly never heard the advice for when you've dug yourself into a hole, to stop digging. http://www.wehuntedthemammoth.com/2019/02/11/vulvagate-when-mansplaining-goes-so-wrong-the-dictionary-itself-has-to-step-in/
  5. Itn: president declares national emergency.

    Well, even Coulter now says he's "an idiot," so who am I to argue? Every time I post something, I end up getting mesmerized by my gif. Kinda looks like an unfinished wall, doesn't it....
  6. "The service is unavailable."
  7. There's actually some good stuff in this bill that Trump thinks he won, but probably because he didn't read it. "...even though the bill provides some funding for border barriers (not a concrete wall), it gives local communities input over this construction — essentially allowing them to veto anything they don’t like. And since border communities generally vote Democratic and largely hate the idea of a wall, they may oppose much of this construction altogether. So it’s not even clear if all or most of the 55 miles of new border barriers will, in fact, be permitted. "PBS Newshour documented how Democrats secured three major concessions: more alternatives to immigration detention, more help (legal and otherwise) from immigrant families who are detained, and a direct rebuke to some of the CBP’s worst practices. "Reporter Lisa Desjardins noted that it was “extraordinary” that the appropriations bill, for example, contained language calling for immigration detention facilities to maintain adequate temperatures — a clear denunciation of the reports that immigrants were kept in freezing rooms — and that the facilities avoid the use of “chain-link type enclosures” — which refers to the infamous cages that children were shown to be kept in under Trump’s policies." Plus 50 new immigration judges, and yes more border patrol agents, but they can't fill the vacancies they already have, so that doesn't mean much.
  8. Vic Mignogna is in Trouble

    I think that statement is what happened to that. That's got "lawyered up" written all over it. No admission of guilt or that he was aware he was in the wrong, and no real apology. "It's impossible for me to discern other people's boundaries." Bullshit. Ask them, doofus. And maybe draw some boundaries of your own as to what's appropriate. @ RPD: I think someone already said this, but it's not "he said, she said," it's "he said, she and she and he and she and she and she and she and she and she and she and he and she and he and she and she and she and she and she and she and she and she and she and she and she and she and she and she and she and she said."
  9. Vic Mignogna is in Trouble

    Looks like he's been creeping on high school girls for 30 years. You can practically feel her disgust rolling off the page. Lol, his resume says he was a cop in MD. Looks like all he did was make training videos and such A/V work for them, though he says he "performed the duties of a police officer." My ass. Anyway, even if his anime career's over, he's got plenty of fall back lines of work, like audiobooks, commercials, training videos, and crap like that. He's not going to end up panhandling over this. Then again, if Louie CK is any indication, he'll be back in the booth in a year or less.
  10. Vic Mignogna is in Trouble

    I think the narrative is that she's accusing him because she wanted his behind the scenes jobs, like writing or directing or whatever. But it's weird that he cites that it would've been fine if Sabat or Schemmel took those jobs, even though both of them, especially Sean, have landed on Vic with both boots. It's apparently only bad if women take harassers' jerbs. I seem to have missed where Monica finally said what her story was other than "it happened to me," let alone how it's been "proved" false. One of the things I noticed in a lot of the photos, even of apparently happy fans, is not just that he puts an arm around them or lays a hand on their shoulder, but that he's got them in an iron grip on both shoulders or upper arms. It's a very possessive, controlling approach, especially when he's behind them. Even if you were up for a peck on the cheek, that would make most people uncomfortable. It's also beyond creepy that he uses his fan club as unpaid labor to sell his merch at cons, staffing tables, collecting money for him and handing it over to him at the end of the day. He had so many chances to change his behavior but didn't, and even then I might've been willing to cut him some last-chance slack if his apologies sounded genuinely contrite and sincere, but despite his being an actor he couldn't even pull that off. He still either doesn't think he did anything wrong, or he firmly believes he's entitled to behave that way because he's a "star." I imagine he can still find work in games, since the dudebros will be on his side and happy to support his work just to pwn the sjws.
  11. H.P. Zuckercraft

    Weird, huh.
  12. "Fair" "The idea of fairness has been promoted in our schools for a long time. And we're starting to see kids who grew up in this notion that fairness above all and now they are becoming voting age and they are bringing this ideology with them." Can they even hear themselves when they talk?
  13. Have you bought your ad space on the SOTU yet?

    It's actually not. "Broadcast coverage and recordings of House floor proceedings may not be used for any political purpose under House Rule 5, clause 2(c)(1)." Whether Pelosi will bring the hammer down on it or not remains to be seen.
  14. Vic Mignogna is in Trouble

    That's what I always thought, but damn, he sure has been throwing shade at Vic in some texts and tweets. Not sure what to believe on that front, other than they all seem pretty two-faced.
  15. Act now! Don't delay! Even Betty Bowers was appalled enough to break character. smfh