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  1. I've lost count honestly of how many times over the years I've burned the bottom of pots because I forgot I had something cooking and all the water boiled away. Usually it happens when I go online and I just space out. Fortunately, I'm usually just a room away from the kitchen, and notice before anything too bad can happen.
  2. That does sound pretty scary. That reminds me though... I was suprised when I heard on TV the other day... They had some guy on who was a shark expert and like a former elite navy diver who had been attacked and lost an arm and a leg when he got suddenly attacked by I think it was a bull shark out of nowhere. He's been studying sharks ever since and he said sharks aren't actually attracted to human blood and have no real interest in people as food. He said they're sometimes just curious and try to nibble at people to just sort of feel them out, but because people or so relatively fragile we just happen to, you know, bleed and stuff, even though they aren't actually trying to feed on us.
  3. Oooh oooh! Was it like... this? All fanciful like and cool. I mean, a flying shark. That's pretty cool. Only thing more cool might be... a bunch of flying sharks! with missles. 😆 Or... was it ya know, like a truly scary shark dream? Something maybe like.... I don't know about you, but I gotta say, I find that pretty terrifying. Not nearly as terrifying however if it happened to be like this last one though.
  4. This feels a little counter-intuitive, but whatevs. *jumps* Oh shi...
  5. The only movie I can really remember him from is The Thing, so that beats me.
  6. This is kind of a no-brainer.
  7. Guess we gave him the kiss of death. Was he in Remo Williams? Damn. I totally forgot about that. Then again, I haven't watched that movie in forever.
  8. How can I leave when I was never here in the first place? *ninja smoke and vanishes*
  9. Well, honestly who knows where that bird's been, plus knowing my luck the coins in the bag will turn out to be pennys, so clearly I chose the oatmeal guy.
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