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  1. Looked into it some more, and I think I understand now. The book sounds like it does end quite abruptly as well, but seems like that's because it was published posthumously, after the author Diana Wynne Jones sadly passed away from lung cancer, so that explains how come she never got to finish working out the story for it.
  2. Well that's not that really surprising to hear honestly. Still, I think it was just really poorly conceptualized right from the start, and all the passion in the world probably couldn't have save it from turning out like it did when there's just such a skeleton of a story you're working with. On top of that, I have to say the main character was pretty unlikeable and never really changed at all. If that's all there is to her in the original novel as well, makes me wonder why they even chose to animate any of it in the first place. The only positive thing I think I can actually say about it is it's made me quite interested in picking up the book, just so I can see for myself exactly how faithful they were to it.
  3. Earwig and the Witch That was disappointing. CG didn't bother me at all like I thought it would. What wound up disappointing me actually was that it felt like just when the story was gonna really get going, it ended. I think they should have made this into a series rather than a movie. Don't know if the orginal novel had that much more plot to it or not, but I somehow can't believe that's all there was to it.
  4. George of the Jungle 9/10 (Super funny. Really broke the heck out of the fourth wall in this. I love Brendan Fraser, so surprised somehow I never happened to see this one before.) Surf's Up 7/10 Black Widow 9/10 (Maybe not the greatest, but still pretty awesome. Seems like Marvel just can't lose.) Cruella 10/10 (That was simply mahvelous! Totally my favorite disney reboot movie now for sure.) F9 8/10 (Wanted to give it 9/10, but I didn't feel like it was quite as good as most of the other recent installments, so...) Free Guy 9/10 (Guy vs Dude. 'Nuff said.) The Hitman's Bodyguard 9/10 (More Ryan Reynolds? Yes please.) The HItman's Wife's Bodyguard 7/10 (Didn't enjoy this one as much as I did the first. Felt like the insanity got taken maybe just a little too far? I don't know. I will admit though, the ending still had me in stitches.) Hellfest 6/10 (Kind of a basic, predictable slasher horror film, but I liked it.)
  5. I hope to be surprised, too. Though it wouldn't take much to surprise me since I don't keep up much with current stuff. Stil, most of those shows aren't really ending, just stopping till more episodes are ready. I'm gonna really miss Black Clover though. I'm personally crossing my fingers they put on another fantasy world show with swords and sorcery type stuff. Anything in that genre really, other than more SAO that is.
  6. Shura no Toki 21 - 26 That was really good. Kind of caught me by surprise I wound up liking it that much. Also, I have to say, what else caught me by surprise was that it had some of the funniest darn dub outtakes I've ever listened to. I guess because it's such a serious-minded show it made it hard for the VAs not to want to goof around with it. I think my favorite was "I have some news about sushi (when he was supposed to say Soushi)... it's gone bad. LOL
  7. Shura no Toki 15 - 20 With this arc it's starting to feel more now like I'm getting a Japanese history lesson than watching an anime. Not a criticism though really. I actually like how they switched things up a bit from the first half of show.
  8. Interesting. So she went from playing a character with an insatiable appetite to playing a character who's best friend happens to have an insatiable appetite. Some tropes you just can't get away from.
  9. The Ghost and Molly McGee 1 - 3 Too cute. Molly's voice reminds me a lot of Star Butterfly's. Surprised me when I saw it's a actually a different actress. I gotta say though, they made kind of a serious goof in the first episode. Somehow Molly and Scratch knew each other's names, even though they never gave them to one another. Whoops. Regardless, I'm still hooked.
  10. Shura no Toki 4 - 8 Really liking this show. Was really suprised when what seemed like the final battle was happening so soon, but now with the time skip I see they're doing a multi-generational story thing, sort of like Jo Jo.
  11. No freaking way. Boy thinking about that show sure takes me back. Never imagined they give it another go. About the only thing I can remember all that clearly from it anymore is the Vorlons and the cool ass-looking encounter suits they wore. I'm still quite skeptical though this will ever make it to TV. Guess we'll see.
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