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  1. Somebody pinch Sanji. He must be dreaming. For once the lady is actually chasing him.
  2. Oh dang! OP makes it look like they're gonna be batling the Navy admirals already, including Akainu?
  3. At least one of the kids got out of there. Wonder if that was supposed to be Earth that Orinoko was headed to. Haruko, as usual, struck out in the end. I think she just enjoys the chase more than she actually cares about ever catching Atomsk. Overall, that was pretty fun, even if it was in a lot of ways just a knockoff of the original. I think it managed pretty well to capture a bit of the original's charm still, and managed to add a couple new interesting elements at the same time. Three episodes might have been the right amount for it in the end though.
  4. So the robot kinda really was her mom. And Last Dinosaur again must mean it's back to the action.
  5. Damn. Talk about working yourself to death. Old dude kept popping back up though, so I guess he was only mostly dead?
  6. So we get Orinoko's perspective tonight. Interesting we get to see a little more of what Haruko's been up to from each of them. Rebuilding the old Vespa.
  7. Spawn the animated series I saw the movie a long time ago, but never realized HBO did an animated series. Pretty impressive stuff considering the time it was made.
  8. Hotel Transformania 7/10 The Machine 7/10 Asteroid City 6/10 A Haunting in Venice 9/10 (Been wanting to see a good mystery movie for a while. I kinda figured out part of what was going on right from the beginning almost, but I'll admit they kept me guessing about who done till the very end pretty much.)
  9. Just 3 each?! Wow, so it's already gonna be over next week. That's surprising, but I guess it does kind of explain why tonight's episode felt like it was kind of rushing toward a climax.
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