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  1. It doesn't really spoil anything honestly. It's just my opinion that I simply marked cuz it was in response to the comment that you marked.
  2. He's probably just got enhanced eyesight because he's another robot and later on as we'll find out they're all robots. Dun dun dun! Either that or he's just got a little super power called, you know, plot convenience.
  3. They're the highest rank of whistle, so they're aren't supposed to be all that many of them and she's supposed to be pretty famous I think.
  4. Yeah, unfortunately, looks like they shortened it. That's disappointing. Was hoping they'd at least play the full thing the first ep they show it. Ah well.
  5. I knew it was just a matter of time before they got One Piece back, but I gotta admit, I never thought it would could back this soon. I thought it would be at least a few more years towards around the time when it was getting closer to wrapping up in Japan before it happened. Anyway, I watched ahead to the where the New World part was about to begin which is right after Fishman Island, so them skipping forward from where they left off works kind of perfectly for me. Really happy to see they're doubling up on it for a while. I hope they keep that up so it won't take to long hopefully before they get to episodes I haven't seen yet.
  6. Opening theme song at the end of the first episode there.... Still good, even without the animation. Wish they had promoted this a little better. Oh well, good to know a show like this is getting an airing here.
  7. Didn't know they got this till I checked the cable guide to see what the lineup was gonna be tonight, and wow was I surprised. Awesome pickup. Before I decided to check it out, I didn't think it was a show I'd like much because of how young the characters were, but I'd heard quite a bit of hype about it and gave it chance, and I was pretty much immediately won over. Animation for it is fantastic, especially the background art, which is no surprise I guess given the art director for it used to work at Studio Ghibli. Anyone know if they got the movie? I haven't seen that yet, so I'm hoping they'll show it after they finish showing the first season.
  8. That's good to hear. I checked On Demand, thinking just maybe there might be a chance it would be put up on there correctly, but even though it says episode 24, it's the same mix up on there, too. 😩
  9. How many times now have they screwed up and aired the wrong episode? Geez. This certainly isn't the first time they've done something like this, that much I know.
  10. Luca 9/10 Space Jam: A New Legacy 8/10 (Not a Lebron fan, but I still really enjoyed this.) The Suicide Squad 8/10 (Pretty ridiculous still, but certainly much more entertaining than the other version, I'll give it that.) Don't Breathe 2 9/10 (Who says sequels can't be as good or better than the original?) Jungle Cruise 8/10 Snake Eyes 8/10
  11. Has Toonami ever aired an actual live-action movie before? I saw 2049 a while ago, so don't remember it too well and decided to watch it again to refresh my memory. I forgot Batista had a part in it, heh.
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