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Hey look at my new puppy.


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12 minutes ago, katt_goddess said:

Still a cat person, but dang wanna cuddle them all. 

Animals for the most part love me. But there is just that level of companionship that you get with dogs that doesn't make me feel as bad as when it happens with a cat. Like If a cat runs into the other room or doesn't want to be pet. I'm like okay it's a cat. Though if a dog/puppy avoids me I feel like a piece of me has died.  Be at someone's house, sorry can't socialize gotta be friends with this dog. 

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47 minutes ago, SwimModSponges said:

Yeah, and as such they are amazing in the wild but terrible as pets.

All pet birds hate everything. 

That's a fact.

I never understand why someone would buy a pet that can live 60-100 years. Like if you're 25-30 you're more than likely dying before that bird. At that point it just feels irresponsible as a pet owner to do that; because birds pretty much hate anyone who isn't their original owner that they've spent years bonding towards.  At least with a dog or cat you can have a good guess of your life in the next decade. Also birds screaming can make people go deaf. Friends dad had a parrot and when my friend was 9 the thing just screamed in his ear and made him go partially deaf in that ear. 

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