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  1. Since you are no longer a Facebooker I figured the next best place to show you how I love you and plan to play jokes on you for the rest of our days. @SwimModSponges
  2. Abso-fucking-lutely. I don't know how many more times I have to say it. You think I let him sit on here all day with you fools out of the goodness of my heart? Ha! No, it's cuz he eats pussy like a fucking champion. Honestly, learning how to eat puss very well will make you (male or female) the fuxking Cesar Milan of women in most cases.
  3. I hope to one day go to an actual Con. Not just the dinky anime ones that have randomly popped up near here.
  4. Finally got a photo.... boutfuckintime Seeing this I have a feeling I may cry with joy come Sept 2022. Sponges says: oh hey! Well here's hoping it's good. My lifelong Tolkien love: at $465mil for season 1 it better fucking be or I will burn Amazon to the ground. @katt_goddess (Sponges instructed me to do this so you'll pin it)
  5. You can thank his upbringing for that one, not a pussy whipped reaction. If anything I get mad at him for apologizing for everything. My family has actually pushed him to be more outspoken. My mom within first 6 months of us dating: "just tell her to fuck off!". Hell when him and my dad are together it is insufferable, two smartass peas in a pod.
  6. Our city finally passed a sign up for no mow May. Otherwise we get fined if it is too high. We purposefully left a section at the far end of the backyard unfenced (Sponges man shed/fish farm/guinea pig slaughter house) area that we do not mow at all. I like to leave that untouched for the wildlife and pollinators. Front yard and fenced in part of yard are only done for city sake and clear area for dogs/kids to play. Plus I hired neighbor dude so that Sponges weekends off can be for getting bigger projects done or letting him mostly relax after a long ass rough week. Plus, hell I like supporting small business when I can.
  7. My extent of dealing with guinea pigs will be the annoying ring tone Sponges has for an alarm that he has permanently set for 6:30am. Especially since he is rarely waking up at that time and I'm the insomniac just reaching REM sleep when it goes off.
  8. Oh Gein did come from here. Hell, I think the only thing anyone knows about Sponge's hometown is potato farms and Ed Gein. Fun story, when we started dating we spent a weekend housesitting for his parents while they were gone. Sponges went to the store or something. While he was gone I remembered my years of horror movies; while in the literal middle of nowhere known for Ed Gein and meth. Thankfully, Sponges returned between the stages of me having every light on in the house and getting his dad's crossbow prepped and ready.
  9. All of you.... stop giving him ideas. I moved into town for a reason. Growing up on a horse farm was enough farming for me. I could deal with a couple chickens and a big garden. But my days of shoveling another creatures shit in negative temperatures is over. So unless one of you is planning on coming to live in the basement as a farm hand I'm putting my wifey foot down.
  10. I thought Peter Dinklage was giving you another seizure.
  11. Like when he passes out on the couch after celebrating his birthday a wee bit too much; but his eyes are still partially open. I guess it was a good birthday. Congrats on getting older Sponges.
  12. Way to steal our puppy thunder dude....
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