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  1. Nope. Its like they are trying to touch on every conspiracy theory, even down to Kubrick. I hate conspiracy theories, it feels like a cheap way to write a narrative. Why would a aliens care about a signed document? they say its for blackmail, but eisenhower had to know that this would surpass his lifetime. Why is Mamie all the sudden fucking the alien android representative, and what is val's interest in sex anyway? they already have eisenhower by the balls. And it looks like they got better with the marylin monroe death timeline, but they cut right past jfk's death, with all the conspiracy theories afoot, i thought they'd incorporate that somehow. The present: Calico is annoying as fuck, but that actress is always the most annoying character. So all the pregnant people are in area 51? how are they kept from aging? It would have made more sense if they had gone to the same place that Alma went to in season 2, didnt she mention time not existing up there? The dark haired boy(i dont care to learn the kids names) had his baby by c-section, it seems the hybrid could've told him that before that just giving him a Goldblum-esque 'life finds a way'. Not gonna lie, the baby was cute. And next week is the finale, where we are guaranteed to be pissed off and left with more questions than answers.
  2. i think my feet look too small, like too small for my body.
  3. I didnt get this. the show opened in 1963, Eisenhower was golfing with Nixon and then they go inform JFK, who then blabs to Marylin, but Monroe died in 1962. Did they have a scene that went back before '63 and i missed it?
  4. i have a gift card for a store that i dont shop at, i wanna exchange it for an amazon card or something else i'd use, i tried cardcash, but they wanted my credit card number.
  5. this for the one derogatory line and for the time when mtv had music
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