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  1. I'm right there with you, I'm so pale I'm told that I look sick, and I also go straight from white to red in the sun. But it's better this way anyhow, the sun ages skin and we'll look young forever.
  2. Me and my bf got a caricature done, but the guy made me look like Sarah palin. It was good to get away from the heat and the thick crowds and go sit by the river.
  3. No, but they had a mothman museum that had articles from the event and letters from the author of the mothman prophecies, and one corner of the tiny museum had movie memorabilia with a glass case featuring the watch he wore in the film.
  4. Lots of costumes,mothmen, sexy mothwomen, some people that were supposed to be men in black, but they were heavy white men, so they just looked like the blues brothers. Some people dressed as the joker and a couple dressed like mulder and Scully, plus a few more random horror movie character costumes.
  5. I want it to be good, but I don't have much faith in this season. No sarah Paulson or even peters. And all the ads look like Friday the 13th, probably a bait and switch. maybe this season will surprise me and turn out really good. *fingers crossed*
  6. as patton oswalt said, all romantic comedies should just be called "Tryin' to Fuck"
  7. my bfs coworker is setting the whole thing up, usually she looks for girls at local car shows, she asked him if I might do it.
  8. yeah, i'm whiter than an arctic fox in a wedding dress I don't know what'll go with my outfits, I have a black lace dress, a black corset/skirt set, short denim shorts and a half shirt, and a red/black plaid swimsuit with a short skirt on the bottoms
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