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  1. Alice Cooper is playing tonight about 15 minutes away from here
  2. i'm back I didn't die of heat stroke(yet) while I appreciate the offer, it seems i'm doomed broil in my bedroom
  3. my room is so warm that the other day I had a small side salad that had shredded cheese on it, I left it in my room for 20 minutes and the cheese melted
  4. I tried this, made it air tight and put a powerful little fan on it, but the air coming out of it wasn't very cold and all the ice water bottles and ice packs were completely melted and room temp within half an hour
  5. i cant you guys this is awful i'm ready to resign myself to this
  6. i'll have to get the stuff to try this tomorrow, but i'll have to get a couple small fans like those, cuz all the fans I have in my house are large box fans or tower fans
  7. if you were in my room, they'd be stuck to your leg, or mine
  8. I have no AC, had central air, but it died a few years ago, and the outlets in my house are old and cant support a window unit. I have my bedroom full of fans and open windows and I've tried every combination of fans in multiple locations, facing all directions, trying to get some kind of air flow, but my bedroom is still unbearable. its impossible to sleep and any cold drink I have in my room is hot as soup in 10 minutes.
  9. it looks attractive, but the trailers make it look like a shot-for-shot remake of the original, more or less so its a pass for me
  10. i'm a descendant of Charlemagne but so is almost everyone else
  11. my profile is a real tight space, its a wonder you fit in there
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