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  1. More importantly, it was a promo event with M. Night Shamwow, seems a bit unlikely they threw that together at the last minute to cover any sort of R&M disaster.
  2. They'd have to make new shows instead and that's scary and expensive and they just end up failing right after they get canceled anyway because obviously none of them are ever going to be given the chance to build their audience if it doesn't happen by episode 3.
  3. Companies aren't courts. They don't need a legal verdict to take action. As long as they're covering their own asses, they're fully allowed to drop a hot piece of garbage. Companies also tend to know way more about any given situation than the public ever will, either by having covered it up for a while, or at least doing their own investigations. End of the day, you just gotta ask yourself: Do you really think they would go through with firing him on a whim? Someone that prominent, and financially crucial, isn't kicked just to save face. He's fired because the alternative is immensely worse.
  4. So, what ever happened to that kid with the hypnotic voice or whatever? Shigaraki likes to talk a lot, seems like that kid could be pretty useful..
  5. Yeaaahhh... cuz that fanbase totally wouldn't start sending death threats to anyone that would try to accuse him of anything....
  6. Ugghhhh. They've adapted another one like this? I mean... I guess I'm glad, cuz it's been a wild ride. But also sorta feels like it just spells doom for the adaptation in the long run. Always ends up catching up before you know it, and by the time you've got material to keep going, the audience retention is just shot. Unless S3 happens to reach a conclusion, not sure I'd be confident that the anime will get a satisfying end..
  7. What strikes me as sponges' biggest tripping point, as GSH pointed out, was largely being tone deaf. Arguing as if this is all in some sort of vacuum, with no consideration to the real people it impacts. Which isn't new for him. Wouldn't call it malicious, but it is a failure to see the broader consequences. Myself, I got no room to make a case for or against the tool or the usage.. so I defer to the artist community, which seems to be pushing back against this. A lot. Out of respect for the opinions of those whom I may respect on the matter, I'd just as soon avoid AI art usage.
  8. Probably also a case of more twitter links on one page = takes longer for each to load. You post a new one, and it's always last in line to be loaded after all the old ones, which don't seem to really cache or anything. I'm on firefox, and kinda lazy with updates.. Still, the way sponges describes it, none of them ever load ever for him, which isn't the experience on my end. They're just not very snappy is all.
  9. Yeah, is how they show up for me here while the page continues trying to load things in or something. Occasionally one seems to get stuck and never fully loads into tweet format. Oddly, maybe just confirmation bias in my head, but I wanna say most of the ones that seem to get "stuck" are ones you post..
  10. Let's meet in the middle and say we need more Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. Full credit, Craig of the Creek did seem like a decent attempt, but it did feel like it lacked a certain something to draw any attention. Almost like a weaker version of Codename: Kids Next Door. Basically, needs a return to the old Cartoon Cartoon days. Which... looks like Genndy could be on board already? Might be a good sign.. coulda sworn he was burned by them before.... I ain't asking for, y'know, the next Steven Universe or anything. Just, hoping they raise the bar just a little bit over the Homer Simpson demographic.
  11. Commercial flop? Yeah, probably. Still a quality show? Better than anything CN's put out in recent memory. And that's really the only point I'm making. If CN wants to draw in an older crowd, they're only going to do it with quality shows. Shows and creators that have an actual passion for what they create. That's how you create a fanbase that keeps the flame burning long after the show has ended. The good shows stick with you, and as you get older, you're more inclined to want more of that feeling, more that lives up to those memories. Owl House may have flopped, but at least it's still keeping the Gravity Falls-ish spirit alive. (just kinda rolling with the idea in my head that Gravity Falls may have probably laid the groundwork for a lot of series that followed..) CN's had some good hits, but they've completely failed in even trying to maintain that attention. Maybe even actively discouraged it with some of the things they dropped/canceled. They've definitely got some work to do to build that trust back up.
  12. So, last canon episode of the year, I expect? Not bad. Shame there's still one more batch of filler hell yet to come.
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