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  1. It finally hit me what all the clips remind me of. This is The Legend of Zelda: Garry's Mod.
  2. I was one of the few that kinda didn't really enjoy BotW all that much. Just didn't feel like what I expect from a Zelda game, having gutted the idea of dungeons and items and progression, etc. A fun open world game, I suppose. But lacking in what draws me to the franchise. From what little I've seen of this one, seems like they've continued in that direction. Probably a fun game. But looks more like slapping a "Zelda" skin over something that could've been its own thing.
  3. "HBO" also carries a connotation of "premium content" from a brand/channel that was largely/historically known as a luxury extra content channel purchase outside of normal cable subscriptions. In other words:
  4. I really don't wanna be all, like, nostalgia goggle blinded or whatever (SGC2C was just a bit before my time besides), but honestly. Why was this just so much more... idk. Good stupid? Wholesome dumb? Wholedumb? It's just absolute nonsense, but somehow it still has more charm.
  5. Less about the stunt being pulled, more just that the new shows are fairly meh. And then, like, following up with Space Ghost, as a reminder of what they used to be?
  6. I guess it's ok for an [as] "prank." Kinda just reminding me why I don't really watch most [as] programs anymore..
  7. Soooo..... was it ever explained what happened with Gigantomachia at this point? Like... the whole jailbreak thing happened while he was in transport. Did villains stop to snatch him up along the way? Are choppers still out there floating around with nowhere to take him now? Seems like kinda an important loose thread there.
  8. Just throwing it out there... for a power called "One For All," they seem pretty hellbent on not sharing it with anyone...
  9. As with most of the old lore, the originals have long since been purged. But there are yet those that ensure the memories remain. Now if only the same could be said for Japanese Bikini Chicks Mechanical Bull Pie Fights....
  10. My only experience... not sure if warning or endorsement... https://www.metatube.com/en/videos/8670/Dancing-man-wearing-a-horse-mask-cooks-wild-mushrooms Went with some oddball link cuz youtube is age restricted, but if anyone can't be arsed..
  11. The pacing was atrocious. The story was forced. Had some moments, but needed more time than it got, and ultimately too many turns just for the sake of "haha, what if, tho!!" The Deadwing stuff was way too much asspull with no real payoff. A passable, if implausible, what-if story, I guess.
  12. More importantly, it was a promo event with M. Night Shamwow, seems a bit unlikely they threw that together at the last minute to cover any sort of R&M disaster.
  13. They'd have to make new shows instead and that's scary and expensive and they just end up failing right after they get canceled anyway because obviously none of them are ever going to be given the chance to build their audience if it doesn't happen by episode 3.
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