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  1. Honestly the director choice was an entertaining twist. She's practically admitting he's better than her, or has the potential, and gives him the seat, only for him to throw it right back by putting her on top. This works pretty well for a nice denouement episode.
  2. Wonder if anybody ever questions why "the great dog demon" doesn't seem to have an actual name like everyone else.
  3. I'm digging this up because I saw on someone's desk the final volume of the manga they were reading, and I skimmed through to spoil myself on the ending (because I've never really liked this show to begin with), and, just gotta say......
  4. As dumb as the premise of this entire segment is, it somehow still manages to build proper tension. This has been a defining feature of this entire show. Despite the absurdity presented on the surface, and despite how trite it can be at times, it's still written remarkably well. Far better than a show like this probably deserves. Ironically, much like Soma's dishes, which look like basic fare at first glance, there's much more to enjoy the more you dig in.
  5. Mkay, yeah, was just a long time ago and I forgot cuz they made a point of him not having an arm for so long.
  6. I must be forgetting something or wasn't paying attention somewhere, it's been a long while... but I don't remember when/where Sesshoumaru got his arm back..
  7. So, does she just have an extra long neck, or.... cuz, pretty sure she shouldn't be able to just look back and see her entire shoulder.
  8. Sure hope this moves to brighter environs soon. Just love when I can barely tell what's happening on screen without getting up close.
  9. Yeah, I hold no illusions that it could, or should, be continued. That's just kinda my wild idea for what they could've done with this if/when the realized just how off the rails they were getting at the end. There really is no coming back from "you have to decide the fate of the world (and we have done absolutely nothing to foreshadow this event)."
  10. How to follow up with this: "Turns out, the navy took off with some of the most important treasures from history. Relics so powerful, they threaten the course of future events. It's our responsibility to track these items down and return them to Eden" There. I just stretched this shit out by like 200 episodes. Fighting military, royalty, rival pirates, the works. Do some pirating, do some ninja-ing, character development, world building, background, exposition. Just... gotta treat this ending like a massive fart and keep walking as if nothing happened.
  11. Additional plot hole: If the overall motivation was revenge on the family or whatever, why was her first target someone ready to snitch on the family?
  12. So... why was Joker fighting Batman in that last fight? Wasn't he in this to kill Holiday? Surely he would've been gunning for Two Face at that point...
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