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  1. I would also add in the classic electoral college bias argument to this. That is to say, which states happen to be the most populous, and thus the reason we can't ever get rid of that shitty system?
  2. It's almost winter time, there's probably nothing to worry about. Sarcasm, obviously, cuz, that's actually a mildly worrisome point. Seeing this now before the warm season even starts to kick in.
  3. Still trying to blame the virus on China feels an awful lot like Trump spending his first couple years trying to blame everything on Hillary or Obama.
  4. Aw damn. Didn't take long for that Devil WAPed Down to Georgia vid to get taken down. And looks like McClintlock has had a couple copyright strikes, putting him on the verge of shutdown. Disappointing.
  5. A question for you, with a somewhat similar mindset. Do you find that there's anything in life you truly fear? Like, that gut-wrenching, brain shuts down fear. Not just a momentary surge of panic at some potentially serious threat; I'm not entirely sure that ever goes away, hard wired. Maybe it's just my relatively boring comfortably life style, but, I've often thought that, without that fear of death, all other fears just can't seem to catch hold.
  6. Yes. Violence against fascism is the answer. We all decided that back in the 40s. Scare him back into his bunker, and make sure he takes his pills this time.
  7. I thought to myself somewhere in my 20s "Am I seriously expected to keep doing all this same boring shit every day every year for another 60+ years?" It's like being stuck on a roller coaster forever. Kinda fun and novel at first, before descending into monotony.
  8. It seems a bit much to pin that solely on him, and ignore all the small steps that has brought us to this point in the first place. I'm not disagreeing. All I'm saying is, for a country willing to re-elect Trump, what right do we even have to continue existing? Voting him out treats the symptom, but not the cause. I mean, shit, people. Look at this discussion, and how the proposed solution is just "wait until election to politely tell him to leave." If he truly represents the danger you're all suggesting, then voting him out is too good for him. I think that's what kills me most about this whole thing. Surely we all have some base understanding that you don't engage fascists in friendly moral debate, we all understand that you can't give nazis equal consideration, because doing so is a way of validating their stance. That's how I feel about "just voting him out." Voting him out says to everyone "hey, better luck next time." What we need is an unequivocal "No."
  9. I don't even think we'll make it to "burning to the ground." I think this shitshow will keep getting propped up one way or another for as long as some asshole can make money off of it. But yes. I'd put forth that burning it all down is the only way to truly move forward. Voting Trump out doesn't magically solve all the problems we've got. Hell, it's hard to blame him as the source of those problems. They've just been put front and center while everyone realizes they don't need to sneak around to do this shit anymore. No, voting him out just means we're left waiting for another blowhard to come along and re-stoke these fires. Idk, man. Voting him out is a good step, but, it's hard to imagine positive progress coming from it, and not just putting all this on simmer. But, maybe that's just the vibe Dems have given off lately. Maybe it's why they lost that progressive support, for being a party that doesn't really push for any progress.
  10. If I watched or bought movies, I'd be making the same argument. I've already paid for the product, and have the capacity to enjoy the product I've paid for. But really, that just means I'm not the target audience here. That's fine. These are good games, worth having. Since having them on the Switch vs Wii offers no benefit to me, I'm good here.
  11. This is what happens when you keep reading posts you know you shouldn't be reading.
  12. Should've thought of that before expecting more money for products we've already paid for. At least for me, I still have my Wii, and pretty sure I bought 64 on the VC there. So, that, plus backwards compatibility to play Sunshine, native Galaxy (and 2). This'll be a solid pass.
  13. Really tho. Why don't they make bubblegum flavored toothpaste for adults? What if I wanted to use some very berry flavor instead of boring mint? Cotton candy! Chocolate! Starting to think this is another one of those things where we're just made to expect growing up means not having fun. Being an adult means you either get mint, or, if you're daring, cinnamon. How exciting. Grown ups are dull.
  14. There really needs to be more than 2-3 options when it comes to toothpaste flavors.
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