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  1. Would agree with scoob, everyone is meant to be hateable and toxic. I'd say any decline it may be suffering from is just a common trait for a lot of these shows that come in hot and then just start to coast. Kinda like Archer. Early on, the writers are on fire. After a while, the novelty wears off and everything just starts feeling predictable.
  2. Isn't that the entire show? Dragging things out as long as possible?
  3. "I can rescue your friends" well fucking get to it already, why don't ya?
  4. If One Piece starts actually picking up pace, I say they oughtta swap out the double-eps over to Naruto to help burn through the next stretch of filler.
  5. I think the Naruto/Gaara fight arc segment was maybe about as far as I ever got in the original series. Not actually sure I ever saw the conclusion, actually...
  6. Only slightly related, but happened to see Brooklyn Nine-Nine supposedly airing on the Disney channel earlier today. At least KotH was right channel, wrong time. Dunno how they messed up this one so badly.
  7. Pretty sure cowboyardee had a few stories about why this was terrible, often as not. I seem to recall one of them being a gravestone cake with [current birthday] down as the day of death.
  8. The comedy of this episode is just impeccable.
  9. You know it's a good night when even Naruto is pulling out the feels.
  10. It's funny you brought this up. Made In Abyss might be the first Toonami pick I've really gotten into since Eureka Seven. I mean, sure, there's been some good stuff since then. Space Dandy, FMA:B, Soul Eater, One Punch, a whole slew of others that I've really enjoyed. But. Eureka Seven was different. Shows like that grab hold of you. You get no warning except "Hold on, you're in for a wild ride."
  11. On one hand, that didn't work out so well for us with Demon Slayer... On the other, at least this one isn't super mega popular, so I guess maybe there's an outside chance the movie could be within reach.
  12. Good to hear. For some reason kept thinking this was getting promo'd as the series finale, not (just) the season. I can live with that.
  13. Ah. Damn. Another one of these. Promised Neverland all over again. "Anime's over, we're out of episodes, wrap it up in the credits." Shame.
  14. Huh. Well then. For a moment, had given consideration to that Curse-Warding Box Ozen still has...
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