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  1. Pretty sure you've demonstrated your lack of rational thought quite thoroughly enough already.
  2. C'mon guys. Everyone knows only liberals get the diabeetus.
  3. It's a good thing the government hasn't taken any guns away so we the people can use that right to bear arms against a corrupt and unjust system.
  4. That's the beauty of Nothing. The contradictory dichotomy. It doesn't exist, but by not existing, the existence of the state of Nothingness is achieved. It both is, and is not. Which makes sense, mathematically. Zero is the sum of all things.
  5. Bah. Representations still fall short. Ascribing a deity to the Void diminishes the Void itself. What sort of fool comes up with a god of non-existence.
  6. I chose to worship Nothing. Because you know what they say. "Nothing is greater than God." "In the beginning, there was Nothing." "When you die, there is Nothing." From the Void was existence ripped, and every moment since then has sought to return to that state of Nothing. It's fun to think about, anyway. Sadly, no real "worship," so no real (or fake) psychosomatic effects.
  7. This guy should do a duet with the otamatone.
  8. I've come to believe Trump is actually a non-issue. Bad take, but hear me out. Trump is an idiot. Can't do shit, and is absolutely only doing anything to serve himself. But as sponges points out in the OP, he can get away with it. He can get away with anything. And that's the only purpose he serves. He's a bumbling idiot doing whatever stupid shit comes to mind. And he is a demonstration that literally nobody will try to stop him. He's a joke pushed through so that, if anything backfires, it's all on the idiot. If he can do all the stupid shit he's gotten away with, just imagine how bad it will actually be when somebody that knows what they're doing gets in. Trump is just there to show that we're all soft and easily distracted, and anybody in power can do whatever they want, because nobody will ever actually do anything about it.
  9. Many twitter users, especially the targets of any sort of persistent vitriol, will just use blocking scripts or bots or whatever, commonly blocking anyone that's connected via some other account. As an example, pretty sure you can easily find such a script that will auto-block anyone that follows Trump.
  10. So, I think I realized why the combat/animation hasn't really grabbed me in this yet, they way I'd expect from RT. Came up last episode, and I'm anticipating improvements since then. It was the realization that the mechs simply weren't customized/stylized yet. They still lacked personality. Hopefully, as they continue to modify and make them feel a little more comfortable/personal, we'll get to see the fighting style stand out a little more.
  11. Ah, right, right. Forgot they were spectating as well. And kinda forgot which was which anyway.
  12. Can someone explain why there are more than two Destroyers still in the stands? Weren't they supposed to be wiped with the rest of their universes?
  13. Okay. Friendship is Magic and all, but, Spinel, get your ass back here. You've got some questions to answer. First of all, where did you get that Rejuvenator? Now, I'm willing to let my imagination fill this one in, and assume it just happened to be left in the Garden. The implications of which are a little bit haunting itself. I wouldn't put it past Pink to have "reset" Spinel a time or two or any time she got bored or thought it would be fun. The Injector, tho. Where the hell did that come from? Seems kinda new-tech to me. That doesn't look like the sort of thing Pink would leave lying around "just in case." So, somehow, she manages to get her hands on a possibly-new Injector, filled with prodigiously potent planet poison, conveniently capped with a gem in her own image (a special gem that seemingly nobody in recent memory will have ever known about), all within the span of... like, a day, between when she gets the gem broadcast message and arriving on Earth, all without the Diamonds ever knowing (you'd think they would notice something like that leaving Homeworld). I don't actually expect to see that one explained. But if they did, I guess they could set up somebody somewhere out there that still holds a grudge, giving Spinel the means to carry out their plan without direct involvement. Still, bit of a... stretch. Ha. Overall, kinda didn't really like the musical nature of the movie. It's not exactly unusual for the franchise, but, the songs used to be a little more special. Packing 80% of the movie with them just didn't leave much room for anything else. Some history/exposition was nice. Mostly, the whole thing felt a bit rushed. Was ok with the quick villain setup, no real need to do a lot of build up for that with the show/setting fairly established. But, it just kept rushing along. I blame the musical-ness. But also I guess a little bit of setting up a conflict that isn't so traditional. They did all the Epic Fight stuff back on Homeworld. In a way, I suppose looking at the entire movie as setting up for Spinel's redemption, instead of a conflict to be resolved by Steven/Gems, kinda helps with that. Idk. Conclusion, I wasn't entirely thrilled with how it turned out. But, it also did pretty much fit with the show. Can't really complain all that much. However, I did find it oddly poetic, how much of the plot you can sorta trace back to this song. Evidently, judging from the recent comments, I'm not alone in thinking this. It's all coming full circle. I genuinely expected Spinel to start singing some variation of this in the Garden. Maybe there are some music nerds out there that will dissect it enough to find some similarities.
  14. My tastes skew more towards old style.
  15. Eh. If you've seen one puny green bridge-dwelling trog, you've seen 'em all.
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