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  1. Did Primal get shafted because it's not Toonami, or because there's not really many people here that care to discuss it? It's there easy to be found if discussion were to occur. In a general [as] folder, it'd get buried. It'd get buried because many that would frequent such a folder are still just the toonami peeps, who are only here for toonami.
  2. Was Lazzo largely responsible for the whole block feeling kinda very Tim and Eric'd for a while? Not even just those two in particular, but, seemingly everything had that similar tainted air about it, catering to the same taste in humor. If yes, we certainly can't do much worse than that.
  3. More likely it'll be the porn industry that makes it in the first place.
  4. rpgamer


    Mostly just enjoy hearing Beau and Steve together again.
  5. Does your browser say you're on unevenedge.com? If yes, then no.
  6. Lol. No, yeah, but, I mean, as worshipers, every religion has to have some doom'n'gloom for the "end of the world." And yeah, obviously there is the understanding that Time is eternal. But, humans are shortsighted, can't see beyond the end of their own existence. It just wouldn't be a religion without a Rapture or a Ragnarok or Enlightenment or Nirvana or whatever, right?
  7. Fair context. I don't keep up with all the drama here. Taking a wild guess based on this thread, and saying we prolly coulda used a purge a long while ago. I was definitely misinformed on this one. One of my biggest disappointments when I discovered this place existed, seeing how much of the old boards got dragged along.
  8. "This place is no fun, but I still require somebody to force me to stop not having fun." Personally, I don't blame the assholes as much as the jackasses that constantly feed the fire. You're all contributing to this place burning down, instead of starving them of attention. "Be the change" and all that. Contribute positively, instead of bitching about the situation you helped create.
  9. Just change your password to gibberish and log out. Seems easier than being lazy waiting for someone else to solve your problem.
  10. Mkay. Get back to me when Time loses all meaning because the Void has consumed all. When all the stars have gone out, when all matter has decayed, when all the black holes have evaporated, when the universe has finally reached that stable perfection that is absolute maximum entropy, when Nothing remains, and will remain, forever. Edit: Ok, quick skim of the Sithis wiki, since I'm not deep, or at all, into ES lore. And I gotta say, these chumps don't know shit about worshiping the Void. Chaos? Death? The Void is absolute stable perfection, the truly unachievable state of the existence of non-existence. The Void is the duality of everything and nothing. This whole system is flawed if they're attributing both "light" and "order" to the same god, Anu. Light is true chaos. It's bizarre how often everyone tries to combine things like "light" and "life" with perfection and order and stability. Light and life are absolutely chaotic elements. Light is movement. Light is energy. How is it anyone can believe energy and stability can co-exist? Delusional. No. Life will end, the light will fade, and all that will be left is the darkness, as the universe slowly grinds to a halt, achieving perfect stability. Nah. The more I read, the more I think this lore doesn't remotely fit with my idea of The Void. The Void isn't a counterpart to anything. The Void is the sum of all that is and all that is not. Death is the counterpart to Life. The Void encompasses them both. The Void is Beginning and End. From the Void, the universe was ripped, chaotic and violent, and from that moment, the universe has only ever sought to return to that state of Nothing.
  11. Crazy shower thought: The Terminator story and The Matrix story is basically the same thing. The One leading The Resistance against The Machines. The Machines are able to accept their minor losses because they know the cyclical nature of events. None of the Terminators were actually meant to succeed. They were merely meant to plant their seeds in the past, guiding events to eventually lead to starting the loop all over again. Because they know Skynet can't exist without a Resistance. If they succeeded in the first movie, there wouldn't have been any more time traveling attacks, and the idea of Skynet wouldn't have come to fruition. Because dammit, if those time traveling fucks really wanted to accomplish anything, they'd be smart enough to not keep sending wave after wave at the people that are already prepared for them, and instead just go back further. Idk, man. Late night thoughts. The whole story was doomed from the start with a classic time travel paradox.
  12. The concept really isn't terrible. Unstoppable time traveling mech needs to be stopped. And, naturally, as time goes on and our own tech gets better (as well as cinematic techniques), it's to be expected that someone will look at the idea and want to make it again but bigger and badder. But, yeah, story-wise, certainly, has any of it lived up to T2? Probably not. It didn't need to continue from there. But, it's hard to deny that intrigue of "Ok, but what if the android thing could do this?!" They just needed to come up with a way to follow up on that idea, without having to ride the Terminator franchise.
  13. I still think you're mad, choosing Time over the Void to worship. Maybe someday we can wage a Holy War over it. On the other hand, I do acknowledge/respect that Time is really only one step removed from the Void. So, you're ahead of the game on that one.
  14. Water (35 L), Carbon (20 kg), Ammonia (4 L), Lime (1.5 kg), Phosphorous (800 g), Salt (250 g), Saltpeter (100 g), Sulfur (80 g), Fluorine (7.5 g), Iron (5 g), Silicon (3 g) and trace amounts of fifteen other elements.
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