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  1. I'd wager all the "stay at home" orders are going to start getting put to the test hard as weather continues to shift towards more inviting. Dunno about elsewhere, but, these parts, it hasn't exactly been "go out and mingle" weather for a while. Frankly, we prolly got lucky at the timing of this whole thing. Can you imagine how much worse this would be if it hit peak summer?
  2. Don't worry. Prezident is trying to get things back to normal as soon as possible.
  3. They already spent all of last night promoting a bunch of new shows/seasons.
  4. Lol. Bernie's not allowed to get the nomination. He's just there to scare the establishment voters into supporting the status quo.
  5. Most of the night seems to have been "These shows are premiering new seasons later this year." And I guess the occasional special like 12oz.
  6. Maybe if the Dems really fucked things up by nominating an absolute disaster..
  7. Why do writers insist on creating such one dimensional characters.
  8. Oh man, and I thought Asuna coming back put this show in a nosedive. It's gotta be a pile bunker now.
  9. The sweetest irony has been the memes that tried to paint these shortages as "a preview of socialism" (while clearly being a demonstration of capitalism), when it's the hoarders/gougers getting caught and their stash redistributed to those in need that is the actual preview of socialism.
  10. I was starting to think youtube was running out of weird shit.
  11. I would've gone with the "people don't like being lied to" angle and pulled up some juicy stats about how, evidently, republicans love being lied to.
  12. I think they call it "trickle-up economics."
  13. That might be the dumbest thing I remember him ever saying. And I remember him saying youtube should be a public utility.
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