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Hey everybody


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I went on vacation because I decided that frequenting Unevenedge in June was a little too mainstream  for my tastes, so I went to the beach to pick up some IRL OKC hotties, and it's been a pretty amazing experience. Tons of parties and sex if you're curious, ummm yeah I'm a beast.


I heard NaBraniel died and his father does the posting for his account now, well RIP, I almost had a deadly car accident myself when I was 19. Yeah btw, my birthday happened while I was gone, which was cool because I'm 27 and I just love what legal age teens bring to the table because that was yesterday for me and with my maturity and their youthful exuberance, we make a pretty damn perfect combo.


Also heard that Viper flipped out about something and held some UEMBers hostage, which is pretty standard I guess.


Anyway, this weekend's been all right, I've been playing a lot of games, channel surfing, perusing YouTube, the usual just add some sexy IRL cuties with whom I had heavenly sex into the equation, and you can kinda understand how my summer's going.



But today I started to kinda miss the UEMB, so I decided to log back in after a prolonged vacation. So... hey!  :it:

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