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  1. Who puts cilantro on steak tartare? 🤮 Also, I hope whoever came up with the elf on the shelf dies in a fire and rots in the dankest corner of hell.
  2. And this has been running through my head all morning - thanks for the earworm.
  3. I had to check, because you got me wondering about Gordon and Susan, and yeah, Maria's ok, Luis is ok, Gordon and Susan are ok, but who's minding the store?
  4. https://www.cnn.com/2022/12/04/entertainment/bob-mcgrath-obit/index.html
  5. A reminder to all: this is a thread that exists for the sole purpose of venting spleen. It is not for light, or indeed, any kind of discussion, random thought, or miscellaneous cut and paste. If you want to post something that isn't full of personal bile, put it somewhere else or start your own damn thread.
  6. Dexter wants to play. He has no clue how to, but he is intrigued, going so far as to get the board out yesterday (although not going so far as to actually read the rules). If you're really desperate, I can volunteer him.
  7. No. I think that both the user and their monitor expired simultaneously, and their bereaved loved ones don't know that the computer is on.
  8. I don't know - I had too much Halloween irl this year, so I didn't look for it here.
  9. You're late! We work on a retail schedule here - get your Santa on.
  10. Damnit, all I want to know is how long at what temperature to cook it for. I don't want your autobiography, what inspired you, what your relationship to the food in question is, or how it's linked to this special time of year. All I want is a time and a temp.
  11. Only if there was an accident with a time machine and a contraceptive.
  12. Piss off. You're not my real dad.
  13. That's pretty allergic. Please get an EpiPen - if they didn't give you a prescription, get one from your doctor.
  14. Some are born grumpy, some become grumpy, and some have grumpiness thrust upon them.
  15. The zebra was, strictly speaking, not a candy mascot. He was the mascot for Fruit Stripe gum ("Yikes! Stripes! Fruit Stripe Gum!"). He was annoying, and the gum was disappointing.
  16. the squirrels have been stealing our tomatoes.
  17. You either die a hero or live long enough to realize that you really should have planned better for retirement.
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