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  1. Um, I'm not 20, and I think of thongs as underwear. But then again, I call the footwear flipflops.
  2. You know, the sooner we all just leave and don't come back, the sooner it'll all be over. You go first.
  3. Actually, it is. After 30, a woman's chance of conception decrease every year.
  4. Not to be confused with not sane viper. Anyway, 🍻🎂🍻 @viperxmns
  5. Looking at today's birthdays and seeing that the birthday person is younger than my kids.
  6. My stepmother had the actual virus not quite a year ago, and she says that coffee still tastes horrible. I'll put up with whatever the booster brings as long as I can still enjoy the nectar of the gods.
  7. I want to see enhanced scurry.
  8. My grandfather's was the 23rd. Just really tired as well. No aches (except at the injection site), but I think that I could sleep until Tuesday.
  9. My dad did, and that's also my younger daughter's wedding anniversary. Also, got my booster yesterday, and it hurts worse than a Tdap.
  10. Good luck. As of yesterday, I'm five weeks post-op from an incisional hernia repair - here's hoping that your recovery is as uneventful as mine has been.
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