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  1. Redwall is excellent. @bnmjy Are The Chronicles of Amber still in print? As I recall, that was pretty good. Also, have you read the complete Hitchhiker's trilogy?
  2. Pish tosh on your typewriter - I have a quill pen.
  3. Quite possibly, but it's not like I'm going to get verifiable lab or scan reports. I suppose I could accept something showing upper body wasting and a swollen abdomen. (Yeah, it's sad to be this cynical, but it's the result of having been played like a Stradivarius one too many times.)
  4. Being the insensitive bitch that I am, how do you plan to pay for this? Or were the defaulted student loans also part of the schtick?
  5. Never. You've seen more of @katt_goddess's face than you'll ever see of mine. If it's the limitations of selfies that you're pointing out, I'm willing to concede to a point, but I've seen some impressive photos of injuries on here that were actually fairly detailed, and nicely colored.
  6. Because some of the areas of thinner skin on the face are almost as easy as the actual sclera to determine jaundice on - I have Gilbert's, and when I get jaundiced, it's not just my eyes that get yellow.
  7. That's not quite close enough. Could you take a close-up of your face, preferably under natural light? It's almost dark on the east coast, so tomorrow is fine.
  8. I found a can of green beans in the freezer last night, probably frozen solid. (Don't ask me why it was in there, even though there's a distinct possibility that I'm the guilty party, because I don't know.) I took it out of the freezer and put it in the sink, where it has thawed. The question is, is it worth keeping? I think it's safe to open - I mean, if it was going to explode, it'd have done so in the freezer, right? But will the contents be intact or will the combined effects of canning, freezing, and thawing have turned green beans into green slime?
  9. 🍻🍻🎂🎂🍻🍻 Happy birthday, dudes!
  10. It's all fun and games until....
  11. There are several of us here with the same illness who manage to be generally civilized. I fully understand that bipolar is a continuum, not a single entity, but I'm willing to stack up my chart against hers any day in order to prove that the diagnosis is not a free pass to be an asshole. Edit: When I'm an asshole, it's generally because I'm an asshole, not because I'm bipolar.
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