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  1. Everything you touch, you destroy.
  2. Allergies aren't from us killing the planet. They're from the planet trying to kill us. (Self-defense all the way, Your Honor.)
  3. Beg to differ. Rye or pumpernickel - the sourness contrasts perfectly with the sweetness of the jelly and the mild saltiness of the peanut butter.
  4. What you walked into was fuggs posting about 10% of a fact and me being unable to deal with ghostie before being adequately caffeinated. Now you know.
  5. You're late - I've been eligible for a while now.
  6. Then reply to her. Better yet, don't - go make a video. Your loyal subscribers (including me) wait in despair.
  7. He can still piss off if he can't learn to reply appropriately. His post immediately followed mine, and I'm too fucking old to read his mind.
  8. Piss off, ghostie. If I posted them, you wouldn't read them anyway.
  9. Mine too, although 30 is way in the rearview mirror. Happy birthday to us!
  10. Then stop disseminating faulty information... Most of the decreased risks of female reproductive cancers and breast cancers from childbearing only apply to grand multiparas (women who have had 5 or more babies). And it has no effect on cervical cancer, which is the 4th most common cancer diagnosed in women world wide.
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