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  1. Well, I may abuse judicial power, so it's all fine with me - I see a volcano or a golf course in Orlando in my future either way.
  2. I'd rather not be eaten by sharks or alligators, ok? Volcano is ok, though, or I'm fine being forced to play golf during a Florida - tier thunderstorm.
  3. Sugar in spaghetti sauce: my mother used to do it, maybe a couple of tablespoons in a pot. I don't, and I don't miss it. Sugar in grits: what is wrong with people? Never! Sour cream in chili: depends on the chili, depends on the day. Cranberry sauce on a hamburger: this sounds like something one would crave while pregnant.
  4. What I'm waiting for is "Honk if you love Jesus" in old Norse, and her being none the wiser.
  5. Not only are you ignorant and ethnocentric, you're rude and childish. I'm not disappointed.
  6. Stop with the Karen, you ignorant ethnocentric twat. Goggle "Karen conflict" and educate yourself.
  7. There are three things that one should never do in a language in which one lacks native proficiency: tell a joke, cast a spell, or get a tattoo.
  8. So I guess this means that I don't get your stuff?
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