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  1. I have a mental picture of you looking like the "after" in a Wiley Coyote plan, holding the remains of a chainsaw clearly labeled "ACME."
  2. I know you didn't get bit by a fire ant, but now all I can think of is Sorry - I spent the 90's with pits on my feet from fire ant bites.
  3. What was it that Zeni used to say about restraining orders?
  4. So do a review. You can stand in front of the camera and just say "it is fucking good." It wouldn't be as interesting as your views on The Cabinet of Dr Caligari were, but I'd give you a thumbs up for effort.
  5. A survey is a perfectly reasonable and constructive suggestion for OP's question. Not that you would be familiar with either of those concepts...
  6. You should put up a survey.
  7. Thanks, but it's not the same - I want to go into a diatribe about the sad history of the Karen and the inadvertant use of an ethnic slur in the middle of the grocery store.
  8. I kind of wish somebody would call me a Karen. It would be fun.
  9. And you're about two years late on a video. Birthday's over, ghostie - get to work! 😡
  10. Live long and prosper. Edit: 🖖 I did not know this existed.
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