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  1. Well, to be fair, they weren't the greatest pictures, but Mom made Tang so we could feel like we were there.
  2. Enjoy the peace and quiet.
  3. I thought that that was plain dynamite. Shrapnel makes for poor eating - it's like hunting deer with a shot gun, and you could break a tooth on it.
  4. Out of curiosity, exactly what are the commercial and/or agricultural applications of a pipe bomb?
  5. First it was peanuts, then it was tree nuts, and now it's applesauce. It'd be worth a full-blown rant if non-political topics mattered any more.
  6. Military hottie is asking for a good dose of Talk No Jutsu.
  7. Rice and beans are a lot cheaper than bologna. Usually healthier, too, depending on how they're cooked.
  8. And what if your plate number is visible on one of the circulating videos?
  9. Poor baby....I hope they have something positive to offer.
  10. "Well, I'm not sure what your exact question is, but I'd be happy to help if you'd share it with me." Said in cheeriest possible customer service voice while doodling pictures of bombs, knives, and poison bottles on scratch pad.
  11. My younger daughter is the same way. Cooked yes, raw no way in hell. And thanks.
  12. Have you ever tried chives instead? (It may seem a strange question, but I know people who dislike onions but like chives.)
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