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  1. But does one judge an author by who he influences, or on who influenced him? (Genuine question, born of ignorance - I took exactly one English course in college.)
  2. Can you really consider Nabakov an American writer, though? (Just because the plot of Lolita sounds vaguely like the illegitimate offspring of Chris Hansen and Jerry Springer doesn't make it an American novel, even if Jeremy Kyle is off the air.)
  3. Get the stick - you can paint the jeep. I drove a stick in Orlando for about 5 years. It's not a big deal even in traffic once you get back in the groove. (Granted, it was a Saturn, which was very forgiving, but still...)
  4. To heck with the color, get the stick.
  5. You get a like because we don't have an "ohgodno" reaction for the thought of a bucket of crickets , but ohgodno 😱
  6. Could be worse. At least crickets aren't spiders.
  7. They'll probably constipate the ever loving shit out of one (so to speak).
  8. He's tanned, he's rested, he's ready....
  9. I think that those are one of the gifts that you get when you join AARP (along with a handy pill organizer and an attractive fanny pack), so sometime after 55. (Haven't joined, so can't actually confirm.)
  10. I hope that I live long enough to watch Gen Z mock you.
  11. Report cards are in - I am passing 3rd grade!
  12. Post-op gas. I have taken care of women who've had kids and kidney stones; all of them told me that kidney stones were a lot worse.
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