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  1. I thought I meet the confident person in the world for a second
  2. While I was waiting for my food Me: You have a nice voice Her: Yeah! She said with a slightly furrowed brow like she was annoyed *me slightly taken back by her response* Her: Wait did you just ask if I was in high school? Me: No, I said you have a nice voice. Her face turned red and she thanked me
  3. Google tule fog It has nothing to do with Christmas
  4. It's like a warm blanket
  5. Should we do a social media campaign to get it on adult swim?
  6. Naw if you are waiting for it would still being rain once it's done or has stopped for a short time then it's ran
  7. It ran earlier today If it somehow slips into someone else's vernacular while I continue to rained I will be amused Also ran is the past tense of run so should be able to make work
  8. Glad my brain is finding new creative and innovative ways to be stupid 😅
  9. Well my family has some Croatian members and a uncle of my mother's would always get ones close to Wiejska We had to shop around to find one similar when another butcher had closed down and my cousin found a place that had one The place called it smoked pork link though and they sold what they called Kielbasa but it tasted more like a hot dog
  10. Wiejska is the only type I've ever known and store bought is pretty close flavor wise
  11. @tsar4 I sorry if it came off that I'm mad at you. Because I am not, I'm mad that Apple Chicken Sausage exists!
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