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  1. Well they are lose fitting and look nice if that is what you are trying to say
  2. Not very you don't think Genetically Modified Limes exist
  3. I've abandoned all hope with thread I did enjoy the grammar lesson Usually people aren't that nice about I really appreciate the way you conduct yourself
  4. But I don't see any of the other guys wearing them Also that girl over there looks really pissed that we are basically wearing the same outfit 😥
  5. JeNewBee


    And nothing else No funny business
  6. This is why I can't have nice things I didn't even notice the title till right now I was on looking in op and not looking at the title
  7. No where in my op did I say that word
  8. Wait Why is everyone saying tip? I said head as in mind
  9. WHO'S ON!!!!?!!?
  10. Also my Alcohol tolerance might be ass right now
  11. But dramatic in your head So exhausting Also self loathing loser who can't stand self loathing losers
  12. You can be wrong somewhere else
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