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  1. No everyone was around my age also Property it at was huge
  2. That is at someone's house So if you don't see me on here in the next couple of days I'm probably missing a kidney or dead So don't worry
  3. When they come to your town who are they with?
  4. Don't you remember your going to be sick the following day after they are in town
  5. It was such a good show The opening act was Cunts and they were pretty good Hepa-Titus was after them didn't really care for that much Melvins were on last and they were so freaking good I've seen them once before but the last time the opening band wasn't good at all
  6. Wait I thought Cau was Gordon
  7. 😢get going I never liked you Leave!
  8. Just have to wait longer I guess
  9. Like as in lives in Scotland and wears a kilt
  10. I'm sorry could you say that again. It's hard to pay attention to what your mouth is saying because of the beautiful face it is attached to
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