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  1. So what you're saying is that you hang out with a bunch of goddamn idiots. Got it.
  2. Not a surprise at all. Hopefully everyone affected gets their services restored as soon as possible.
  3. What degree of basic bitch does it take to keep crawling your way back to a place that despises you?
  4. I've long since given up the idea that Jingo is being paid to advance an agenda he doesn't believe in. He just really is that fucking stupid.
  5. Aww, widdle fascist scum is tilted that the treason's being called out.
  6. Y'know I always make incest jokes about MAGAts, but sometimes the material just writes itself.
  7. The 20 of us who just got infected in one shot a few weeks ago raise a hearty middle finger to that "evidence."
  8. Wooooooo. A bit bummed that we're not getting the other half of AssClass right away, but it's good to know that we will in the future. Also it's not hard to figure out why Toonami aired the first two seasons of Food Wars back-to-back but is giving AssClass a break in-between. Sentai had just announced the license for season 3 right around when the block started airing it, so it'd be good promotion for their release of the next part. I don't remember if they'd released season 3 by the time that season 2's run finished, but I think it was pretty close, and they may not have had the broadcast rights worked out at the time. In contrast, AssClass is a pretty deep catalog title for FUNi at this point, so there's not really anything that'd be promoted by continuing on with it immediately.
  9. Oh no he is absolutely that crazy.
  10. I wish to know more of these antifa sluts. For, uh, research purposes. Yes.
  11. That woman is entirely too chill about the situation.
  12. Why the fuck did someone not blow Brady's knees out during the first game of the playoffs. What does it take for people to learn?
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