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  1. She called the doctor "Longshanks" and that amuses me greatly. Also I think she used the word "ken" at one point. Fantastic.
  2. Heh, I should have figured a few of those were givens. I've been watching series with a group of friends for over a decade, so let me think of some of the good stuff we've done more recently...I feel legally obligated to recommend Jojo's Bizarre Adventure to any and all comers if you haven't seen that on Toonami. Same goes for My Hero Academia, which is just a super-good shounen. For not-block stuff, Made in Abyss is a fantastic slice of horror dressed up in a really cute coat of paint. Land of the Lustrous is a fun show with far and away the best CGI usage I've ever seen in an anime series. Girls' Last Tour is a really chill yet thought-provoking series, really similar to Kino's Journey in tone if you're familiar with that one. And if you do like psychological stuff, you absolutely owe it to yourself to check out Ikuhara's works. Revolutionary Girl Utena is an absolute all-time classic series, and his more recent works Mawaru Penguindrum, Yurikuma Arashi, and the just-aired Sarazanmai all do some really crazy stuff with gender and sense of self and all sorts of fun weird shit.
  3. You've got some really great stuff on the to-watch list. There's a wide range of genres there, but just going by things you've already seen, if you liked Kill la Kill you should definitely give Gurren Lagann a try, since it's by the same creative staff and very much in the same crazy over-the-top vein. Similarly, if you got a kick out of Hellsing Ultimate's ultraviolence then Black Lagoon is an awesome action show. On the cerebral side of things, Serial Experiments Lain is a classic psychological show that has a bit of the same mood as Ergo Proxy, and definitely get Paranoia Agent in there for a different sort of psychological take. Oh, and Bebop, because Bebop.
  4. That would imply that bucket had any functional thought processes in the first place.
  5. For once in your self-absorbed life fuck off and stop making every goddamn thread about yourself.
  6. Fuggs, does it take conscious effort to act like complete human garbage? Asking for a friend.
  7. So you're a big enough attention whore that now you need to peddle your bullshit in someone else's thread about them being admitted to the hospital. Well done.
  8. How big's your chub when you watch these Nazis, cucket? Half, full, or ready to pop?
  9. Try buying Aniplex releases from region B (UK/AUS). I bought a number of their series that way to avoid their bullshit pricing, and even with international shipping on some of them, I still paid a fraction. There are software means of getting around region locks, or you can buy a dedicated drive/player if you're really hardcore.
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