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  1. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. I hope he's able to get whatever help he needs.
  2. Motherfucking PJ Media quoting some YouTube douchebag. That's the best you can give me. Lol.
  3. Those "rumors" have been bandied about by foaming-at-the-mouth incels for a few years, and they have as little actual weight to them as they did then. The Last Jedi was still a very profitable movie that won a ton of critical acclaim, and it pissed people off because it did something fresh and different with the franchise (and because most people have no goddamn ability to recognize how a character can change over decades). The only real crime of the sequel trilogy is that JJ Abrams can't plan shit to save his life so he inserted a bunch of shiny mystery boxes like he always does that were never going to plan out. Rian Johnson choosing to blissfully ignore most of them was the best choice he could have made at the time. I will always hold that it was one of the best things to happen to the franchise as a whole since Empire, and I'm still pissed that Abrams gave into the alt-right bullshit and walked back a lot of what Johnson did.
  4. I enjoyed the first season well enough for what it was, so I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes from here.
  5. Honestly I wish more manga series would have separate artist/writer roles, because they're very different skillsets. Tell me that Bleach wouldn't have been massively improved if Kubo had just handled the overall concept and artwork and let someone else handle the writing.
  6. So it's actually really good but people have fucking horrible taste?
  7. That particular case aside, I think one massive advantage manga has over mainline superhero comics is that the latter are almost completely impenetrable to newcomers, because there isn't one single entry point where they can jump in and get caught up to speed. The big hero series seem like they're caught in this constant tug-of-war between respecting decades-old continuity and reinventing themselves, and every decade or so they pull this big sprawling reset event sprawling across multiple titles that's incomprehensible to all but the most hardcore fans. In contrast most manga series are a single self-contained storyline, so it's far easier to jump in at the beginning and go from there.
  8. Between this and the other thread you really need to stop reading posts by people who are dumb as bricks. Also it wouldn't shock me in the least if OP maintains its lead pretty much indefinitely. When we get close to the finale, people in Japan are going to be buying back volumes like crazy to catch up. Meanwhile just about no one buys superhero comics anymore.
  9. Hey, if anyone over there is still reading, eat an entire barrel of dicks!
  10. When you think about the fact that Batman has been drawn by literally hundreds of different artists over 90 years, while One Piece was one man accomplishing the same feat in less than 25. Also, the numbers for US comics indicate sales of single-issue floppies, so when you consider sales by pagecount One Piece is absolutely destroying them.
  11. What sort of chodes ban somebody over completely-innocuous comments made on another site? Tell the assholes to get bent.
  12. I was just in Kohl's and saw both an Avatar AND a Naruto shirt in their graphic tees section, soooooo...🤷‍♂️
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