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  1. Fairy Tail is what happens when someone wants to be Oda really really badly but doesn't have a fraction of his skillset.
  2. Super was no less pants-on-head stupid than the majority of DBZ. Hell, it even lampshaded its own stupidity on a regular basis.
  3. I feel like I always gave Hot Topic a wide berth while walking through the mall.
  4. I could see female athletes potentially excelling in baseball, if there was any sort of developmental path for them to get there. And Carli Lloyd's viral kicking session showed that, hey, at the very least that's a thing that women could clearly do as well as men given the chance. (There have been a few women who have already played in D1 college football.) There will always be roles where your average female athlete will probably not be able to compete on equal footing with your average male athlete, but by the same token there are exceptional female athletes out there who could easily stand toe-to-toe with your average male professional from a physical standpoint.
  5. I'm glad GunStarHero brought up Caster Semenya's case, because it shows just how complex this topic is before you even get to transgender individuals, and how there aren't any easy answers. Not to mention the toll it takes on the individuals involved: Semenya got her most intimate personal details dragged in front of an international audience, and no matter how you feel about the outcome, the way her case was handled was an utter disgrace.
  6. Only among incels spreading around crackpot YouTube videos with BIG YELLOW TEXT SO YOU KNOW THEY'RE LEGIT.
  7. You mean the total bullshit that was discredited by pretty much everyone who works at FUNi as soon as the claim was made?
  8. I just think it's a shame because I don't want to be assed to watch it on my own time.
  9. I genuinely think that Boruto has been more entertaining than at least parts of Naruto. He's faaaar less insufferable than Naruto was at his age, at the very least.
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