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  1. YouTube videos in signatures

    I think I've ignored like 95% of the sigs on here because no one got the memo that images in sigs stopped being cool around 2007.
  2. speaking of barbie

    Some of those that work forces...
  3. Didn't even make it to next Tuesday, did he?
  4. Biden v Trump

    Whoever wins, we lose.
  5. It's hilarious watching him flail around like a toddler on a sugar bender.
  6. What degree do you hold exactly? Oh yes, a B.A. in Shit-Mopping. More on-topic, yeah it's a goddamn shame when fascist scum can't spread hate speech on a privately-owned platform. A real fucking tragedy.
  7. Sibling-fucking is rampant in Bucket's family tree.
  8. Walmart using robots for janitors

    The trash cans at the local mall open automatically and thank me when I dump stuff in. They're already doing a better job than Packard.
  9. It all makes sense now

    From the same article, circa 2016: "A recent statement by Moody’s Investment Analysts suggested that the city could run out of money “within weeks,” unless the New Jersey passes a bill that would allow the state to intervene in the resort town’s affairs." No wonder the chucklefuck thinks Jersey is out of money. He looks at what happened to his shithole of a city and assumes it applies to everywhere else.
  10. Oh man, he actually played the card. Self-awareness, thy name is Jingo.
  11. This is the exact equivalent of " one of my best friends is gay!". Maybe you were better off hiding and liking racist posts.
  12. You out yourself every day as fascist trash. So unless you're the one doing the misinforming...
  13. "Bucket pops pills" is another fine example.