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  1. That's awful. :( He had such a rough run of health issues. I'm no DBZ fan, but his performance as Frieza was just inspired.
  2. Seriously, the only people who still watch the block are boomers like us who are in it for life.
  3. It'll be nice to get some fresh blood in the lineup, even if it's just new seasons of older shows. I had a lot of fun with AssClass but kind of forgot about it since, so hopefully we get the rest of that. A bit longer-term but the second half (part?) of AoT's final season was just announced to start in January so that seems a safe bet in a few months.
  4. So there's also this: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2021-10-07/baki-manga-crowdfunds-creation-of-life-size-underground-fighting-arena/.178180
  5. I just had the thought that "Batman Ninja" absolutely sounds like something Hank Venture came up with.
  6. Ninja please. Srsly though I'm down for Batman Ninja, and Under the Red Hood is supposedly one of the very best DC animated movies.
  7. Those two things you said were awesome though.
  8. Kind of hilarious how they just made the highest-grossing anime movie of all time completely superfluous. Way to be, guys!
  9. I own one singular manga: the hardcover set of Nausicaa. Everything else is animu.
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