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  1. Viz announced that they had the rights to it late last year. I can't imagine that this Disney+ deal supersedes that. It may even be a Japan-only streaming thing.
  2. Can't say I ever had any sort of urge to do so. I don't even want to imagine the crew that works at the one place that's around here.
  3. ...Jesus. I have never felt shittier for people that were just trying to brutally murder the main characters moments earlier.
  4. I'd occasionally buy stuff from FUNi's own store when they had big bundle deals during holiday sales and such. If they have the same deals there I'd buy there too.
  5. 60% of the time, they work every time.
  6. Not a bad idea to throw on a Made in Abyss rerun given that the second season is currently airing.
  7. I think Toonami's best bet at this point is in reaching out to the Japanese production companies directly (or those companies reaching out to them), as was apparently the case with One Piece and probably Gundam. I'm sure for a lot of these companies there's still a prestige factor to getting your product to air on linear TV internationally, and [as] has long working relationships with some of them.
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