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  1. Nothing about what they've said is an over-exaggeration.
  2. So I take it you fully support people going without life-saving medication to be able to afford putting food on the table? Or people delaying treatment for major health issues because they can't afford to do so, only to wind up with irreversible consequences? Because if that's the world you willingly want to live in, kindly bend over and fuck your own face.
  3. Bucket you really don't have to keep reminding us you're completely retarded. We're big boys and girls. We can remember basic facts.
  4. Yeah man, not going bankrupt when you have a major health issue is motherfucking terrifying shit.
  5. Gee it sure would be great if the structures and funding set up several years ago to handle situations like this still existed, wouldn't it? Wonder what happened to those.
  6. Everything about that headline is fucking horrifying.
  7. Aww, triggered by a few downvotes? Poor snowflake.
  8. Even worse is needing to shit right after you take a shower.
  9. ITT bucket failed high school biology. ITT lol bucket.
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