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  1. It was my younger brother's game so I'd just fool around with it a bit, but I think he wound up having BIte for anything that was strong against water, and Water Gun/Hydro Pump for anything that was weak to it. That thing was a steamroller.
  2. My brother got through all of Blue with a single overleveled Blastoise, so you shut your damn mouth.
  3. The viewer bumps were always really cool. In terms of programming, though, it had to be the Toonami April Fools stunt. They even led in with the first few minutes of The Room, and then a hard cut to TOM saying "Ohai [adult swim]!" The scary part is that I've now been watching the block for about as long with the Toonami packaging as I did with the old Action label, even though the latter feels like it lasted way way longer.
  4. It's been 6 years since this thread was made (HOW), and looking back since my last post, what I really miss the most is the place itself, and still being able to access it. Among all the nonsense, I made some well-thought-out megaposts about different series and episodes (or at least I thought they were at the time). I know there was one gigantic one I made trying to explain what was going on in Big O. Unfortunately I never thought about throwing those in a Word document, so unless they happen to be in whatever the Wayback Machine crawled through, they're probably gone for good. It's a strange feeling, since there are a few still-running forums I'm on where I can go back and find my very first posts from around 2003...not that I actually want to read what cringelord teenage me was writing back then, but at least they're still out there. I'd also love to reminisce about some of the events and memes and stuff that I only half-remember. People are making all of these references in here, and I know I lived through some of them, but I can tell I'm getting older because I only remember vague snippets about them. (Hell, some days everything pre-Covid feels like a deluded fever dream.) That's even true for more recent stuff...I was thinking the other day about how Luuv's first invitation was to that FreeForums (?) site, but I don't even remember what it looked like or exactly when we jumped over here. It'd be cool to put together some sort of community history timeline, so people could see exactly when certain things happened or check out screenshots of what the boards looked like during various eras. One thing I don't miss was the silly folder cliques. Everyone was weird about staying in their own little silos on the ASMB, and there are a bunch of cool people I only met after I moved here, even though we'd probably posted on the same forum for a solid decade.
  5. Welcome, fellow sudden furry!
  6. The archaic production committee system Japan still uses means there are a ton of figures in every anime pie, and there are probably different companies involved with the OVA. They may not even offer broadcast rights to international licensors.
  7. I think it's pretty obvious that we're not supposed to buy in to what's happened to them right now. Emma was clearly set up as an object of sympathy and/or horror with how her life was ripped away from her. It wasn't okay, and we're meant to think it wasn't okay. There's definitely going to be a lot more going on with her character moving forward, and I'm interested in seeing where Genndy takes her. Likewise, Edred is meant to come across as a dickbag, because like Poke said he doesn't realize that something's off this time, and here's this woman he's loved across millennia suddenly not knowing he exists. I'll give him a bit of benefit of the doubt for now. And then Alfie...well, Alfie is tripping balls. Interesting that he's the only one of the three who sees to have a separate consciousness from the original Seng. At any rate, color me intrigued by the first two episodes. I'm seriously digging the aesthetic here, such a cool classic-feeling style. Genndy is an absolute master at taking bits of inspiration from disparate genres and smashing them together into an entertaining whole. Forcible soul transfers aside, I love our robot fren Copernicus.
  8. Hell yeah Dr. Stone. Assuming this doesn't include the canon between-seasons OVA though, since those never seem like they're up for grabs.
  9. I think you're misunderstanding some of the ideas of relativity here. There are two main types of "time dilation" (i.e. time appearing to move differently in another object compared to a local observer) that are consequences of relativity. Special relativity shows that a clock moving relative to an observer will seem like it's running slower than a clock in the observer's frame of reference. And via general relativity, a clock in a weaker gravitational field (for instance, in orbit vs. on the Earth's surface) will appear to run faster than one in a stronger gravitational field. However, in both of those cases, we're talking about the apparent elapsed time relative to another frame of reference, hence the name. When we talk about needing to make adjustments to GPS to account for relativity, it's because all of the satellites involved are moving relative to the Earth's surface and each other, and they're all in a weaker gravitational field, and GPS depends on making very precise measurements of signal times to determine your position. It doesn't make any sense to say that our body's cells would experience discrepancies when in a particular environment, because at any given moment our entire bodies are essentially all in the same frame of reference, and are thus experiencing the flow of time in the same way. I mean I guess you could say that the cells in your head are experiencing a very smaller amount of gravity than those in your feet, but that effect would be so minuscule as to not even matter. (Fun fact: due to these effects, astronauts who have stayed on the ISS for long periods of time have technically aged slightly less than those of us on the ground, but even being in space for a solid year would cause a discrepancy of only a tiny fraction of a second. Just...do yourself a favor and don't dig into the twins paradox.)
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