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  1. thanks we can connect our phones to the tv and watch youtube on our 40 inch so ive been watching the video clips with her but i have no idea whats going on
  2. why would i ship it before i got payment. jesus. ok this place is useless. as usual.
  3. give me a breakdown. its not scarring my child for life or anything, is it?
  4. shes not playing it. just watching 100s of youtube videos about it and talking about it and drawing it.
  5. my kid is obsessed. is it bad for 8 year olds?
  6. well theres crack stuffed in the box, too -but that was a door prize
  7. Think dude was born the same year as me! He deconstructs all my favorite songs!
  8. I wont have time. Seeing my therapist, doctor and taking my daughter to get her hair done THEN going out of town that day.
  9. I wont be at work for the salsa and sombreros
  10. Most of my difficult calls are entitle white folks. Just now i had an agent escalate and asked for a supervisor because he scratched thru a name on a beneficiary form and i told him he needs to send in a new form. Supervisor tells him the same thing and he tells her he is going to send in the same form again with the initials of the policy owner. They think they can dictate how businesses are run. Same kind of people that complain about prices to employees as if employees have any power over prices!
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