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  1. I’ve been taking living below sea level for granted. Being on a road without barriers that prevent you from falling off a cliff is a nightmare of mine.
  2. Even the subtitles for the movie Ratcatcher couldn’t keep up with the regional Scottish.
  3. I’ve got it preordered. Dynasty Warriors games are nice to unwind with, and I need more Urbosa & Impa.
  4. Haven’t seen the original, but it looks promising. I’m more familiar with GoHands based on K and Coppelion, and I enjoy the “too damn bright” art style they’ve done for themselves. Their plots aren’t the best, but with pre-existing source material from CLAMP, I think this time around, it’s GoHands’ time to shine.
  5. To add to this, I used to save money by eating a Grapefruit and dry plain Cheerios for lunch. It gave me a lot of extra pocket money, but produce in general tends to be higher end so I didn’t lump all the grapefruit in with the canned/frozen foods you could get for even less.
  6. I only coffee enema with David Lynch Signature Cup Organic Espresso coffee.
  7. The closest to the panhandle I’ve gotten was Tallahassee, but Pensacola sounds like Alabama’s distant relative.
  8. It’d depend on what ATHF was able to do to get the Dickesode passed through.
  9. Nah, everything north of Jensen Beach is redneck central and even the southern part of it isn’t safe from hurricanes or the forbidden fruit that is bath salt.
  10. Jiro_Dreams

    Genshin Impact

    Venti never coming home from my pulls slowed down my interest in the game. Sometimes I pop in for a couple minutes with my characters, but it doesn’t take too long for me to switch to a different game.
  11. I knew of the one where he made a Star Trek fan series with himself as Captain Kirk, but this just made my day. Wonder if any more of it leaked at any point or if it's regulated to after-dark convention screenings. Judging from the other actors, I can assume some of the other VA's got involved too in their best "Girugamesh" form. After typing all this out, I went sleuthing around and found more on it: https://lostmediawiki.com/Fullmetal_Fantasy_(lost_Fullmetal_Alchemist_short_film;_2005) It automatically feels like a trip back to 2005 reading about MySpace pictures and con viewings. According to this, its only official release outside of con viewings was if you bought the Vic Mignogna Live in Concert DVD and got to the Extras where you could watch the fan film along with his 1993 Star Search audition.
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