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  1. Some yes, some no. Some are still airing the new season I'm watching.
  2. Yeah I'm watching tons of shows and anime. I'm actually pretty far behind right now, need to get to streaming.
  3. Lol, thinking others won't make threads anyways.
  4. No sad, just stop.
  5. Sure! Also, sleep running is a plus, I need to lose weight.
  6. I wish I had beer, sigh...
  7. Lol, people still watch that shit.
  8. I'm finally just working from home, looking forward to not getting dressed to work...
  9. Good thing I don't actually know how to cook so vegetables aren't something I order.
  10. I hope you don't too. My company hasn't said to yet but my boss said today we can work from home if we want, so I took all my shit work me today lol.
  11. There would be no difference for me to just stay home and watch shows and anime, other than work that's all I ever do.
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