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  1. You say that, and yet you have Sealab in your signature. Curious!
  2. I remember my reaction to that perfectly. "Welp, guess it's time to delete this recording off my-wait where's the content rating." And then the rest of the story happened. Personally, it's a tie between on-air accidents (which were better in hindsight than in the moment, barring when that episode of SAO froze up) and the April Fools' stunts in general.
  3. Nah, Roger and Gunners are different people.
  4. And tonight, you can too. 12:00 - Unicorn: Warriors Eternal #5 - The Past Within - TV-PGV 12:30 - Unicorn: Warriors Eternal #1 - The Awakening - TV-PGV 1:00 - Unicorn: Warriors Eternal #2 - The Awakening, Part 2 - TV-PGV 1:30 - Unicorn: Warriors Eternal #3 - A Fateful Encounter - TV-PGV 2:00 - Unicorn: Warriors Eternal #4 - What Lies Beneath - TV-PGV 2:30 - Unicorn: Warriors Eternal #5 - The Past Within - TV-PGV
  5. Action Discussion, all the way. I hung in IB for a while, but it just wasn't for me.
  6. Gotta wonder at what point you realized I was legit...
  7. No shit, really? Well I was in middle school back then...
  8. First account: posting in the Dear Adult Swim thread two different times in the same night with a spoiler-filled question in the hopes they'd answer immediately after the offending episode's TV broadcast. Second account: lying about being over 18 so I could use the private messaging function, which was necessary for a Death Note fanfic character submission happening on the boards. If I had known my character would be killed off after three chapters of their being present, I wouldn't have bothered. Third account: linking to a site containing hentai imagery (without knowing there was hentai on that side) because I was worried an article I read on another website I knew was not safe for linking on the boards was right in that my computer could be remotely turned into a bomb. Learning experiences.
  9. I've finally reached SwimLegend status at long last and I can't even see it. Not that I really mind it, having custom ranks is cooler.
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