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  1. It all comes down to what they personally want vs. what he gives them. Sometimes it's the simple stupidity of Demarco not knowing of or even outright disliking a show they personally want to see on Toonami, or one they think would be a good fit, if not one they think would bring in viewers. Other times it's his attitude when he approaches the harsher critics of the block. Surely some of you remember all the times he called people on ask.fm "armchair quarterbacks" and "diaper babies". Not to mention the aforementioned "cutting 3 hours off the block in 2015" and "moving MHA premieres to 3:30 AM" scenarios, where he said people weren't watching them where they were. And then there are the horny bastards who dislike his distaste for meaningless fanservice, which is why they're always quick to blame him whenever Turner S&P censors anything sexual, up to and including rumored extra fanservice scenes in the FLCL sequels he personally requested be removed. Personally, I don't have any serious problem with Demarco. He's doing his best, he's doing his best well, and whenever I actually see the guy talk out of his own mouth, he seems reasonable enough that I don't feel threatened by what the hater crowd sees in him. But for as much as I abhor the whole "TOONAMI IS DYING MY DUDES" movement, it's kinda fun - for a socially maladjusted pseudo-freak like myself, at least - to rag on him indirectly, hyping him up to be a delusional hypocrite secretly seeking the death of Toonami through picking up increasingly predictable Shounen Jump adaptations and other actions with good reason behind the apparent nonsense. I like to think it was this exact meme that pushed so many people towards the cult of Demarco dislike. So yeah. There's plenty of reason those who dislike Demarco dislike him so, and why they act more "in touch" with what the audiences of today want compared to him, the guy who's been in the industry for 25+ years. I may give him shit time and again, but it's almost entirely done ironically. I respect what he's trying to do, and I say he keep on doing it, no matter how many roadblocks 2020 throws in his way.
  2. I think Batman might also be a way for them to avoid rerunning Black Clover when they run out of premiere episodes on deck, like what they did with MHA.
  3. Before COVID, I meant. Don't lump me in with those all-caps, poorly-worded English-speaking "weebs", even inadvertently.
  4. My guess is, air something that isn't obviously predictable or aligned with his own interests. Or just stop blaming the viewership for Toonami's cuts and extreme timeslot changes for shows (i.e. MHA S3).
  5. There's just something inherently funny about an 11 year-old with Asperger's who doesn't even know he has Asperger's yet having to sit through an edited-down version of a mid-00s pop-rock song, shifting and twitching like a ticking time bomb with no one to vent to in the moment because it would be disruptive, all because the people in charge got the name of a song he occasionally listened to wrong. It also shows how out-of-touch people can be about music when they can't even get the names of popular songs right. VENTO AUREO - Even as someone who's not all that bothered by petplay, Cioccolata and Secco's relationship is kinda freaking me out. (I blame the super-fast "good boys".) Uhh, did you miss the part where he asked Giorno how Narancia was doing? Seriously Trish now's not the time to bitch about this sorta thing. Oh shit, we pocket dimensions now. And also treadclimbers. "My gun, my STAND abilities!" Phasing through solid matter is an underrated ability, even if you're being subjected to it. Maybe they are, it's hard to tell with the whole petplay angle. SHIT COUNT: 2. IT'S MURDERIN' TIME! Goddang gimp acrobatics. No one knows what Bucciarati is thinking. ARI ARI ARI. Eh, I might watch more than just Gotham Knight, but I'm probably still gonna watch just Gotham Knight. One of the worst things that could possibly ever happen to someone is the inability to communicate, especially to oneself. RERO RERO RERO. Oh shit, he really can speak legibly. And so Bucciarati's team escaped... but the worst was yet to come. Mm, so the plot thickens. And it thickens even further. Yeah, I'd hate to check my own pulse and find out I have none too. WHELP. I get that you're a temporary zombie and all now, but you could at least patch up that wound so it doesn't weird anyone out. IT'S RAINING MOLD! As if Giorno saying it outright wasn't enough, here's some senseless civilian deaths to prove further that Cioccolata's evil would make even DIO and Kira feel uncomfortable. Aw shit, Secco's back. I normally don't ship yaoi couples, but damn if this show isn't giving me that temptation with Giorno and Mista. TEAMWORK, FUCK YEAH. Meanwhile, here's a Reddit thread with links to galleries showing off that one time Crunchyroll accidentally posted this episode with subs from the Fruits Basket reboot. Goddammit Hibana a comment like that is exactly the reason why it's so hard for me to pick a side between either loving or hating you. BLACK CLOVER - I miss when this show used to have previous-episode recaps before the opening theme. Looks like Gauche and Grey are gonna be out of commission for the episode, that's good news indeed. Goddang illegal immigrant traps making it hard for regular folks to get in. Hey, it was worth the suggestion. The background art in this show is actually kinda decent when it doesn't implement those godawful textures. Yeah, keep choking on that jealousy, Langris. "TOO SOON." Well, that one-note gag's back with a vengeance. And I kinda love that Langris is dragging it through the mud in his best Bakugo impression. [No]. I'm not sure how to respond to Mimosa showing off both her gimmicks in this one sitting, but I know many of you are probably hating it. Calling her "your omnipotence" wouldn't be a stretch. Ah yes, Queen Jamie Marchi of the feminist witch cabal. MINI TIMESKIP, GO! If not one, then two. (Show of hands, who got that one?) The ass-kicking he'll be doing is purely figurative. Damn, I was hoping we'd go a whole scene without Luck bringing up his love of fighting. BE SOFT MY DICK. "What the heck am I watching right now?" A lawlharem anime at its most basic. Calm down with those pelvic thrusts, Finral. Looks nice, if not a little on the generic side. That's... debatably suspicious. This Gaja guy seems awfully chill, especially for a Black Clover character. WATERFALL STAIRCASE. Okay, so that happened. He can do that 'cause he jumps good. They're really hammering in that whole "stage" system, though I like how it's a case where the the numbering order is from the top down. I had a feeling that giant fish lady was an undine. You could say he's below "9th stage" but if he's able to negate magic, wouldn't that make him "0th stage"? This kingdom is way more hostile towards nonaggressive guests than I was expecting. Well shit, there really is a 0th stage, disregard my earlier comment. Man, the Heart Kingdom and its super special awesome ranking system is dildos. I don't know who's doing that sakuga, but I bet it's the guy who did an AMA on the Toonami Reddit last night. NARUTO SHIPPUDEN - Extreme close-ups! Oh hi Kimimaro, didn't know you were doing stuff already. This episode's really breaking out the anime presentation cliches, aren't they. Nice of you to join us, Hayate, even if it's only in filler. We're in the middle stages already? Okay, so we're flashing back to when he died in the original series. I'd almost completely forgotten that Gaara used the Shukaku to kill Dosu. Likewise, I remember Orochimaru being the one who met with Baki. Kabuto, you absolute madman. Well that made up less of the episode than I expected it to. I had a feeling that purple-haired chick was Hayate's former lover. FUN FACT: Batman in Year One is voiced by the same guy who played Jim Gordon in Gotham, which I think is a pretty cool connection. I wouldn't be surprised if Kabuto fucked a corpse. But wait, didn't Baki survive that encounter? Dang have I got nostalgia for these simply animated fight scenes against this old soundtrack. It's amazing what Naruto can get away with on a PG level. Oh hey, it's Kiba's sister. And then everything happened. "Long story short, I'm part snake now." Why's that guy's face look like Naruto's ID photo? Because Kishi can't write women, that's why she's there. Now cough so she knows it's you. Your mask is stupid and looks like it belongs at either a masquerade or an orgy. KUNAI SWEETGUM NO JUTSU. "Finally, a chance to be useful again!" This ending theme is easily superior in its non-sped-up form. [i can hear you are screaming]
  6. Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Heart Throb 11
  7. "Good guys wear black" was Batman. "Good guys still wear black" was Big O.
  8. A little over 14 years ago, when I was in 5th grade, my elementary school had a talent show. One of the acts was an "interpretive hand dance" or some other nonsense set to the song "Boulevard of Broken Dreams". The emcee erroneously claimed the title of the song was "I Walk Alone". And that upset younger me worse than it should have. It's unfortunate that's my most vivid memory of Green Day, outside of really liking "Holiday" for a while after first watching the video for it on VH1. 12:00 - Dragon Ball Super #81 - Bergamo the Crusher vs. Goku! Whose Strength Reaches the Wild Blue Yonder?! - TV-14V 12:30 - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind #30 - Green Day Tea and Oasis Sanctuary, Part 1 - TV-MALV 1:00 - Fire Force #15 - The Blacksmith's Dream - TV-14 1:30 - Black Clover #128 - To the Heart Kingdom! - TV-PG 2:00 - Ballmastrz: 9009 #17 - Defective Affection?! Dodge the Wayward Strikes of Cupid's Calamitous Quiver! - TV-14DLSV 2:15 - Ballmastrz: 9009 #18 - Dance Dance Convolution?! Egos Warped by the Hair Gel of Hubris! Atonement, Now! - TV-14DLV 2:30 - Naruto Shippuden #307 - Fade Into the Moonlight - TV-PGV 3:00 - Samurai Jack #56 - XCV - TV-14DLV (yes, still)
  9. My question is if the world really needs another Shippo. I, personally, think the one is enough.
  10. Those damn Eiken clips at the start are the reason I've never introduced AMV Hell to people.
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