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    Okay, I'm back after spending a few hours doing some low-stress things, so allow me to take the time to apologize for acting like a jerk earlier about the "no need for Toonami" spiel. It's true that Toonami's no longer as necessary as it was in the past - hell, even I've taken to watching anime online like everybody else - but I don't feel comfortable yet believing that it's not necessary, partly because I still watch it week by week when I could just binge what they're airing (lucky for them I'm not the binging type), and partly because there's a sense of comfort knowing that a place where one can watch anime on basic cable still exists. Believe me, when Toonami inevitably gets cancelled again, I won't be the only one shedding tears and referencing the Bebop ending like TOM did the first time they closed up shop. So yeah. It sucks to hear that Toonami's not the pillar it once was, especially from someone I expected to be more chill about this sort of thing, but if that's how it is, then I guess I'd better start getting used to it before it gets to the point that I piss off someone so badly they downvote every post I make, even if it's a good one. [holds out hand to start over]
  2. If we're talking crowdfunded anime, why not mention Kick-Heart, the crowdfunded anime that started it all? Uh, unless Under the Dog did it first, that is.

    Geez, sorry I even said anything.
  4. I accidentally clicked the one for the Toonami forum and kinda regret it, so yeah, give us the option to disable them plz.

    Funny how this is just as personally offensive towards me as Queen's "nobody should ever voluntary watch Toonami in this day and age" comment but is much funnier. Probably because it's one line instead of a paragraph or two and lacks any unnecessary profanity. [seriously queen, wtf?]

    Please don't ruin my weekly tradition of watching [as] Saturdays with logic and facts.
  7. Trunks Thread 19.1: A New New Frontier

    Tonight on Toonami, it's Stardust Crusaders throwback time as Hit and Jiren engage in a battle beyond regular time perceptions, Deku and the rest of society deal with the aftermath of All Might's victorious retirement fight, Don and Gilda get caught trying to enter Isabella's secret chamber while Emma makes an interesting discovery among the library's materials, Kirito and Eugeo face off with Alice in an act of hamfisted irony, Hayato's attempts to break free of the time loop Kira's trapped him in go from bad to worse, the Star Festival goes from the fun kind of contentious to the serious kind when the year's Magic Knight Squad rankings are revealed, Boruto tries to do the Talk no Jutsu on Kagura but to little avail, Naruto resumes his training while the remnants of the Akatsuki make their move, the election moves to the Elite Eight stage while Illumi finally catches up to Killua, and the pre-season 3.5 Titan rerun ends just how you'd expect it to: Eren going mad crazy in Titan mode while a bunch of one-off characters die for no good reason. 11:00 - Dragonball Super #111 - An Extra-Dimensional Ultimate Battle! Hit vs. Jiren!! - TV-PGV 11:30 - My Hero Academia #50 - End of the Beginning, Beginning of the End - TV-14LV 12:00 - The Promised Neverland #6 - 311045 - TV-14V 12:30 - Sword Art Online: Alicization #16 - The Osmanthus Knight - TV-PGLV 1:00 - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable #36 - Another One Bites the Dust, Part 2 - TV-MAV 1:30 - Black Clover #70 - Two New Stars - TV-14 2:00 - Boruto: Naruto Next Generations #31 - Boruto and Kagura - TV-PG 2:30 - Naruto Shippuden #250 - Battle in Paradise! The Odd Beast vs. the Monster! - TV-PGLV 3:00 - Hunter x Hunter #143 - Sin and Claw - TV-14V 3:30 - Attack on Titan #12 - Wound: The Struggle for Trost, Part 8 - TV-14LV [oh sweet kaneki~]
  8. Toonami MomoCon 2019 panel announcement predictions!

    Whatever Demarco announces, I bet one of the new shows is met with dead silence like Boruto was. Also, the obligatory questions about if Toonami will air a certain something when they explicitly said not to ask those types of questions.
  9. Rick and Morty Season 4

    I wouldn't put it past Harmon to make that a possibility.
  10. And I'm a lifelong Columbus native. It's actually nice if you've lived here as long as I have, but you'd probably claim Stockholm Syndrome at that claim.
  11. Rick and Morty Season 4

    Please please pleeeeeeease be better than season 3.
  12. Can't I ironically hate Demarco just once without someone cursing me out with their logic and facts? Besides, Lazzo hate is outdated.

    Just what you'd expect from Toonami's resident drama queen.