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  1. The Millionaire Detective: Balance Unlimited 8
  2. As to be expected of the progenitor of isekai LNs in their current form as we know them.
  3. Does Captain Phillips count as a pirate movie, or is it too true to life to properly count?
  4. ATTACK ON TITAN - I can't believe it took me this long to realize Gabi and Reiner were related. I mean, they have the same last name, I should've seen this coming before now! Still, this show makes a convincing argument both for and against the "good" Eldians, at the same time impressively enough. There's just something darkly humorous about Reiner telling the potato story in a way that paints Sasha as anything but the well-meaning dumbass she is. SAO ALICIZATION - Kirito's last-second power-up was so hokey and ridiculous, but after the movie OC cameos, I'm willing to take whatever SAO throws at me now. Still, glad Gabriel got beaten with only three episodes to spare, and here's to hoping Kirito and Asuna's couple of centuries stuck in Underworld don't go to any ridiculous amounts of waste. (If 200 years' worth of semen don't make a glopping noise at the end of this, I'm going to be massively disappointed.) FIRE FORCE - When I saw all those numbers and Science Dandy mentioned "random sequences", I considered it being the digits of pi, but wrote it off as too generic. Yet here goes Fire Force, being as predictable as I thought it'd be, and I love this show for it. Also, random thought: Tamaki hasn't fallen victim to the Lucky Lecher Lure once since the China arc started, does this mean it only takes effect whenever she's on Japanese soil? ASS CLASS - The best parts about this episode were, in order: the lack of any main campus dorks, Kunudon dropping an F-bomb over E Class going to Okinawa, Hellabitch's outfits, Koro-sensei looking like the whitest man in Argentina after spending all day in the sun, and his distaste for S&M mags (shit taste, my friendo). Lovro's return is also welcome, as are the hints towards a potential future appearance by "the Reaper". GRIDMAN - I've been oddly averse to watching Trigger stuff after I put NIBAI MUGENDAI (hypothetically produced by the studio) on indefinite hold in favor of Kinky Kunoichi (hypothetically produced by the Naruto/Bleach/Black Clover guys), so this is my first time actually watching something from the studio post-Toonami's KLK run. And I gotta say, I dig this. The fact that I saw the first season of the original Ultraman and the Netflix CG adaptation also helps. I plan on rewatching the first episode later this week, and eagerly await to see all the random spoilers I came across (at least, those that I remember) finally put into context. SHIPPUDEN - "Hey, remember the last filler arc this series had before Pierrot had the bright idea to pad out time in-between the canon with flashback episodes? Well, sorry for reminding you of it again, but it was necessary."
  5. The evil Kilokhan lives inside computer circuits! With the help of Malcolm Frink, he creates Megavirus Monsters to attack electronic systems! Meanwhile, a freak accident turns Sam Collins into Servo! His friends join forces in their samuraized attack vehicles! Together, they transform into... the SUPERHUMAN SAMURAI SYBER-SQUAD! In America, that is. In Japan, they do things a little different. 12:00 - Dragon Ball Super #98 - Ah, the Uncertainty! A Universe Despairs!! - TV-14LV 12:30 - Attack on Titan: The Final Season #2 - Midnight Train - TV-14L 1:00 - Sword Art Online: Alicization: War of Underworld #20 - The Night-Sky Blade - TV-14LV 1:30 - Fire Force #32 - Smoldering Malevolence - TV-MA 2:00 - Assassination Classroom #17 - Island Time - TV-14DLS 😘 2:30 - SSSS.GRIDMAN #1 - Awakening - TV-PGV 3:00 - Naruto Shippuden #324 - The Unbreakable Mask and the Shattered Bubble - TV-PGV 3:30 - Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba #11 - Tsuzumi Mansion - TV-14V
  6. Corpse Princess: Aka 13 (dub) Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 12
  7. This ain't your average Mike Tyson Mystery anymore...
  8. Corpse Princess: Aka 13 (sub) The Qwaser of Stigmata Picture Drama 5: Super Datamoshing Edition
  9. I love that the Broke the Rating Scale scores are back; a very appropriate memoriam to Zac, if I say so. As for Redo of Healer, I expect them to keep scores regular, but I won't be surprised if they pull an EX-ARM with it too. I'll laugh if Lynzee makes this her only preview write-up just to shame everyone out of watching it (and fail).
  10. Mayo Chiki! 9 Garterbelts truly are a powerful thing.
  11. The one good thing is, there's nowhere to go but up for Titan now, like Food Wars before it.
  12. Nick's "10 out of 5" review was gold, and further proof that he's one of my favorite reviewers on the site whose name isn't Theron Martin.
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