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  1. The only piece of Japanese racing media you'll ever need until my hypothetical Forza Horizon anime idea comes to fruition. [second time's the charm]
  2. Typically when I make stir fry, I spice it with varying amounts of black pepper, garlic powder, basil, ground ginger, hot mustard, and occasionally chili powder, and that's usually on top of the soy sauce and mirin I pour into it as the base for flavoring, which itself is atop either canola, olive, or sesame oil I use to grease the pan before cooking the meat and veggies. I don't really do sauces, but I did make a soy sauce + mirin marinade for a hardboiled egg one time when I was planning on making ramen. Turned out good, even if only half of the egg soaked up the mixture. Late last year, I bought some dairy-free ranch and southwest ranch seasoning mixes from an honor code-style farmer's market in rural Delaware Co. I pass on my way to work, and I mixed it with some mayo and coconut milk (as per the instructions) to make some ranch dressing. Turned out good, though I haven't gotten the chance to make more, not since the lid to the mayo jar broke and the coconut milk separated in the fridge.
  3. Itsue Aasu, from Puni Puni Poemy. Appropriate, isn't it?
  4. Nobody cares that you specified TV shows, Elfie. People read "Hollywood anime" in your post, so no shit they're posting movies instead of what you intended for them to lob at you.
  5. You got that right. The movie was a fun time too, even if I can't remember most of it.
  6. First the bushfire, then Iran, then the coronavirus, now this. 2020 ain't playin' around.
  7. I stand by the opinion that the Wachowskis' Speed Racer movie was a fun piece of entertainment that critics just don't (and refuse to) understand.
  8. MY HERO ACADEMIA - Can't say I was expecting that one Hassaikai guy Kirishima and Fatgum fought to have depth of character and subsequent development like he did. Oh hey, Deku finally gets to do something! TOGAAAAAAA 😍 Since Midnight isn't getting any screentime this arc, she'll have to do for now. Even though the show's shipping her with Twice and she's shipping herself with Deku (and I approve of both, most ashamedly of all). DR. STONE - I'm a little amazed something as simple as a cotton candy machine has this many levels of importance, just because it was Senku who posited the idea. (And yes, I consider Suika awakening her inner Charmy to be one of those levels of importance.) Dammit, between Homura and Tomo (my avatar for these next few months), why do Aki Toyosaki's characters have to look so dang sexual? "Damn, that's savage!" So savage, he couldn't even bring himself to call it "bad" like he normally does. Gentlemen, we have electricity. 💡 SAO ALICIZATION - All it took was a little show of authority for everyone to see things Alice's way. Even if she is all "muh Kirito" this season like I heard, Asuna's in the right for threatening Kikuoka like she did. Be glad you didn't check the event log, you'd have been shocked at what happened during the tail end of his academy days if you did. BULLSHIT PSEUDOSCIENCE: SAO'S TRUE SPECIALTY. FIRE FORCE - I'm getting really fucking sick of this disjointed "history of the world as it is now" cold open. I mean, what the actual fuck is an "unsullied flame", really? That new White-Clad chick who showed up is very fun - especially as far as her voice-acting's concerned - but that stupid-looking crazy grin with the sticking-out tongue is keeping me from putting her in my personal "non-garbage character" pile. Whenever Tamaki has a decent amount of screentime and she doesn't get naked/molested, it's a strange kind of pleasant surprise. Guess the show realized it needed restraint on that after ruining the Shinra vs. Rekka fight with that tired running gag. I guess Shinra's gonna have to fight Captain Eyepatch before we get any deeper information (if any) about the fire that ruined his life. FOOD WARS 2: FUTARAKU RAMEN BOOGALOO - Alice is right, Erina is trash and a skank. The show's Sasuke allegory making Naruto's signature favorite food is very ironic. Okay, maybe Angel has a point about him being one of the worst Sasukes, he's a real jerk. (Love the creativity of his moderate-level profanity though.) You can't not love random JoJo references, be they subtle like "Grandpapa" Nakiri's metaphorical delinquent outfit or blatant like Megumi and Ryo's STAND battle. Honestly, the victor of this match is anyone's call, but whoever wins, Angel loses. DEMON SLAYER - Kyogai's editor was an asshole, I'm glad he killed him first. Wait, Boar Bryce was there at the final selection? Where the hell was he hiding, then!? 😕 Dang, those clouds in that one scene were obviously live-action. Aaaaand Tanjiro's gone mad, that ain't good. BLACK CLOVER - Letterboxing makes everything better! 😆 Face it, Asta's never gonna give up his nun fetish. "Yes, this is a commercial about Asta." That's what I heard in that Pop-Tarts commercial, no additional P can convince me otherwise. All joking aside, it turns out this was actually mostly a recap episode. Some plot important stuff happened - the village priest died and Asta got a third anti-magic sword - but I'm sure it'll be recapped next week for those of you who fucked off this week and are too stubborn to drop the show now. VENTO AUREO - I told my dad about the messenger cat from Demon Slayer moments before starting this episode, so when I responded to Narancia's STAND shooting at that cat with a "hey, don't shoot the cat!", he responded with, "Don't you mean, "Don't shoot the messenger?"" He has the best sense of humor, even if he does feel the need to pepper it with the occasional dad joke. Holy shit, this has to be the most they've said the word "shit" in a single episode of JoJo. God I love Narancia and his psycho tendencies. Abbacchio being a dick to Giorno is one thing, but Fugo doing the same? That's more of a gray area... Onward to Pompeii, where the volcanoes explode hard enough to turn your brain to glass! NARUTO SHIPPUDEN - Oh wow, Ino's mom looks a lot more fancy and 18th century than I imagined. Between the literal giants, the Rasengan-using soccer player, and the ninja in all black, all of these kids' suspicious individual reports sound like bullshit by this universe's standards, even moreso than the postal ninjas. I guess Naruto was right back in the OG series about Ebisu being a "closet pervert", if he's reading Make-Out Paradise out of his own volition. Of all the possible dangers to the Leaf Village during the War season, an invasion by a team of rogue sumo wrestlers was the last thing I or anyone would have expected. And of course, you can't have a silly Naruto filler episode without the token Rasengan finisher.
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