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  1. If she is, she only does freelancing in L.A. To my knowledge, she's never been in a dub that was done in Texas like Food Wars' was.
  2. Page 3 replies Do you even know what anime you're watching? Their first names are Japanese implying they're biracial, plus they're recurring characters unlike Frenchie, so I don't see why they'd bother with them. Just another reason JoJo's better with the accents, 'cause at least they bothered to give Italian accents to Caesar and Suzie Q. DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT ANIME YOU'RE WATCHING? It's Tigger's father's ashes! [oh bother]
  3. Page 2 replies Please stop capitalizing everything. It's more annoying than the actual show. He also speaks Japanese, hence his weird yet accurate pronunciation of the names in Naruto. Well that was a Bang Zoom dub, plus JoJo's campy enough to get away with that sort of thing... Soma does the raping around here, if his weird obsession with dipping dried squid in various fluids and force-feeding them to cute girls has anything to say about it. Is that even a thing? If it is, I doubt it's commonplace in Japan, let alone high-tone enough for a school as elite as Totsuki.
  4. Whew boy, here I go again with this. Page 1 replies Because they don't give a fuck about what you or anyone else thinks. Nope. Not Sentai-affiliated. Try again. No, Sentai just likes doing that shit with their dubs. Different strokes for different folks. Or maybe the majority of MAL's user base is pants-on-head mentally challenged. Because it's a Sentai dub, why wouldn't she be in it? God, it's like people with name recognition doing things you personally don't like but others do is some sort of cardinal sin against humanity...
  5. I unironically love that chuunibyou syndrome is apparently a thing in the backwoods of the Titanverse. Bakugo's too egotistical to have stage fight, so of course he'd have the advantage over Soma. I assume that's what you meant to say. DRAGON BALL SUPER - Is it bad that I was expecting the 3rd to get eliminated in one episode like the 4th was last week? Considering we only have 11 episodes left of this, probably not. ATTACK ON TITAN - When I first heard about it, I thought the rule that Titan Shifters only have 13 years left to live after gaining their powers was kinda B.S. I've come to accept that now. I saw an image a while back that set the scene of Historia reading Ymir's letter (I bet FUNi loved dubbing something that LGBT-friendly) to the Netflix subs of Kaworu telling Shinji he likes him, but I can't seem to find it, so... someone help me out there, please? LUPIN THE 3RD - So this was a Pink Jacket episode, huh. Definitely wacky, I'll give you that much. It definitely works with this show's style more than the off-model style the actual Pink Jacket series used. FOOD WARS! - The trope of the protagonist's classmates staring daggers at him en masse is easily my least favorite in all of anime. At least here, they stared at Soma more in the way one stares at Bakugo than at your standard lawlharem protagonist. (Though Soma's admittedly more cut out to be the latter.) I respect Sentai's lack of fear in giving their characters accents, be they appropriate like Chappelle's French twang or not so like Erina's Valley speak. This week in "comments from my dad", he misheard "Commence a cuire!" as "Commence the queer!", and the fact that Soma apparently misheard it the same way made it even better. I loved those two guys who tried to sabotage their dish getting hoist by their own petard. That little card at the end showing up was strange; Toonami must like seeing what kinds of fluids Soma likes mixing with dried squid, rape metaphors included or no. BLACK CLOVER - Sol was much better when she was younger and had longer hair. I can only wonder what happened to change her stance on the male gender so drastically. Meanwhile, Magna's disappearing fireball technique is One Outs levels of bullshit baseball strategy and I love it. I'm just gonna guess Mimosa planted her seed on Sol's golem while she was having her heart-to-heart with Kirsch down in the fun pit. BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS - Naruto's right about no mission being a piece of cake. Even pulling weeds can be difficult, because you might take someone's home-grown herbs out with them by mistake. NARUTO SHIPPUDEN - Sasuke and Naruto did the tsundere marriage before Himawari and Sakurako made it cool. MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM: THE ORIGIN - Ramba Ral is such a badass, no wonder he's a meme character in Build Fighters. Shame about his dad, though. I liked the young Amuro cameo in the airport, especially with his Haro asking "why are you doing this?" Could someone who's actually seen Gundam tell me the relevance of that Japanese guy's daughter? There's no reason she'd be there outside of post-relevance cameo purposes. MY HERO ACADEMIA - I didn't realize that you had to take a test to get in on recommendation. That's something new. And how cruel of the show to leave us on the cliffhanger of who got in and who didn't. Also, after seeing the promo for it, I'm thinking about actually watching gen:LOCK. It's only eight episodes (so far), can't be too painful.
  6. Or... Random Bara Grandpa: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. [crumples random student's rejection letter]
  7. Tonight on Toonami, the 3rd Universe bum-rushes the 7th in a last-ditch attempt at survival in the final quarter of the Tournament of Power, yes it's a Titan rerun but at least it isn't more SAO (yet), Grisha learns a shocking truth about the Titan Shifters while his journals are discussed in the present day, hold on to your everything 'cause it's a fuckmothering Pink Jacket episode, Soma manages to make it into Totsuki High despite getting rejected by the biggest tsundere of all time, Sol tries bonding with Kirsch while Magna takes the opportunity to finally engage Asta in a real fight, the new Team 7 helps protect a small town from an infestation of bandits as part of their first mission, this week we reminisce about Sasuke getting his ass handed to him by both Gaara and his older brother, Casval and Artesia begin their new lives on Earth as the conflict within Munzo gets worse, and the remaining testees try to practice rescue people and fight off a "villain" simultaneously. 11:00 - Dragonball Super #120 - A Perfect Survival Strategy! The 3rd Universe's Menacing Assassin! 11:30 - Attack on Titan #57 - That Day - TV-14LV 12:00 - Attack on Titan #58 - Attack Titan - TV-14DLV 12:30 - Lupin the 3rd: Part 5 #6 - Lupin vs. The Smart Safe - TV-14DS 1:00 - Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma #3 - That Chef Doesn't Smile - TV-MAS 1:30 - Black Clover #79 - Mister Delinquent vs. Muscle Brains - TV-14D 2:00 - Boruto: Naruto Next Generations #40 - Team 7: The First Mission - TV-PGLV 2:30 - Naruto Shippuden #259 - Rift - TV-PGL 3:00 - Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin #3 - Edouard and Sayla - TV-14LV 3:30 - My Hero Academia #59 - What's the Big Idea? - TV-14L And a special shout-out to KyoAni. Your works might not have made it onto American television outside of specialty channels like Anime Network and FUNimation Channel, but in these times of tragedy, we here at ASMB Lite support you nevertheless.
  8. I've been saying they should air Haruhi for years. But given its age, I think something more recent and somewhat actiony like Beyond the Boundary would be a better fit.
  9. Not watching the show, just fixing the punctuation.
  10. Yes. In America. Asta's English VA is Dallas Reid; Shinra's is Derick Snow. But Gakuto Kajiwara voices the both of them in the Japanese dubs of their respective shows. In short, don't write checks with your mouth that your ass can't cash. Just for that, I'm gonna start pushing for more of those WTF pickups. [keep toonami unpredictable]
  11. ...That "news" was confirmed a mistranslation hours ago. Takemoto's fate's still up in the air at this point.
  12. I'm actually disappointed by this. Not only is this poor timing regarding the events in Kyoto, but it's one of those popular, predictable pickups that I desperately want Toonami to move away from. If only Demarco's knowledge wasn't as entry-level as he's making it look. On the upside, it should be fun, watching the industry's acknowledgement of Asta's nun fetish. (For those who don't get it: the MC is voiced by Asta's seiyuu, and one of the members of his team is a nun. It ain't rocket science.)
  13. Easily the biggest mass tragedy to happen to the anime industry since the Tohoku earthquake/tsunami wiped out a good portion of Studio Bridge. Rest in peace to the deceased, and may the police catch the guy who did it eventually.
  14. Likewise, I was always under the impression that it was pronounced "rile" (as in "rile up") as opposed to "ree-all".
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