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  1. Let's hope it's Mike Lazzo making amends for the first time in his pathetic life!
  2. So, gen:LOCK. It was far from perfect, and many of the complaints I've heard make sense. But I liked it, and if a second season somehow finds its way into production past all that behind-the-scenes drama, I'd watch it. 8/10. Also, I'm pretty sure Titmouse produced stuff long before G.I. Joe Resolute came along. Megas XLR and Metalocalypse, anyone?
  3. DRAGON BALL SUPER - At least Goku after mastering Ultra Instinct was cool, I guess. God I can't wait for this arc to finally end. GEN:LOCK - Last night, I posted in the /co/ Toonami discussion that I'm actually enjoying gen:LOCK, while at the same time calling their collective hatred of the show "forced". One guy called me a retard and the other claimed that I can't enjoy it or any other shows on Toonami without getting drunk, which just proves my point that they're forcing their hate. Still, whether the hate is justified or not, especially after the unpleasantness at Rooster Teeth that all but confirmed a second season isn't in the cards, I still liked it, and that's all that matters. I give it a solid 8/10. DR. STONE - I liked the "what if" scenario that showed Tsukasa as part of Senku's friend group. Shame things had to turn out the way they did. I loved Taiju and Yuzuriha's distraction tactic, a well-done use of Chekhov's Gag. Now to hope the miracle fluid worked while we were treated to that helpful flashback. (Told y'all there'd be nudity tonight.) FIRE FORCE - I've watched so many fanservice anime/anime with fanservice moments that Tamaki's Lucky Lecher Lure acting up isn't giving me the strong feelings of "DO NOT WANT" that the rest of you appear to be exhibiting, but I will agree that their presence during what should have otherwise been a serious fight scene was most uncool. The only thing more annoying was Rekka's "My stars!" catchphrase. Well, he's dead now, so I guess that's enough of that. FOOD WARS! - Apparently Japan has a different definition of "legume" than we do, that's my only explanation for why they're referring to vegetables as if they're beans or peanuts. Megumi may have lost in a technical sense, but I'm glad the other three graduates there - the winner among them, surprisingly! - brought it to a draw. BLACK CLOVER - I feel sorry Angel had to put up with Tabata's caricature of her singing so terribly even Florence Foster Jenkins would balk on her birthday. Oh well, at least Sisgoleon got to beat some people up. BORUTO: NARUTO NEXT GENERATIONS - Ah, teenage girl arguments. NARUTO SHIPPUDEN - "I'm not into S&M, thanks!" Really, what more needs to be said about this episode? MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM: THE ORIGIN - How did they get away with showing the nipples on that statue? Was S&P asleep at the wheel this week? Well, that would explain the lack of an S on Food Wars... LUPIN THE 3RD: PART 5 - Has anyone ever thought to just shoot down one of those drones? I mean, I can understand why the one in the Lupin Game arc wasn't shot down, being Lupin's own and all, but this is the enemy, so things should be different?
  4. I was referring to Food Wars when I said that, but yes, you too.
  5. At last, an episode without explicit sexual content! 11:00 - Dragonball Super #129 - A Transcendent Limit Break! Autonomous Ultra Instinct Mastered! - TV-PGV 11:30 - gen:LOCK #8 - Identity Crisis - TV-14LV 12:00 - Dr. Stone #5 - Stone World The Beginning - TV-14LV 12:30 - Fire Force #9 - The Spreading Malice - TV-MA 1:00 - Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma #12 - The Memory of a Single Dish - TV-MA 1:30 - Black Clover #88 - Storming the Eye of the Midnight Sun's Hideout!!! - TV-PG 2:00 - Boruto: Naruto Next Generations #49 - Wasabi and Namida - TV-PG 2:30 - Naruto Shippuden #268 - Battleground! - TV-PGDL 3:00 - Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin #12 - Char, the Red Comet - TV-14LV 3:30 - Lupin the 3rd: Part 5 #15 - Her Relationship With Lupin - TV-14SV 4:00 - My Hero Academia #58 - Special Episode: Save the World With Love! - TV-14V I'm totally betting someone still gets naked though.
  6. Kabukicho Sherlock's on my definite watchlist for sure. As for any others, I was thinking about going back to my late-00s/early-10s days of test-watching the first episodes of shows just for fun, restarting things out with Kandagawa Jet Girls. I'm not sure if it'll ultimately have a place in my watch catalog or not, but all I can say now is... intercourse the maid.
  7. Hey, speaking of me and lady ninjas... KINKY KUNOICHI SEASON 2: COMING SUMMER 2020 TO UE, DA, AND AO3 [hopefully]
  8. Spiderman was always a children's Halloween costume before anything else with me. I could never deal with those eyeholes, man.
  9. Kengan Ashura's pretty great. Ain't no Dumbbells in terms of adaptational quality, but still, pretty great.
  10. One who likes to make his targets think they've won before yanking the rug out from under their feet, that's what kind.
  11. Alright, so according to Urban Dictionary, "stan" means "a crazed or obsessed fan". Back in my day, we used to call stans "fanatics". It's honestly a way better term that needs to make a comeback.
  12. I don't know what a "stan" is, but I'm already sick of that term.
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