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  1. Unfortunate but understandable. PREDICTIONS (assuming a Bang Zoom! dub) Shinji Ikari: Zach Aguilar Rei Ayanami: Xanthe Huynh Asuka Langley Soryu: Cherami Leigh Misato Katsuragi: Erica Lindbeck Gendo Ikari: John Demita (uncredited) Ritsuko Akagi: Katelyn Gault Ryoji Kaji: Xander Mobus Kozo Fuyutsuki: Steve Kramer Toji Suzuhara: Kyle Hebert Kensuke Aida: Brian Beacock Hikari Horaki: Jennifer Losi Kaworu Nagisa: Robbie Daymond Watch me get only one or two of these right, like with Baccano! and Kill la Kill.
  2. Trunks Thread 19.1: A New New Frontier

    Tonight on Toonami, we get a look at how Gohan's faring compared to the rest of his teammates in the Tournament of Power, Sakura gets a head start fighting against Shin while the others rush to rescue her, Deku tries to get to Kota before the League of Villains do as their attack on the UA Summer Training Camp begins, Asuna learns all the dirty details about Kirito's new job and without random glitching this time, Joe and Yuri finally have their fated rematch in the Megalobox finale, Rohan's attempts to out Josuke as a cheat go to some ridiculously deranged lengths, Fana's attempt to catch up with Mars is interrupted by a butt-frustrated Ladros, Meruem uses his final moments to try and reunite with Komugi, Naruto runs into the Tsuchikage's bodyguards in the long-awaited boat filler finale, and despite the rough start Eren and friends finally make it to graduation. 11:00 - Dragonball Super #103 - Gohan, Get Ruthless! Showdown with the 10th Universe!! - TV-14 11:30 - Boruto: Naruto Next Generations #23 - Bonds Come in All Shapes - TV-14V 12:00 - My Hero Academia #42 - My Hero - TV-14LV 12:30 - Sword Art Online: Alicization #6 - Project Alicization - TV-PGV 1:00 - Megalobox #13 - Born to Die - TV-PGLV 1:30 - JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable #28 - Highway Star Go Go, Part 1 - TV-MAL 2:00 - Black Clover #62 - Bettering One Another - TV-PGLV 2:30 - Hunter x Hunter #135 - This Person and This Moment - TV-14 3:00 - Naruto Shippuden #242 - Naruto's Vow - TV-PGLV 3:30 - Attack on Titan #4 - The Night of the Closing Ceremony: Humanity's Comeback, Part 2 - TV-14LV FUN FACT: One of the chapters adapted in this week's JoJo was released on the week of my birth, all the way back in a time when disco was king and Chinese food was all the rage. [1994 bizarre autumn]
  3. Would Toonami Even Last that long Once DB Super Concludes?

    Sort of. It's best not to ask too many questions about it, even though it's not nearly as complex as that previous statement implied.
  4. Would Toonami Even Last that long Once DB Super Concludes?

    It's a ridiculous theory, but I support it.
  5. I had a dream last night where they announced they were airing Psycho-Pass. So yeah, I'm kinda hoping it's that.
  6. I haven't seen GUNxSWORD yet, but I'm still excited about the implied Faye/Carmen99 interaction.
  7. Forget Stu "CN Real" Snyder, I just hope it's not another Christina "TTGO all day erry day" Miller.
  8. If you see a promo teasing one, that's your sign that there's not. Besides, this year's gag is scheduled for Sunday night/Monday morning/maybe Monday evening. So naturally Toonami won't have one this year.
  9. how do you submit manga/anime scripts to a publisher?

    That's how I feel with my stuff. I like hearing feedback on my work. Problem is, being subtle with your promotion only to have no one respond isn't much better than pushing others to read it so hard they outright refuse to.
  10. Toonami Ratings Thread 2.0

    Considering how amazing watching the block live was, I'm not even mad that my presence in the audience made the ratings tank again.
  11. What Video Game Scared You To Death?

    I hear two kids literally died after playing Berzerk, so probably that one.
  12. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    People who watched the JoJo dub on Netflix > People who watched the JoJo dub on Toonami > People who bought the JoJo dub on Warner's bare-bones DVD release Feels good to be part of the minority.
  13. My Hero Academia Episode #41 (303) Discussion

    Hell, Saturday wasn't really kind to Cherami Leigh characters in general. Sarada's in despair, Pixie-Bob's injured, Asuna got half of her episode replaced by an early airing of Megalobox...
  14. Sword Art Online III: Alicization Episode 6 Discussion

    Replace "OP" with "Demarco" and "f*ggot" with "f*ggit", and here's my reaction.