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  1. happy birthday ciddy

    oh sure! thats fine. didnt know that was possible. and thank you everyone again for the birthday wishes
  2. happy birthday ciddy

    oh yeah i forgot i originally had cidthekitty but couldnt rmb the pw or something so i made this one. this (cidz) is the one i use lol. and thank you! haha idk about being busy, but today i did have a productive day i got to do lots i went to the beach, went out to eat bbq with my bf, ate a free personal pizza, ate ice cream, ok so i just kinda stuffed myself with fewdz lol. but whats the point of a bday if i cant gorge myself on yummy food! haha. i cant believe how old i am now (34) i rmb when i was only 21 when ijoined asmb. i rmb how long ive known all of u and weve all grown up together. (btw, i dont post much but i do lurk her alot i just dunno what to talk about these days)
  3. Love Tyrant

    oh yeah i forgot i watched that anime. it was cute and rly enjoyable tho. lol dat penguin tho.
  4. Free Comic Book Day

    i dont think we have a comic book store here anymore. so dun think id be able to get any free comics too bad tho, youd think thered be a resurgence of popularity in comics due to all the comic movies.
  5. Filing cabinets are hella easy to obtain for free.

    well i mean anything can be hella easy to obtain for free as long as you dont get caught >_>

    happy bday ghosty!
  7. Madonna and Lady Gaga

    i think madonna in the 80s was fun. at the time she really pushed the boundaries of a female popstar and female musician as well. and gaga deserves more credit. shes really talented. i know she does like poppy songs. but she can do almost any genre, and when she really sings man you can hear how talented and skilled she is. shes not like just some bubblegum pop chick whos created to make money. plus shes a pretty good actress too. like if she ever wanted to go to acting full time that would be fine too. but i still hope for her to cont. making music.
  8. quitting anime after today

    yeah but you havent left it have you? ur still a weeb. its ok, ive accepted that. although im not in love with it as much as i use to be. i still watch it sometimes.
  9. Spring 2019

    inorite? its so cute and touching! like awww im rooting for those girls. also i forgot to add im watching afterlost on hulu. pretty interesting show so far. i dont watch much actiony stuff so this is different than my usual. im trying to branch out more from my usual shoujo/romance/slice-of-life animes i watch.
  10. Very sad today.

    sometimes I'll think im not depressed, then ill think about it and realized i had gone a couple weeks without really doing anything and having no motivation. you dont always feel depressed to be depressed if that makes sense. like its not always crying, or feeling heavy or down. sometimes you just feel nothing. hope it doesnt get really bad for ya. Hopefully your therapist can help.
  11. quitting anime after today

    yeah, thats what we all say. i thought id be done with anime too. nope sorry, once a weeb always a weeb. youll be back eventually.
  12. Spring 2019

    currently im watching 4 series as they air. they all come out on the same day so its not hard to watch plus 2 are 12 mins. Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu - its a pretty cute slice of life anime. i rmb i use to not like cute girls doing cute things, now i find this enjoyable. its relaxing. Fruits Basket (2019) - im liking it so far. read a few vols of the manga and watched the original anime. so far so food. Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai - this is cute, and fun to watch. cute little romance shoujo anime only 12 mins long. i like how the dad is a perv that writes adults novels. kinda intersting seeing a father wanting his daughter to be sexually open lol. Senryuu Shoujo - this is another cute lighthearted anime about a quiet girl that only communicates with haikus and a deliquent sweetie lol. anyways, im enjoying these series. i feel like i did some sorta weeb 360 where i went back to a casual viewer. i dont rly take anything too serious, or want it to be the most bestest most intelegent thing ever. i just wanna be entertained. still watching dororo i had caught up to that when it was ep12 thinking it ended at ep12. im like 2 eps behind but i did rly enjoy it. theres other series that im going to wait till theyre done to watch like the kappa one and carol and tuesday.
  13. Kind of a tall order

    no. i wont allow it.
  14. O____O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow oh wow havent talked to u in yeearrrssss dreaammmzz!!!! how ya been? i heard ur a father now congrats!
  15. usually i do but mine heats up rly fast. so like i dont gotta wait long. idk i mean i guess u dont gotta preheat it just takes longer to cook