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  1. so far i just watched araburu something or other...o maidens...oh i cant rmb. bout the girls in the litterature club discovering their sexuality and stuff. anyways it was prety cute and i ended up reading what i could find of the manga online. it seems like its gonna be a good one. havent checked out any others.
  2. whats more important than what its about, is how tf do you actually pronounce evangelion? now thats something trully no one knows.
  3. eh nothing fancy. im a grocery store cashier mostly. but sometimes ill go work in the deli when they need someone, or someone goes on vacation.
  4. well, i really enjoyed the original haruhi series and i thought it was a fun watch. i dont think i watched the 2nd one with the endless eight, nor the spin off ones. i did see the dissapearence of haruhi. so, i dont know do you mean just the first series? or like the whole idk franchise? i would rate the original series better than the rest of the stuff ive seen.
  5. really? thats possible. i know at one point i watched the whole series on my own. but i do feel like the start of the series kinda comes off as like this sorta normal-ish anime? so at first ur kinda like eh its ok...but then it gets crazy later on haha. i know i saw it here and there before i finally sat down to watch all of it at one point.
  6. so far ive only seen the 1st ep of the netflix NGE (though ive seen the full series and movies before) and im not bothered by the dub. but then again, honestly? i wasnt that big of a fan of the original dub anyways. it was ok. i think i only watched like some of it dubbed then switched to subbed. its strange though, that they would censor it, i mean they had devilman crybaby in all its entirety so why censor NGE? kinda bummed out they didnt have fly me to the moon, but they kept the OP and the OP is like life to me. so im still pretty happy.
  7. omg i had those books as a kid! when i think about it, the stories werent all that scary, it was the illustrations that got to me. im 34 yrs old and i still cant look at those illustrations lol.
  8. i liked it too! saw it in theaters tuesday. it was so much fun omg the fights were exciting lol. i liked seeing all the different monsters and i wish we could of seen more.
  9. well, theres your first mistake. using filthy westerner english. if u were a tru nipponese u woulda said "deep down in my kokoro of kokoros i know that iw as meant to be born as kawaii nipon-kun and not a baka gajin. i have no kowai in my kokoro and openly embrace this journey to become true and glorious nipon."
  10. Cidz

    Tyler the Creator "IGOR"

    yeah its enjoyable. i like EARFQUAKE and a boy with a gun.
  11. anyone hear tyler the creators new album, IGOR yet? any thoughts? i, personally, really like it. its calming to listen to late at night.
  12. oh sure! thats fine. didnt know that was possible. and thank you everyone again for the birthday wishes
  13. oh yeah i forgot i originally had cidthekitty but couldnt rmb the pw or something so i made this one. this (cidz) is the one i use lol. and thank you! haha idk about being busy, but today i did have a productive day i got to do lots i went to the beach, went out to eat bbq with my bf, ate a free personal pizza, ate ice cream, ok so i just kinda stuffed myself with fewdz lol. but whats the point of a bday if i cant gorge myself on yummy food! haha. i cant believe how old i am now (34) i rmb when i was only 21 when ijoined asmb. i rmb how long ive known all of u and weve all grown up together. (btw, i dont post much but i do lurk her alot i just dunno what to talk about these days)
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