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  1. You know why they call her Mrs. Hoover? That's right. Because her husband is Mr. Hoover.
  2. Suboxone gon' have to shell out

    Yeah, it's pretty bleak. There's a few great comedic moments, though. "What's the hammer for Baris?" "Oh, you know.... I just saw it and thought I'd bring it along with me."
  3. Suboxone gon' have to shell out

    Have you ever seen 'A Scanner Darkly'? Came out in 2006 I believe; based on a book by Phillip K. Dick. The drug conspiracy stuff and the police state surveillance predictions are eerily similar to how the world is now. Hell, there's even a bit part with Alex Jones screaming about the government on a street corner before a van rolls up, cattle prods him and drags him off. Granted that's a little more extreme than being deplatformed from a lot of big tech social media but... still. It's fascinating and frightening. I suggest you give it a watch if you haven't seen it before.
  4. Suboxone gon' have to shell out

    Yeah the whole scheme is fucked. First they flood the market with opiates, get millions of people hooked, get some slap on the wrist fines, magically spring up with a new "less abusive" and "safer" management drug right on schedule. Not to mention that "crackdown" on the pill mills naturally drove many to cheaper options like heroin, which "coincidentally" started flooding around batches laced with deadly fentanyl. Fucking social engineering eugenicists can suck my tiny Asian penis.
  5. Suboxone gon' have to shell out

    Yeah, that sounds right. No idea if it's class action or what. I may have even seen one of those "If you or a loved one" commercials a few weeks back. Or maybe I was just so pilled out I couldn't tell my ass from my bowl of green M&Ms.
  6. Suboxone gon' have to shell out

    I don't think it's less effective. The charges are for fraudulent medical claims, if I remember correctly. Less abusable, safer, yada yada. I don't remember reading who would get whatever fines they might have to pay.
  7. Suboxone gon' have to shell out

    Lol I'm just messing w/ ya boo
  8. Suboxone gon' have to shell out

    *sniff* *sniff*sniff* I smell a 12 Stepper. Turn around nerd. So we can spank your ass with moon rocks.
  9. Suboxone gon' have to shell out

    I'd rather be off a program than on.
  10. Ohhhhh. Okay. I guess I can see that. Hadn't heard anything about that, though. It's just edgelord Superman it looks like more and more. Plus it kinda feels like it's Deadpool and Logan dickriding at this point. Super h4rdc0r3 edgelord R rated superhero kids laser melting people's faces off. James Gunn's brothers are hack frauds. Seriously. The premise sounds like something a Gothed Topic tween would fingerfart out on some shitty fanfiction website with a black background and some sort of raven/curly font motif.
  11. The.... The manga/anime Berserk? Wut? Was the kid supposed to be like Femto or something? I never made that connection. Can you explain why people were making the correlation?
  12. So, is it Bucket's birthday?

    I'm only an asshole online. It's just a front. Kinda like Buddy's swag.
  13. So, is it Bucket's birthday?

    It is indeed my birthday.
  14. Morbid Obesity

    Now I wish I had enough to grab a tenner... I can only handle muh weeds when I'm drunk or on antianxiety meds because I feel like I'm going to die and start having existential crisis if I blaze exclusively