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  1. You are a pathetic slug, stilgar. You mock, deride and glom on to others because you've never had an original thought in your life, are not capable of exercising any degree of agency or individuality and will never self-actualize in any facet of your life. You will live a miserable, lonely life and die alone having left no legacy or mark on the world.
  2. Have fun withering into a childless old tart. Wear that badge proud on your six foot journey into oblivion. Assuming your colony of cats leave anything left to chuck into the box.
  3. Oh, I'm well aware that you have no intention in debating anything and are set in your ways. That's why I'm done pulling punches. You people are chronically mentally ill and I have no problem pointing that out all day long.
  4. Right. That's why it sounds like I'm trying to debate a gaggle of parrots.
  5. You idiots cry about this all day long, but can a single one of you offer up a better, realistic more logistically sound procedure for determining whether said parties are related and not victims of human traffickers or simply abusers using children as a means to expedite their illegal migration? Can you even come up with any compelling arguments against these practices without autistically screeching about Holocaust death camps?
  6. Whatever. Keep bitching about how terrible this country is while literal hundreds of thousands flee their shithole countries of origin and work in tandem with corrupt Southern and Central American governments to bumrush the borders of the most racist country in the world so they can plunder our welfare, establish a majority voting block that will legislate the nation into bankruptcy with unlimited gibs and install globalist politicians that will gut this country and destroy our futures. Don't come crying if you get your way and everything goes to shit.
  7. You don't have a country without borders, and if those borders are not protected you have lawless illegals free to come and go as they please. You are a hopelessly naive optimist with no connection to reality. You idolize shills like John Oliver and Stephen Colbert, and are completely soulless. I'd tell to go jump in front of a train but you're already effectively dead as is. Ineffectual, useless and irrelevant.
  8. Keep voting for the free goodies party sponge. If and when they bankrupt the country don't start crying.
  9. Like I said it's hard to explain, but seeing Buckethead back in the saddle again, so to speak, has been a very enjoyable experience for me. I'm just a fan, of course. Buckethead is the musician who put in all the hard work, worked through his hurdles, and has gone absolutely bonkers the past 6 or 7 years now; releasing over 200 albums, extensively touring again. It's definitely good to see him back from his hiatus. I understand that he must have went through a lot of personal issues and such, but he seems to have pulled through and he seems like he's more focused than ever. I have such a respect for this man's dedication, his work ethic, his study ethic, his insane proclivity towards understanding the tones. I guess that's what I'm trying to say, is I'm so glad it, at least appears, that Buckethead is doing better and he seems very ambitious and focused and dedicated and committed to it. That's all. I just love Buckethead and am glad he's apparantley feeling better and is able to get back to his passion so we can jump back into his passion. Proximity Genius Osmosis: Uhhh. Enjoy.
  10. Why? Because he likes a few of my posts? I think that's a lot more normal than someone, or a collective group, that goes around and auto-upvote every single person in their "posse". Like, seriously. That is the gayest possible thing you could be doing. I like that one guy that goes out of his way to downvote 90% of my posts, whatever his name is. It's so sad it transcends sadness into straight up comedy. And always gives me a good laugh. Thank you.
  11. I'm quite hinged at the moment, thank you very much.
  12. By stealing guns and whoring yourself out. Whatever. I'm done trying to traverse this Fantasy Land you've constructed in your head. Live and let live. You can start by blocking me.
  13. Unlike you, I actually feel shame, guilt and remorse for my actions. You don't care. Because you're a self-centered, self-important borderline sociopath.
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