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  1. Hyperbole. It's a thing. I did not mean that literally, however it is the case more often than not.
  2. This was an observation on society in general. I was not speaking specifically about any one online community or forum.
  3. ... in contemporary society online without it blowing up into a massive flame war is when a group of likeminded people come together on an online community to have a metaphorical 'circle jerk', which I find depressing. And I'm not talking about widely accepted common sense like "it's wrong to murder someone with a hammer" or even really hot button topics like "Roe v. Wade". I'm talking issues like economic policy, tax laws, finding solutions to the problems we face as a nation or even a global presence. Here's a how to debate link. Because why not.
  4. Over the duration of most of the night and aftor intesive research, effort, mise en place, baking, etc. I have completed what, for now, is probably going to be my magnum opus for a while... Two-layer vanilla-matcha (green tea flavor) butter mochi cake with a honey, almond, walnut, pecan center, topped with a drizzle of both rose-lemon honey syrup, and tempered white chocolate as well a crushed phyllo; the whole of which is served with raspberry sorbet. The white cholate has an affinity with raspberry, and the raspberry in turn has an affinity for green tea, but green tea in matcha form also works well with the milk in the tempered white chocolate, and the cardamom in both the cake and the honey almonf pecan walnut spread is also compatible with green tea. That's not even the full extent; the smooth creamy legume spread with the soft springy mochi cake and the crispy phyllo also had a gorgeously extravagant texture contrast as well, and the tart acidity of the sorbet kept the cake from being overwhelming.
  5. Homemade Rose Soda You will need: 1 cups sugar 1 cups water 1 tsp rose water 2 drops red food coloring At least 1 liter club soda Directions Melt sugar down in a medium saucepan at medium to medium high heat, wisking frequently until Carmelized Add water. Sugar will seize up, this is normal. Bring sugar water to a boil, wisking frequently until sugar dissolves. Add rose water Add food coloring. Remove from heat and let cool.In an 8 fluid ounce glass add Tbs. Rose syrup over ice and dillute with club soda. Stir and serve. NOTE: You can switch out rose water for other flavorings,
  6. Ancient recipes decoded
  7. Goal 50 1. "On Spice" by Caitlin Penzey-Moog 49 to go
  8. And sometimes I put so much heart and soul into my cooking that when I post food porn after some other person it's almost like smacking a baby with a brick ... Like, this is the only marketable skill I have, and I usually try to practice humility, but I can't help but have a little pride in my home cooking.
  9. My own home-brew mad food science.
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