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  1. I would buy this thread for a dollar
  2. Most smartphones can use their front facing camera to scan them these days....
  3. Got some Brioche loaf and Challah before and after baking.
  4. Take this: ()xxxxxx}{;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;> [BAMF Blade of Beelzebub] *Cursed ATK: +9,001 DEF: +1,337 DEX: +666 AGL: +7,777 Special Ability: Stabby stab staaaab
  5. Use this thread to share esoteric and excessively convoluted vernacular. I vehemently request each post have at least one uncommon English word (or foreign word that has no English counterpart, e.g. schadenfreude) and a definition. I shall commence the wordsmithing... Chicanery n. (Sheck-ain-ery) the use of deception or subterfuge to achieve one's purpose. The congressman's political chicanery undermine s the core values of this nation.
  6. I feel that as a nation, the United States has lost its god damn mind. We elect a Democrat for four or eight years at a time, then we decide we are sick and tired of Democrats and their bullshit, then a Republican gets into office and after four or eight years we decide the fucking GOP and their bullshit need to step the fuck down. And every election year for the most part we get a decent third option and everyone who does want to break the cycle says to themselves and anyone who asks, "No! I don't want to waste my vote!". Listen up, you fucking idiots! Democracy is a lie at this point. Not because the elections are wholly and intentionally rigged beyond reason. No. Sure the electoral college is a shit system, but rather it's the fact that the majority of people who CAN vote are either uninformed, misinformed, or choose not to vote at all because the two main candidates are anthropomorphize cancer and AIDS respectively. I cannot stand the MAGAs. They'll justify ICE killing Mexicans at the border, Trumps vehement idiocy, racism and homophobia with spin and religious doctrine, but the left is just as infuriating to me. I've seen self-proclaimed liberals say shit like "Any PIV (that's penis in vagina) intercourse is rape because it's invasive whether the woman gives consent or not." Like, are you saying that a heterosexual woman who finds men appealing is too mentally inept to give consent and are you really going to insinuate that a woman who is violently accosted against her will sexually is the same as a woman trying to conceive a child with her husband?" meanwhile the conserva-twats say shit like "How short was her skirt?" or "She was probably drunk?" When a woman is actually raped, and then some old chalky men pass laws to protect her unborn child conceived of rape, because the father (the rapist) has rights. Then there's the fucking economy. The GOP leadership keeps trying to push Trickle-Down economics by given more tax breaks to the wealthy to "create jobs" and "Get spent until it reaches lower income citizens." because, yeah, people who became millionaires and billionaires by not spending more than they have to... [sarcasm] Then there's individuals who want the minimum wage to go to $15 an hour nationwide, but here's some real talk; inflation and/or layoffs. Large multinational companies only care about increasing profits and operating at minimum cost. If a company that pays their entry-level staff $7.50, they're going to lay off half their staff, make the remaining staff do twice the work as before. I feel like if the federal government actually gave at least one iota of concern for the American people they would cut non-essential spending, absolve all federal student debt, Socialize higher education, including doctorate and medical degree programs, thus doctors would not have hundreds of thousands of dollars in student debt, and all U.S. citizens would be able to compete on the global stage academically and professionally. Then we could have universal healthcare for our citizenry. Though, in addition to this we could give SNAP to every household with an average individual adult income of under $22,500.00, I say adult, due to the fact that we don't need people milking the system by having nine kids a decade.Which was once a problem with welfare back in the late 80's early 90's. I'm on a tangent, so here's the bare bones tl;dr: Social issues: Some may claim that America is a Christian nation because the forefathers were protestant. No. This nation was founded on the principles of dignity of choice and the pursui of hapiness; do want you want, if there is no victim as a result you should not face retribution. Economy: Capitalism worked a long long time ago, however when a species that reached the highest pinnacle of evolution through cooperation and collaboration becomes selfish and greedy in a dog-eat-dog, every man for himself scenario; we will not last.
  7. Unfortunately for everyone, I am in the 30-35 demographic
  8. I propose we scout for talented (and hawt) cross-dresser femboys aged 19-26. We could call the group "Otokonoko & Co." but instead of metal or bubblegum pop, they'll perform Bossanova style jazz.
  9. Write some trifling shit that COULD eventually be a copypasta or emojipasta in this thread and see where your ungodly textual abominations end up. All these gunπŸ”« cuckzπŸ₯’ in our nationπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡² are weak-assπŸ‘ beta bitches🐩. If you are not able to hunt🦌 and/or defendβœ‹ yourself with a bludgeon🏏 compromised of a 24 oz. Can of refried beans🌯 in a knee sock🧦; how can you be HxC? 😎
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