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  1. That’s good advice. I went to check on the Fate/Zero prices because of this thread thinking it be more affordable. It still costs far too much. Stop it with the import releases, Aniplex of America. Yamero!
  2. YouTube is easily the most worthless place to get information from. Say what you will about the insidiousness of cable news talking heads, but at least most of them graduated from college. Getting your news from a YouTube personality or a Twitter pundit is proof that you don’t have the cognitive ability to take a piece of information, do further research on the subject, and make your own opinion of it. Anyone could shit one of these videos out with out-of-context info they took elsewhere. There’s nothing holding anyone back from shitting out one of these videos. If you believe an opinion video from a Youtuber is fact, I have oceanfront property I can sell you in Kansas to own the libtards.
  3. Hope there’s a conversation about whether Skeletor has ever tried to suck his own dick before.
  4. It’s clearly the mom from “Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?”
  5. Made zucchini noodles for meal prep the other day, but the noodles were pre-assembled. The main attraction was the sauce I made from scratch where I sauteed tomatoes, onions, garlic, and Italian herbs together. Ideally, I'd include tomato sauce or tomato paste to thicken it and there are still some things I need to try to get it down perfectly, but it went great with the noodles as-is and it's a basic sauce that uses fresh produce.
  6. I was about to respond to this, but it appears I made one. But what I wanted to say this time was that our society really messes things up with its perspective of rape/molestation by gender. Where women would have carte blanche to take advantage of a man or trans woman and see nothing of it because “Of course, everyone of the opposite sex wants female attention”. I still think it can be co-opted within Me Too because it’s still abuse within power structures in the industry, male or not. I’d imagine it’s more flagrant in adult film circles because the subject of sex is treated loosely enough that it’d make directors or actors/actresses think they wouldn’t need permission to be sexual with somebody. My last post was me coming clean about my own story, but this should be more on topic with what I should’ve posted before I got caught up in what was on my mind at the time. Hopefully things have gotten easier since then, but I do think it’s something that would be important to mention as unwanted sexual harassment is something created from power structures in the workforce and women in power can easily align themselves with the patriarchal view that people (especially men) want to be sexually harassed because a woman’s desire is sought after.
  7. imchapp.in

    Persona 4 Golden

    At first, it was distracting in P4 Arena since it was less subtle than the rest of the performances and sounded completely different from her PS2 voice. But the new voice is the closest to her original Japanese one and I would likely have less of a problem with it if it was the first Chie voice we were given. She was always meant to sound as energetic and high-pitched as the new Chie, but much of that was lost with the original English Chie. For frame of reference:
  8. Doesn't sound like the best quote for a dating profile bio, but whatever works.
  9. Chick-fil-A is now serving dry yellow goop with orange clumps of mushy cheese dust stuck to it.
  10. On one hand, Trump’s Eskimo Brother is finally six feet under where he belongs. On the other hand, now that’ll be one more skeleton the Administration can shove into the closet. It’s been a convenient vessel for conspiracy theories given that this administration’s connections to Epstein can be swept under the rug like all of our mass shootings by claiming it to be the product of Clinton’s personal use or Epstein’s services, tying it to hearsay that would never be investigated. If the administration’s cronies say the evidence is gone and the Clinton’s did it, no investigation is needed period. They’ve already got what they wanted by sowing discord to distract from any further investigation to how much Trump and Barr have been personally invested in the fate of their best friend who could squeal at any moment.
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