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  1. fuggz or Kagome?

    Kagura is the correct answer
  2. Best car decal you’ve seen?

    I saw the evil cat from Azumanga Daioh on someone's car once. This one:
  3. Down time

    J-Stars was pretty awful so I was expecting the same caliber of quality from Jump Force. Looks like I wasn't so far off.
  4. Is Pit an alpha male in your opinion?

    Only in the American ending
  5. Games you love that most people hate

    The Senran Kagura games on the 3DS get alot of flack for being tiddie games with janky controls, but they were a ton of fun to play. The first one I enjoy particularly because, in spite of its framerate problems, it was a fun and basic side-scrolling beat-em-up with a surprisingly compelling storyline for each of the characters. Enter the Matrix was sloppy, but I loved how immensely broken it got, especially when you put on cheats. I was hoping Path of Neo would have had a similar feeling because having unlimited health, ammo, and bullet-time felt like the ultimate Neo experience Finding a way to kill the agents with unlimited grenade launcher rounds was the highlight of my experience with the game.
  6. antivaxxers

  7. you guys ever get sick of anime??

    That’s cause loli anime’s have no imagination. Tiddy anime’s are where it’s at.
  8. i'm a straight, white, cis-gender male AMA...

    Would I be able to ask questions about the movie Rampart?
  9. A federal judge whenever Manafort keeps violating his plea deal.
  10. Ben Garrison has really done it this time

    He forgot to draw Fabio Trump pointing his raging bulge directly at his fursona.
  11. Sushi, Spanish, Thai, or American BBQ

    Thai or BBQ
  12. Vic Mignogna is in Trouble

    If there's a sequel to A Howl at the Moon, I doubt the author would think twice about getting a name as big as Vic back for the audiobook. In a way, it does show personal growth that he went from trying his damnedest to prove that Fai was straight to narrating M/M werewolf fiction on Audible. If only that same growth applied to whether he thought it'd look OK for him to pull his young fans in for a kiss though. It's possible that Vic can come back from this since much of the controversy stems from his behavior at cons and his lack of personal space. Once he's taken an extended break from public appearances or at least acknowledged that he'd mellow down at conventions, I can see him re-emerging in voice work, possibly even in anime productions outside of Funi. He might have a scarlet letter attached to him, but it's something that he could bounce back from if he made amends with the fans or actors that he's made uncomfortable or upset. But that would take alot of self-reflection that I'm not sure Vic has the capacity to do just yet. Not while he's still got an echo chamber through the Risembool Rangers. Not when you have people fighting tooth and nail to validate his actions by labeling the controversy behind him as an SJW witchhunt.
  13. Phone numbers you used to call from the pay phone

    1-800-CALL-ATT for collect calls!
  14. Vic Mignogna is in Trouble

    Now when you hear the “KAKAROOOOOOT” shout in future Super episodes, you’ll have a hard time telling if it’s Broly getting pissed or Bulma picking up on Vegeta’s vocabulary
  15. Vic Mignogna is in Trouble

    It can be argued that ANN helped steer the focus on Vic to take the heat off of themselves for hiring Hazukari, a molester/sexual predator, on their writing staff for a few appearances or featuring an editorial on a Happy Science anime film. However, anyone who tries to pretend that Vic isn't guilty of everything that everyone says he has must have never seen the mountains and mountains of evidence that steer towards him being notorious for kissing his fans of all ages, being a nightmare for convention staff, and getting uncomfortably candid about others religious views. I would understand why people would be skeptical if these were accusations about some elusive Hollywood celebrity, but Vic is pretty out in the open about everything that everyone has ever accused him of. It's not as if he's being accused of being a rapist, but accusing Vic of kissing or touching his girl fans a little too much at cons, regardless of whether they're interested or not, is widespread for everyone to see, especially since con footage is all public. For all the sleuthing that Youtube channels featuring neckbeards drawing themselves as Master Roshi on a crusade against SJWs or Caulifla or whatever, a simple Youtube search could also pull up many of the times that Vic's pulled fans in for kisses. What seemed like a super cool mark of appreciation for someone in the Risembool Rangers in 2004 is going to be seen by many outsiders as him kissing young fans at cons regardless of the angle. It's not going to suddenly be innocuous because he didn't pull his dick out. He's just reaped the benefits of having so many young girls wanting to be kissed by him for voicing Ed or Tamaki that he didn't realize that people would be making receipts of these moments because it's become a pattern that's spread towards girls who didn't want to be kissed by him.