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  1. Good Will Hunting is a lot more critically beloved than Mr. Ripley or Phenomenon so you might enjoy it more. I’d say similar movies from around the late 90s & early 00’s would be stuff like A Beautiful Mind or As Good as it Gets. Maybe Magnolia. If you don’t mind something earlier in the 90’s or later in the 80’s, Dead Poets Society works.
  2. It’s sad and all, but deers and moose can destroy your car if they yeet themselves onto the road out-of-nowhere. Maine in particular has this problem so there are a ton of countermeasures you gotta take to avoid both hitting the wildlife and making sure your vehicle or rental isn’t devastated.
  3. Yeah, it’s gonna take time before people are able to comfortably discuss the full extent of his sexual assault case or the intersection of the consequences of being a famous athlete accused of sexual assault with his death being both recent and tragic with regards to his daughter being among the crash’s victims. Where it isn’t a situation where it’s easy to have a discussion on separating a person’s accomplishments with the seedier aspects of their behavior when you have both people who only want to pay respects to his career and people who are taken aback by how sudden and brutal his death was. It’s even harder to find an inbetween when the only people who want to discuss Kobe’s trial are people who want to do it to rub it in people’s faces as if you’re a horrible person for paying respects like everyone else who wants to throw an RIP here and there. And it really doesn’t help when any mentions of the hotel are met by people who want to vanguard the idealized image of Kobe by dipping into the aughts-era victim blaming that has made it easy to defend athletes accused of sexual assault in the name of making sure your favorite sports team can keep on winning. But that’s an issue larger than Kobe with high school and college sports teams rallying as a whole behind the idea of protecting their athletes by systematically dog-piling on rape victims. That’s mostly in response to seeing Jizz try to slut-shame the hotel trial’s plaintiff to discredit her story in the FFA comic thread. Again, it might not be the best thread, time, or place for the discussion. Topics like the sports media’s response to rape, the casual homophobia in court side trash talk that Kobe had partaken in, and the racial elements of demonizing black celebrities for committing crimes vs. hand waving criminal activity white celebrities have committed are different threads entirely. At the same time, I feel like there are ways to be able to acknowledge the best and worst of Kobe as a person without divorcing the elephant in the room from his legacy.
  4. I didn’t follow enough comedians to get a gist of if people were going crazy with the Rush song puns, but from general knowledge about celebrity death reactions, it’s definitely commonplace to find someone who goes apeshit on the pun jokes. I saw it more with Eddie Money where everyone spammed the same “Two Tickets to Paradise” jokes, which is funny because paradise means the afterlife.
  5. Some folks stew in negativity, but it does come with the territory of being a comedian in today’s society to make fun of the dead. Two particular jokes that comics love to make when celebrities die are jokes about how flawed they were as people and jokes about lyrics, catchphrases, or story titles that can be deathified. Like while you’re going to get a lot of death-related puns added to Rush lyrics in lieu of Neil Peart’s death, you’re going to expect a lot of references to Kobe’s rape case if you’re going to be following a comic or aspiring comic’s Twitter feed.
  6. It’s shocking how sudden it all happened and how many people it took. Kobe left behind a legacy of being one of the few basketball players to stand out in a post-MJ/pre-LeBron NBA and excel far enough to be a master of his craft. He also left behind a history of questionable trash talk, bad blood, and the 2003 rape case. Because I haven’t been a big Lakers person, it’s been easier to remember him for the hotel case than exactly which records he broke. But at the same time, it’d be difficult to write about basketball and omit Kobe’s contributions to the sport, let alone how massive both him and Shaq’s teamwork and rivalry were to late 90’s basketball. It’s also tragic that his 13 year old daughter was in the crash. Say what you will of Kobe’s past, but it’s a horrific accident and situation I’d never wish on him or his family to see your kid in the same crashing helicopter you’re trapped in. It’s just an overall tragic, abrupt, and senseless end to the story of Kobe Bryant.
  7. Which of the Rogue’s is the unfortunate user that happens to have Rogue’s Penis attached to them?
  8. I’m not sure if anything I’ve done was noticeable or outlandish enough to make a meme out of. I was admittedly trying to get on the same train as “tell it to Dudeco” except with underarms, but I feel like it was never prominent enough. Any efforts to stand out kinda felt more like I was that one student from Zetsubou Sensei who’s only noticeable trait was being normal. And everything she did was just seen as expected behavior for a normal person. Maybe being weeby was my thing?
  9. Last week sucked down gallons of nut. Between my transmission and battery crapping out, a new guy at work I have to supervise being dumb as rocks, a lingering scratchy throat, another dumb guy I need to supervise making me work on a Friday night, and being a passenger of a head-on collision when an old guy mowed into us while we were at a Stop sign, I’ve been deeply and consistently pissed for every day of the last week. I’m safe and no one got hurt, just in case anyone was worried from the last statement.
  10. Not sure how close this is to your preferences, but I’ve been watching a lot of Woolie Vs. and Vinesauce playthroughs lately and they don’t lean too much into freaking out. If you want to go deeper into older archives, Two Best Friends had some great LPs before they broke up.
  11. People were angry with it, but it seemed like it was going to happen anyways so that Fire Emblem’s newest game can have representation. It’s better to rip off that bandaid before Season 2 rolls around and we get some more unique fighters. So far I’ve only bought Joker and want to get Three Houses before I give Byleth a chance, but they seem fun enough with their multi-weapon interface. But this also means that a starter from Pokémon Sword/Shield is highly likely to appear as a fighter in the next pack.
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