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  1. It’s back up. Van Paugam’s city pop radio, however, is still gone because for some reason, American copyright sharks are going apeshit to protect their ability to not sell obscure foreign 80’s music in the states.
  2. These sound putrid, but the Sesame Seed Bun candle is the only one that has any chance of smelling good.
  3. In a twist of fate, a Netflix documentary on his death just reopened the investigation on what happened to Malcolm X. https://www.npr.org/2020/02/11/804933076/malcolm-x-doc-prompts-reexamination-of-iconic-leader-s-assassination-investigati It was always an open secret what the FBI did to Dr. King, but Malcolm X also had odd circumstances behind his death since it was timed right around when he was going his separate ways with his message.
  5. I was just saying a couple days ago that the Boy Scouts needed something like Girl Scout cookies so that they can be known for something more than having sexual predator dads watching over the kids.
  6. Last Saturday, I had the displeasure of sitting near some of hell’s most prized demons. They were CEOs that mocked and celebrated the death of an overweight driver that the my tired, and kept going on and on about stupid shit like buying abusable meds from Mexico, calling a random dude “Jazzy Jeff”, wanting waitresses that have clothes saying “will fuck for tips” and celebrating a night of debauchery that will quickly follow their meal. They also went to an Italian restaurant with someone who either hates or is allergic to garlic. Real sadsacks who think they’re Jordan Belfort but are really just scum-fucking over-the-hill lounge lizards. If there’s ever a class uprising where we turn the rich into chum to feed to the dogs, I’d start with people like these fucks.
  7. Turns out that I get more normal pictures when I google “Tamale Pie” instead. But the shame has already been felt.
  8. When my thumb got bent all the way backwards after getting tackled.
  9. It’s the only image I could find of it that wasn’t just people dumping Fritos on chili and calling it a day. I promise it’s not usually that petrified 😭.
  10. The best way I’ve had chili is making Chili Pie where you make chili and then bake a layer of cornbread over it as a crust. The only good image I found of it is a Reese Witherspoon recipe, but that and some hot sauce are pretty great together.
  11. https://www.crunchyroll.com/animeawards/en/vote/index.html These awards usually discount quality content in favor of what’s popular, but I’m surprised they used Golden Globes rules to nominate Sarazanmai as a comedy instead of a drama. Also, shutting out Kaguya-sama & Sarazanmai in favor of O Maidens in Your Savage Season for AOTY nominations was a questionable decision.
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