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  1. My main opposition is solely based on the fact that it gets my hopes up that places will start selling Halloween gear when they’re still selling their Back to School items.
  2. I’m tempted to download TikTok just so that I can sell this phone for an insane price on eBay.
  3. I was curious about checking out Pikamee because she was one of the few Vtubers that played GTAV and didn’t sing the infamous Lamar quote.
  4. If you don’t count the states that influenced Jared Kushner’s decision to nix a national testing strategy for the Trump administration, we’re doing just fine.
  5. “This is as bad as slavery!” is what kids say when they get grounded or what sorority chicks say when the campus police gives them a citation for smuggling a keg to the tailgate. It’s always astounding when grown ass people use the phrase and they’re over the age of 21. It’s also entirely in character for anyone associating with this administration to compare a minor inconvenience to actual slavery or an actual holocaust.
  6. I just saw the new trailer for REVIII and that one also shot up high on my priority list. I heard that PS4 games can run on the system but I’m hoping that the digital PS4 games can transfer over so I don’t have to repurchase some of my digital games like the FFVII remake and DBFZ. The PS4 was a letdown in those regards because there were a ton of digital PS1 games I bought on the PS3 but considered Sound Shapes as the only game they wanted to port over from my old console.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been pumped up cause they’ve got Darkstalkers 3, Outrun, and Paperboy on this thing. I need to check and see how many Tekken results pop up on the site.
  8. I’ve had the same one for a while, but I never see it or other signatures unless I’m at my regular computer later in the day. I didn’t know you could access regular ones in landscape mode on some devices.
  9. I’d rather wait til they have more of a solid lineup of games about a year or so from now. Gran Turismo 7 and FFXVI are going to take a while along with any prospective fighting games so I’m not in much of a hurry to get it ASAP.
  10. Now to break down how much of Reddit and Twitter consumption is for porn.
  11. Damn, I got the weirdos one. I was always partial to the first row to the right so that I could get out of the bus sooner.
  12. It’s one of those dad jokes along with telling a waiter “one Corona please, hold the virus!”
  13. I’ve halfway done with the Career mode for Tony Hawk 1+2. I’ve also been chipping away at the Champions Ballad in BotW and leveling up Poison Ivy on Injustice 2. I got excited recently though because I topped my score in Classic Mode for Smash Ultimate with Link.
  14. I’ve had it alone, but it goes down easier with some rum mixed in.
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