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  1. Ginger snaps or white chocolate cranberry macadamia.
  2. I was picking up Thai food recently, and there was one couple who decided that they wanted to be the only ones to sit in. As I got my food, they were bickering because the guy was drunk and kept on bringing up other women. He'd pull himself closer for a kiss, but she rejected him because she wasn't in the mood for his slurring. These two people only came to be waited on so that they have a public space where everyone can watch them fight.
  3. Crossing my fingers and hoping that this means Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater is gonna come back.
  4. Hey guys, who am I? 🤓 “Yeah baby! Oh behave! Groovy! Shagadelic!”
  5. Between the KyoAni tragedy and the COVID-19 outbreak, the Fire Force anime just keeps coming around at the wrong time.
  6. Chapinator-800


    Is there a dramatic difference between Gogeta and Vegito?
  7. https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/editorial/2020-05-22/zac-bertschy-in-memoriam/.159803 It’s a shell shock to get this news. I expected a lot of the anime blogging/news folks to stay around for a while, but Zac just passed away. The dude was the easily the face of Anime News Network, acting as the most memorable contributor to both their seasonal Preview Guides and Hey Answerman. He had some hilarious reactions to new anime like KissxSis and Mayo Chiki. His style was abrasive enough that it’d be easy to cheer him on with his take on one show, and aggressively disagree with his take on another show. I haven’t kept up with as much of his output on the ANN podcast, but of the contributors to ANN that I can look back and say left a positive, memorable impression on me, it’d have to be Zac. It’ll be difficult to read some of his recent posts on Eizouken because of how much it would tie in to his own personal investment on introducing new, meaningful anime to the states through his output.
  8. The horse head was actually a misguided Christmas wish that Jack Woltz had about wanting something that would make him closer to his horse.
  9. Unsweetened. Sweetened can taste too sugary sometimes unless it’s with something sweeter like cereal. Cow milk also ends up tasting oddly sweet, but I usually end up getting it for cooking because it works better with recipes.
  10. Can’t wait for the extra five minutes of Superman atoning for the sin of not being the perfect hero by symbolically t-posing in front of a mirror and firing off his heat vision so that it ricochets at his upper lip.
  11. I go for the almond tit.
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