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  1. The war between two aging molesters is on. The real contest is whether to plug your nose and vote for someone who wants nothing to change, or plug your nose and vote for the guy that not only let grandpa die from COVID-19, but made a pretty penny doing so. Now that swing states and independent voters now know what they’d be getting from more Trump, it’d be difficult to gauge if they’ll rally behind him this time around. Even with low enthusiasm for Biden, the only people that have full confidence in Trump’s ability to lead the nation are brainwashed and who knows if they’d have enough meme magic this time around to coalesce the rest of the voting populace around their brand of crazy.
  2. “Just when I thought they were fighters at Age 10, they escape even quicker at Age 15!”
  3. I’m halfway through the RE2 Remake, but knowing that Nemesis was originally an expansion instead of a sequel kinda discouraged me from getting as hyped for the RE3 remake. I’ll probably get it at some point, especially with the multiplayer mode, but not right away.
  4. Harry’s home life with the Dursley’s was miserable for the most part. Except for the sexual awakening he received when he would huff Aunt Petunia’s big, bountiful farts. Because she was related to Lily Potter, her flatulence has magical properties that had helped awaken Harry’s latent powers. He would have discovered his magical capabilities far into his twenties had he not craved his aunt’s plentiful braps.
  5. Make that two hours. Fuck an extra 15 minutes to a 30 minute lunchtime. You’ll have to do better than that shit.
  6. It’s good to still be working, but being on an 8 hour Zoom call has given corporate some very funny ideas about having us work overtime for free. In fact, I’ve had a number of days where I just end up working 45 minutes to an hour extra for diddly dick. Nice. Brilliant. A+++.
  7. I’ll wait til it’s a lot cheaper. My vanilla copy is PS3, but I’m not in a rush to experience the new material with Kasumi, Takuto, or Akechi and there aren’t many new features in Royal that I’d want to throw $60 down on.
  8. The thermal vision and invisibility cloak look amazing, but it does look like a game that would lose its luster by the half hour mark.
  9. Just beat Leon’s section of the RE2 remake. Planning on alternating between that game’s Claire B route and Breath of the Wild.
  10. From what I’m reading, somewhere between an amber ale and a stout would work. For supermarket choices, Fat Tire or Sapporo Black (if you’re lucky and find a can) would do the job. For something more adventurous, I’d vouch for Ballast Point’s Victory at Sea as a great porter. Cigar City’s Maduro Brown Ale is another great choice. Founders has a good porter and stout beer as well.
  11. Fuck CONNECT, Scott, and DeSantis. The unemployment system in Florida is notoriously garbage. The website you uploaded your info to was deliberately programmed by a six year old to discourage people from collecting their unemployment. It was crap in 2018 when I needed it for a few months, and it’ll be even worse as more people face unemployment or get furloughed for an even longer period of time. People weren’t lying when they said that the Coronavirus was pointing a magnifying glass towards everything about the States that is unsustainable for a long term period. The amount of fuckery was added in over the years to destabilize us for the sake of short term gains or covering up negative statistics with window-dressing is astounding.
  12. He also waited just in time for the Spring breakers to leave in order to declare a stay-at-home order.
  13. Why are the Democrats making Trump look like a buffoon who can’t do his job by letting him have a microphone and speak to it? Why are Democrats cheering for Trump to fail by encouraging him to make decisions that don’t involve screwing over the unemployed or making governors/hospitals grovel & beg for life-saving medical equipment?
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