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I am planing to take over the world


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7 minutes ago, Vamped said:

Collect intel on your political adversaries, use their weaknesses against them, charm the top official with your wit and sex appeal, strangle him with your lace panties, assume control, start world wars, profit


Have you seen this mfer?

Also, I need lace panties for.... stuff 

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10 minutes ago, Dark_Cloud_Overhead said:

😃 There won't be much of a world left to take over soon, so why bother?

I say just leave it to our soon to be alien overlords and let them handle the mess. J/K They'll probably just exterminate us all the second they see how screwed up we all are.

Thanks that's optimistic how about I take over the world by by controlling all the prices on streaming services I don't know how that would take over the world I just want to be a dick for one day

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