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Is anyone keeping an eye on the bears


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Like a football team? MAnI;d hate to live in black bear territory if they are as ferocious as some movie stars claim.. I;m miles away from that, but I;ve surfed so many vids with people casually recording them blundering about their property I'm not alarmed..  I;ve seen a lot of vids with people so  accustomed to them visiting their remote homes they dont even get up when a mother and kids comes up to their front porch.. 

Not saying I believe everything I see, but coyotes have been the same way to me in the remote areas I've been privy too. If I chill with them... They cool.. Even if the pack is big. Though with coyotes I still remember one coyote stopping another one from fucking me up so I wouldn't escalate shit. Smart lass that one.. 

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