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  1. The bit started with him saying stupid people should have to wear a sign and it basically turned into the things they do are the sign.
  2. Mix

    Pick one

    Those are both the same scenario.
  3. Mix

    Pick one

    I'm wearing purple tights, a blouse, and a cape. I'm fucking somebody.
  4. Mix

    Pick one

    That's a ticket to prison, for sure....
  5. Mix

    Pick one

    It's a twitch streamer that secretly has a husband, but he beats her so maybe you still have a shot, but really you don't, but keep giving money, ok, bye...
  6. Mix

    Pick one

    like, who's not picking him he's got that wagon 🤯
  7. First, he wasn't holding him upside down. It was one continuous move. Second, the combination of skill and calm it takes to protect yourself and also not harm your assailant is a lot to expect from a guy working in a restaurant. I mean, cops don't even have that.
  8. We dodged death the same way you dodged jail time for your part in the capital riot.....blood sacrifice.
  9. Mix


    The first guy through the door usually lives. It's the second guy that gets shot. Unfortunately, the first guy does get a front row seat to his buddy's death, so he spends the rest of his life having nightmares about it. War is hell. Even if you survive, you'll wish you hadn't. (I've been watching a lot of war docs recently)
  10. What? Why would you...? I mean, ok, I guess. If that's what you want.
  11. Press play on the youtube video above, start the song and let me take you on a short journey exploring the improbable rise of the Siberian legend simply known as "Pelmen" (Dumpling).
  12. This is the best era to be alive. "Always save the best for last. " - There is no God
  13. Mix

    Velma Trailer

    When I was a kid I watched the show for Scooby and Shaggy. Couldn't care less about the other three. I remember watching a few Halloween specials or movies where it was just Scooby and Shaggy having an adventure. I used to try to get my dog to solve mysteries with me, but it got old because it always ended up being the same mystery...The Mystery of the Missing Dog and the Angry Parents. He was a runner. I guess what i'm trying to say is, whatever he did, it's not worth throwing away such a deep bond. You should call him. Maybe meet up for a scooby snack and a chat about old times.
  14. They made this just for me.
  15. Fuck, that show was funny. Did it not have the views or is what you said true and they're just getting rid of western animation?
  16. You guys are right, I looked it up and there were so many signs I totally missed...still, American Sherlock Holmes is a terrible doctor
  17. Then add that to the story. Phil - "Today, I tricked a facebook scammer into sexting with me without his/her knowledge. I came so hard."
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