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  1. omg, dude, it's fun times. Like, qualifications aside, you think you'd have to do real work in a position like that, but nope... it's like sex, you just gotta say whatever you need to say to get in there and once you're in, you're in....you don't have to accomplish anything....
  2. I don't want to, but I can't find this really dope joke I tweeted or...posted on facebook, idk. I can't remember which platform it's on. I just remember it was really funny and really racist....and I know they'll find that shit.
  3. Oh shit, I could of googled this? It's always crazy when you think you can't google something, but then you find out you can.
  4. or do they just toss the cutest duckling they can find in some black goo? - "I don't know about this, chief." - "What are you so worried about? We're going to wash it off." - "Maybe we shouldn't use real oil. We could..." - "We could what? Fail to maintain the integrity of our product? No, we use real oil, on a real duckling." - "ok, which one? They all look cute." - "I don't know. Throw them all in and pick the one that looks cutest covered in oil." - "That idea is both good and terrible." - "Yeah, well, I used to shoot political ads."
  5. First meeting = cookies Second meeting = blood sacrifice
  6. Lol, proper forum decorum. ok then
  7. What conversation? You pouting and me going, "there there," and rubbing your back is not a conversation, big guy. If this is a conversation, you tell me what we're talking about?
  8. lol, and I promised I wouldn't laugh. Alright, don't sweat it. Puppet master is a pretentious title anyway. I mean who would openly call themselves that, lol. You just go ahead and change your profile pic. We'll let the board restructuring sweep all previous references under the rug. New board, new clubs, new you. For the rebrand, i'm thinking we replace puppet master with pokemon master. Now, don't agree right away. Let me at least pretend like I have to talk you into this. So many upsides to the new title. One, well within your skill set. Two, sweet new Eevee profile pic. Three, balls aren't required. Honestly, I don't even think Ash had a dick. Homie might have been Ken doll smooth down there. What do you say?
  9. I've never seen one with food, but I haven't been to many. I wonder how they pass health inspections....inspector probably never even makes it to the kitchen
  10. lol, what is this? Seriously? You can do better than this. For god's sake, you're a guy who has a puppeteer hand as his profile pic, as sad and telling as that is. You can't have gotten any kind of satisfaction from this clumsy and desperate effort. I'll tell you what, I know how much this means to you, so i'll give you a do over. Take your time, think about what you want to say and really let me have it. I promise I won't laugh.
  11. I'm not even talking about how weird that whole strip club experience is. I'm questioning the safety aspect of that choice. I've only been to strips clubs with a crew and I spent most of my time watching the people, not the strippers. Strip clubs, i'm certain, are where my irrational fear of being stabbed was incepted. I may not have been taken to the best examples of this business
  12. She's managed to keep that innocence because life has been gentle. Like I said, if Komi was shaped like a meatball, this show would be sadder.
  13. ...and it doesn't matter 'cause she's hot. That is the full title of this show. The show never addresses the fact that, before Tadano showed up, she was the hottest, most popular girl in school. NOBODY ever even began to wonder why she didn't talk. This is a pleasant show with pleasant circumstances entirely because she's hot. Make her average looking and this is a much sadder show.
  14. Mix

    Banana Fish

    I don't get any of these references. Is there a subgenre I don't know about?
  15. Mix

    Banana Fish

    How many times is the lead character going to get raped? This is ridiculous. Some of the bad guys were more interested in raping him than actually succeeding at whatever they were doing. I'm starting to think this is one big troll.
  16. You think you got it bad? At least you're panicking about how he sees the real you. He's panicking about how you see the fake version of him he carefully concocted in order to get you to touch his dick.
  17. Unfortunately your surprise party at Howard Johnson's had to be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. 🎂 🍻
  18. Happy Birthday!
  19. Mix

    I'm 69 years old

    Might as well call it a day. Just have them put the number 69 and a rock on emoji on your tombstone in lieu of a name or any other personal info.
  20. People don't talk about the drawbacks of big dick ownership enough. I'll tell you one thing, you have never heard about a guy with a small package breaking anything.....on top of being economical, they are fuckin' indestructible.
  21. It was my first time. You never forget your first.
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