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  1. You hang with Katt, you know her personally....You were informed....No doubt in my mind you were privy to the actuality of this place. You tested the waters and now you see.....No bad on your part....We've all stuck our tongue to a 9V battery just because we needed to know for ourselves.
  2. Well considering I haven't used public transportation since Marta in 1999, I guess not.
  3. Nah, I think he'd be a better person....He's just been raised in such a conservative household that he still believes he's looking for women to bed. That pre-education is real. Instead of denying what it is he wants, he should break the shackles of doubt in his mind. Just suck a dick Ghotie....Don't make me that bad guy and face your demon head on.
  4. Yes you will, you snitch....You are confirmed for being a tattling bitch.
  5. Yeah, if you bring up boobs or vaginas, Ghostrek will report you.
  6. I've got 2 zones of kush and a ball of Peruvian. We must fix this problem.
  7. Light skinned?.....So he's really just trying to find more Latinos to harass.
  8. You could have said the make and I guarantee you no one would have persisted.
  9. I am so confused about your age....Not a dig, mind you....But how? You have a child younger than my 2.
  10. I did't know there was a Spanish AS until a few months ago.....I was in the Casino lounge and one TV was on AS, and the other, Spanish AS.....I kept wondering why Lois an Peter sounded different but with both playing it took me like 30 seconds to ascertain the other TV was in Spanish since my brain latched on to the English version, but my ears latched on to the voices.
  11. Meh, If I ever decide to stop eating meat, I'm not going to try and duplicate it just to wallow in disappointment. Carl's Jr and BK have Beyond burgers and Impossible burger respectively.....I have no desire to even give them a shot. Vegetables are good on their own merit.
  12. Agreed, but if you had a picture of you on FB having gay sex since social media is automatically gay, would you "like" it....That is the question....Stop stating the obvious and answer truthfully.
  13. Welp, I guess we're all here....Any one for Monopoly?
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