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  1. Oh, this thread is longer than I care for.
  2. Well what it meant was I would only discuss Sawdy with you, but I'm over it. But I have no interest in pussy gloving women I don't have to so we'll just move along.
  3. Oh....well, that is slightly more reasonable....BUt not really
  4. Your math is terrible EDIT....Nope, my reading is...My bad Helpz But shit....Our shit is like 0.96
  5. I assume there might be, but I've never looked into it....Guess this is the precursor to that.
  6. Oh, that's right...You're like in Tennessee or some shit....Who has car work done when they go out of town. You kinda do stuff badly....I'm sure they are considering your being out of pocket as a way to overcharge you.
  7. Those games had a lot of potential but always became tedious after you get the right weapons. It's more fun playing as a minimalist.
  8. What do you mean look at them.....I've replace brakes myself, but even to have someone else replace them isn't 450.....Pit Pros (which I'm not saying you have one where you are) costs like 250 depending on the make I bought brakes for the Escalade for 200 and it cost me 100 to get them put on....BUt I also had windshield wipers and fluids for both added.
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