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  1. Everyone get raked

    This makes no sense....I got a plane to catch in the morning, so you will have about 5 days to tell me if you don't make up some bullshit tonight.
  2. Everyone get raked

    Oh wait, let's compare it to the voice when you were in the grocery srore filming porkchops like some weirdo....Better find it before I do...Clock is ticking
  3. Everyone get raked

    It's funny becaue your voice is the cartoon....That's how you've always sounded....Even when you made that "take me out to the ballgame" video in a cat mask. Yaaahhh....LOL, ifI knew I was gonna fuck with you for this long I would have saved that shit.
  4. those "Mark Forum as Read" buttons

    I found it after I made that post....wierd that it's hidden in there.
  5. And in a different time...

    Your Googling is immaculate...Please link me to the several student suicide bombers that have been in the news on domestic soil.
  6. Everyone get raked

    I made 2 vids last night....What are you asking me to duplicate. I got a couple of Emails too....Me thinks you wanna meet someone from thugdate.com
  7. Everyone get raked

    Something tells me Packard is about to get a lot of calls concerning his car insurance tomorrow......I think I'll type in he has a red lambo. They can't resist.
  8. Everyone get raked

    LOL, you just get stupider by the post....This isn't about a "con job" either, this is the metaphorical use of the term as Jingo defined to you earlier....Where they take their cut.....Like the house in a hand of poker.
  9. Everyone get raked

    Google wanted me to have your address and phone number?
  10. Everyone get raked

    no....it doesn't
  11. Everyone get raked

    How about Webster Encyclopedia Britannica Urban Dictionary And source other than Google.....Surely you know how to do research
  12. Everyone get raked

    Oh wow, now you don't know how google works...Rake does not define con man, and you used it as a verb anyway....Which definitely doe not define a con.... Dumb, dumb man
  13. Everyone get raked

    You just like being wrong because it's easy....Diddling has noting to do with a character being a rake....You're wrong, there is nothing to support your claim, and frankly, I don't know how someone just enjoys being stupid when all evidence presents itself otherwise. Now if you'll excuse me...I have a phone number to sell to a few telemarketers.
  14. Everyone get raked

    I've read more things than you've cleaned old man.
  15. Everyone get raked

    No, the article used the word rake once in reference to a character. A rake can be a con man but con man does not define a rake....Otherwise you would have a much easier time trying to find a example instead of fucking up several times.