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  1. Damn, I'll spare you the obvious fuggs joke.
  2. Grease was pretty corny af, not gonna lie.
  3. You do realize I'm Japanese, right? Besides that point, have been paying attention to the banking crisis going on right now? That's really fucked up. They don't have FDIC like America, so a lot of Chinese citizens don't have access to their entire life savings. And they're supposed to be "communist." 🙃
  4. I wouldn't mind being friends, but dating . . . probably not.
  5. I got banned from r/latestagecapitalism for shitting on CCP propaganda. lol, fuck China.
  6. I find zero issue with this . . . ? Wages are stagnant and definitely haven't kept up with inflation for the vast majority of Americans, yet CEO salaries and corporate profits are still up. I encourage people to do the bare minimum if they can get away with it in this market.
  7. Pizza is about the only the thing I put directly on the rack, and it normally doesn't make a mess. As long as the rack isn't dirty, you really have nothing to worry about. Preheating the oven kills all the germs after all.
  8. It was still edible. It was mostly cheese on the side that fell and burned onto the bottom of the oven. It was enough to fill my apartment with smoke. As I tried taking the pizza out, it broke into two. Not as bad as it sounds, as it was cooked by then.
  9. lol, I only read the time, as most pizzas say to just place directly on the rack. First time I ever had this issue, but maybe it did say to place on a sheet. I dunno.
  10. Well, never gonna buy pizza from Aldi again. That shit fell apart in the oven. Quite a mess, and it made my smoke detectors go off. 🙃
  11. My parents separated shortly after I joined the asmb, then that ultimately led to a divorce, and now I haven't talked to my father in over a decade.
  12. You. You do now. Not anymore.
  13. Pfft, crushes are for teenagers with little to no experience. That idealized version of a person in your head is a waste of space. Now plain ol' lust . . . well, that has the potential to be disappointing too, but nowhere near as much.
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