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  1. It's not even a shower thought. It's like that episode of Venture Bros. where Dean's mind breaks. Except he doesn't "come back", in this case.
  2. What is it w/ leftists being so fantasy-prone? I swear all my liberal acquaintances are exactly the same; preoccupied w/ fantasy-land garbage like vidya, MTG, D&D, etc...
  3. Choking down bottles of pills while limp-dick trolling pololtical threadsâ„¢ - NaBerniebrev
  4. Aww is gonna be okay we all run into tree branches. I mean, not really but u kno.
  5. Luckily someone asked me if I needed to get up at 9 this morning, otherwise I think I would have slept in much longer. Been up a couple hours at this point but still groggy and yawning like crazy, still feel sleepy as hell. Idk might go get a guava Monster here soon if things don't pick up. 😴
  6. It's funny because you seem to follow him more than I do.
  7. What? Well, not surprised you don't know what he covers; you don't watch him cuz he's a "NAZI!", probably.
  8. Lol I'm sure it is to you. I'm subbed and a member, if that makes you feel any better.
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