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  1. Maybe u kno what I'm talking about I cant remember if it was Montel or Arsenio but theres a clip out there of some black talk show guy and a guest comes on and they do a free mason hug or something and ppl say its like proof of the Illumaniti also Tupac was basically a boytoy for homsoexual record producers or something they frequently point to these "pin up" pictures of Tupac as evidence that he was a prostitute And of course theres weird imagery like this
  2. I guess his first podcast w/ NDT was pretty cringe he just kept hammering him like NDT was personally involved w/ the coerup or something
  3. Yea not one of those games has a cover-based shooting system anywhere on par w/ Gears tho so.... yea 😜
  4. Yeah we get it ur sooo cynical woah bro blowin my mind go be a Debbie Downer somwhere else
  5. You seem to conflate mourning with worship. Almost like ur jealous or somethin. You think how people act is weird = I act better and more rationally than the dumbdumbs I am so enlighten b/c I'm the only person that realizes how fragile life is and am not a dumb sheep person blinded by imago. I think all ur strawmen examples exist only in ur brain and for the sole purpose of building a rod for the back of ur worldview. I'm just being irrational and stupid tho, u are the true enlighten so carry on
  6. I dont watch everything I post u must think I'm crazuy
  7. Why are u so invested in who people find to be inspirational? Like u kinda come of as jealous or something
  8. Idk hasnt he been doing standup for his whole career?
  9. Are u saying u can take 1000mg of Aleve a day or that 1000mg of salt is ideal? I usually only take one or two a day not everey day tho
  10. Also is there an actual legitimate difference between a caplet and a tablet? Esp when it is just hard pressed medicine and not liquid capsule?
  11. Hey so like I have been taking Aleves because they are helping w/ my pain and I kno it says u can only take 3 a day but is that true? Will you be okay if u take more than 3 in a day? Also is there a limit on intake because of toxicity of naproxen or toxicity because it is naproxen sodium? Cause its like a salt? And the upper safe limit on that is like 2000 mg a day rite?
  12. I gorfet how that one ends do Todd and Cooper team up and kill the bear? Cooper dies rite? 😟
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