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  1. Hell no one and done. Well Im probably gonna just have a plumber fix it I don't wanna deal with it no more
  2. I replaced a wax ring on my toilet but it's still leaking!!! probably gonna have to get a new flange... not looking forward to it! 😬
  3. I don't get it, his girlfriend trying to look like the pictures?
  4. I'm rewatching Madoka Magica on Netfix.
  5. At least you didnt have to replace the wax ring on ur toilet 😬
  6. Some of the pics look like half a patty in the shell wmaybe they are doing that at some locations who knows.
  7. The meat is sloppy like dog food so maybe it's the same meat marinated in taco sauce idk. I didn't take this picture but just google Burger King taco pretty much all looks like what I received.
  8. They show up on the menu from time to time...
  9. The shell managed to be both soggy and stale at the same time. Dog food beef. 3/10.
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