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  1. Adn I like that the paper aisle has a sign hang above it says "Stationery" I giggle evertime cuz nobody calls it that
  2. Plus it shuld really change the name back to Eckerds wtf is a CVS
  3. meh the only thing i really buy at CVS is printer paper cuz its closer than staple. And sometimes candy. And mecidine. And a drink. And snacks.
  4. Yeah like not gonna sit around and have my extended family patronize me all day dont care how good the food is
  5. Yeah i have some stuff come up recently that is embarassin like yikes and think m just skip family get together this year and turn the phone off
  6. this thread started out so crummy but turned into beautifull
  7. Idk I went to a bank to get change for toll roads on a trip and they struggled to find even 10 dollars worth of quarters for me granted it wsant a bank I was a member at but it was along the route
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