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  1. Top right Click the 3 lines Mark read is right there
  2. I wear glasses now

    Glasses for the last 20 years
  3. Old/Extra Emoji List

    Thank you
  4. With how he posts on here that wouldn't be surprising
  5. Everyone get baked

    Probably rogue
  6. Game of Thrones

    Go find a fan and tell them their series sucks Just make sure your medical is up to date because you will be in the hospital for several months
  7. welp i guess my twich account has been hacked

    Oh those assholes again
  8. Will this be my last day on the job?

    That should of been a warning notice Post a picture with your phone of the location
  9. Will this be my last day on the job?

    Not on the job or on school property
  10. Riddle contest

    Wrong answer want to try again? Ok I'm getting sleepy so here's the answer
  11. Riddle contest

    Ok When is a door not a door?
  12. Riddle contest

    I remember hearing this one a few years ago Its lead
  13. Riddle contest

    Nope Answer;
  14. Riddle contest

    In a Dictionary What runs around a city but never moves?